Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mr Gus Instinct on UKIP’s success in this week’s elections


Billericay here we come


The future political landscape of Britain has been subverted by the most meaningless political party in our history who have, wait for it, no seats in Parliament or Tony and Cherie’s remodeled House Of Lords. Haven’t we done well in the reconfiguration of our political landscape where The Only Way is Essex is now the natural local order?


Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

Hopefully the favour doled out to this fast disappearing empire is that every voter with any sense now realises that inactivity will only put us even further under the European’s sword. Berlusconi would have put up a better fight; Churchill and Maggie will be spinning in their hallowed ground and no wonder Paxman cannot be bothered to interview these clowns any longer.


UKIP’s sole achievement is to ensure that the rest of Europe are now in charge. Where is our leadership?



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    1. Wait till Monday morning to see the full results. I would not jump to conclusions yet. I sincerely hope that most of the voting electorate in the rest of Europe will vote tomorrow to support their respective parties in order to exit the EU along with UKIP. That is the whole purpose of this pathetic charade. The dream is over. The EU just does not work anymore. UKIP are continually tarred with the immigration issue but their original definition was to force an exit. I think that they might be doing just that. Think on me hearties………………

    2. So what? Let the good times roll, they can’t do any worse. Let me get back to Netflix, what a line up they have got tonight. I fancy Some Like it Hot.

    3. What an embarrassingly badly written attempt at political punditry! I write so-not because I support UKIP, but because your puerile musings are so vapid.
      This is a fledgling party whose views, on the EU alone, resonate with millions.
      Millions also agree that the backbone of our country were the grammar schools. Ukip is the only party fervent about reintroducing them. Your silly attack on Ukip reminds me of Dennis Healey’s observation about being attacked by Geoffrey How: It’s like being savaged by a dead sheep!
      Stick to the day job….you’re no Janet Daley…nor ever will be!

    4. Dear sainted editor,

      You really are a silly sausage. Your thoughtless, knee-jerk reaction ill-becomes you.

      The BBC’s Robin Lustig has a better, more considered assessment: “The success of Ukip is a direct and inescapable consequence of the abject failure of the mainstream parties to connect with deeply disillusioned voters”. I agree with him.

      Political punditry? No Matthew. Stick with drinks, restaurants, property and motor cars. On these you write with knowledge and occasional humour. No Paxman you 🙂

      • Glenmore: Mr Gus Instinct is a columnist who has contributed to The Steeple Times on numerous occasions. You may not agree with his views but he is to the point and most of our readers enjoy and agree with him. UKIP may have won in the European elections but they, unlike even the Green Party, do not have a single MP at Westminster.

        • Oh Matthew please….he is bloody awful! I would prefer to have something by someone who may not like the UKIP success but who at least can be original. Of course, it has no MP’s yet: it has only been seriously embedded for a few years and only recently been able to access proper funding…unlike the Lib Dems Ukip smashed and whose funds came from a crook

    5. Matthew
      Why did you feel the need to publish images of Farage which quite clearly are designed to obscure the debate around UKIP and it’s policies. I have met Nigel on two or three occasions and I found him charming with a rather amused and tolerant air. Why not tell us all which bits of his policy you don’t agree with?
      Merkel and Hollande have both been emphatic in stating that nothing will impede progress towards a federalist EU. Do you still think a damaged leader like Cameron will change their minds? UKIP policy is to regain control of our borders and repatriate those with no right to be here. Do you find fault with that? If you do then you are rather on your own. Grammar schools made this country great:UKIP policy is to preserve and open more. Do you disagree with that strand of policy? Overseas aid is being doled in huge dollops to countries even richer than us and to countries whose leaders steal it. Do you think UKIP are wrong to end the indiscriminate use of overseas aid when we can barely afford to build hospitals for our people? It’s perhaps time to told us what you really don’t like about UKIP…..other than thinking it’s not terribly a la mode.

      • Peter Wayde
        How do you feel about UKIP’s other policies?
        Like dismantling and privatising the NHS? While at the same time re-legalising smoking in pubs?

        Or practising censorship (such as their proposed banning of An Inconvenient Truth from being shown in any schools, as mentioned in their manifesto for the last General Election)?

        Or how about their flat 31% tax-rate proposals, which will most benefit those already earning more than £50,000 per annum?

        Or their move to support coal-fired power stations?

        Or their ‘basic cash-benefit’ plans for the unemployed (even if they’ve been conscientious and dedicated hard-workers for decades before being let go), while also planning to get rid of 2 million public sector jobs? Newsflash: the vast majority of people are not former City workers with large nest eggs to fall back on when the axe starts swinging.

        Or their support for TTIP, which would permit international corporations to sue the government if they introduced legislation which adversely affects their rights (i.e. prevents them from making money), for example allowing a US-based energy company to sue the government for not allowing them to strip-mine the Lake District?

        I’d be very interested to hear your views on how a party which supports TTIP can in any way be seen as fighting for the sovereignty of the nation. Unless of course, your objections are only against “federalist EU” interference in this country’s affairs, but are happy for unaccountable and unelected corporations to have whatever slice of the pie they wish. Funny how they want to re-introduce smoking in pubs on the basis that for the non-smoking majority who neither want to work in nor frequent those establishments, the UKIP response is “Well, don’t go there then. It’s a free country, go somewhere else!” but when it comes to corporations wanting to despoil other people’s land for their own profit, the response is “Right this way sirs, don’t forget to wipe your feet on the people on your way in”. A modicum of consistency would be appreciated but in no way expected.

        Finally, with regards to “repatriate those with no right to be here”. Depends on what you mean by “right”, doesn’t it? How would you go about identifying those who have no right to be resident here? Would it be first generation immigrants only? Based on how long they’ve lived and worked here? Or how about those who have married a British person? Like Nigel himself? Or would it be some other kind of criteria? Like, if you’re rich enough don’t worry about all the pesky rules everyone else has to follow, just remember to bring your cheque book! And what about all of ‘our’ people who are living in European countries like Spain, France and Germany, etc and even Australia? Surely if we’re kicking out all those people we must be willing to accept all of our others back when those countries reciprocate?

        • How do I feel about UKIP’s other policies? Well, I am not clairvoyant so I cannot tell you. They have not yet been definitively formulated but will be soon enough
          Nigel disposed of the manifesto from the last GE as a ‘load of rubbish’ so I suggest we wait to see what the 2015 manifesto tells us.
          I suspect it will focus on the key issues of withdrawal from the EU and an emphasis on the reintroduction of the grammar school-a great and successful English institution. Hopefully, it will also include an overhaul of the punitive tax system that has for so long bedevilled this country.
          I don’t think you will see much about smoking in pubs(which I abhor) and TTIP.

          As regards the repatriation of those with ‘no right to be here’….read the bloody papers instead of asking me to do your research. The examples are glaring.
          And stop being fatuous….we are talking of recent immigrants who commit crimes of gravity here.

          This country is blighted by excessive tax-direct and indirect. It stifles and suffocates small and medium size business and requires drastic reformation.
          It means taking the chainsaw to the vast outcrop of non productive pen pushers in government-national and local. Doubtless you fall within that segment!
          I would force the one’s left to spend a week a year being seconded to the business’s they harass on a daily basis, in the pursuit of the extraction of more taxes: it might make them understand a little better the difficulties of profit generation.

          You refer to ‘our’ people living in Spain, France, Germany. If they offend against the laws of those countries they should be kicked out without pity.

          • Peter Wayde

            Please try to be consistent. You banged on about UKIP’s policies in a previous comment but now when I have raised ones I believe to be negative you suddenly whip out the “They have not yet been definitively formulated but will be soon enough” excuse. How amazingly convenient for you, getting to cherry pick the policies you like and saying they are current ones, while simultaneously ignoring ones you maybe don’t like or don’t want to try and defend by dismissing them as ‘irrelevant’ or ‘out-of-date’.

            Regarding those “with no right to be here”, I think it was a perfectly legitimate question to ask you to clarify what you meant. You made no mention of serious crimes and only some vague references to ‘other people not being welcome’. In the current climate that can be taken to mean many things and it is not unreasonable to ask for some further clarification.

            “It means taking the chainsaw to the vast outcrop of non productive pen pushers in government-national and local. Doubtless you fall within that segment!” You are indeed correct when you say you are not clairvoyant (although it didn’t stop you from having a stab at it). I do not work for the public sector in any capacity at present, although I have in the past and in no way could any of my roles be described as ‘pen pushers’. Your seemingly swingeing dismissiveness of huge numbers of public sector employees as such suggests to me that you have absolutely zero knowledge or experience of these areas; that you think only non-‘front-line’ staff would be cut is exceedingly naive.

            Perhaps you also think that the companies they ‘pursue’ (evidence? Doubtful you would or could ever provide, but worth asking) should second their members to the public sector so they can see all the crap and pressure they have to put up with? But based on your previous comments, it is clear that you think that the country would best be run if everything was treated like an ultra-capitalist business, with debtor’s prison and hanging punishments for starving children stealing bread to eat. You may even wish the return of Victorian work houses and perhaps even support the return of coal mining, as long as the little kiddies who don’t get into grammar school are made to work there.

            Open your eyes and stop being so blooming selfish and mean.

            Final comment; as a former grammar school pupil myself, I actually do believe that grammar schools should be reintroduced but only if it can be guaranteed that the other schools are not left out in the cold, or have their pupil populations written off as ‘unworthy’ (as happened far too often in the past).


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