Thursday, August 5, 2021

Mr Gus Instinct on Oscar Pistorius


Mr Gus Instinct says: “Oscar Pistorius is a horror story for any parent”


Have you heard that there is a new disease? It’s called “Oscarpistosis” and can only be caught by girls but the symptoms are a fear of going into your boyfriend’s bathroom.


Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius
Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius

On a serious note, Oscar Pistorius has turned out to be a spineless and weak individual whose only thought is to save his own miserable life even after he has taken that of a beautiful girl who died in agony and whose last thoughts were those of fear.


It has been interesting to see some of this charade played out on television from the courtroom as he has blubbered and lied his way through the legal proceedings. Mr Gus Instinct has no doubt that the judge will give him the maximum sentence and then pursue him on the other charges involving discharging his gun in a restaurant. We hope that Reeva’s parents have the chance to confront him once the verdict is delivered. Oscar Pistorius is a horror story for any parent.



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    1. Oscar Pistorius will walk free, mark my words. His uncle Arnold is a powerful and well connected man. He is the Prince of Waterkloof Pretoria. In Africa it is money that buys the brandy not talk.

    2. I very much doubt that he will walk free, it will be an outrage and global backlash.
      He is a dangerous and evil individual and should be be locked up for life for the heinous and callous murder he committed and now is trying to disguise and lie about. Nobody believes him and because of his notoriety even his family’s connections and money will hopefully not save him.

    3. I’m happy to be one of the idots, the boy took the blame allready and he meant no harm, it’s vultures after his gut wanting to tear him to pieces. Politics and it stinks.
      Hang in there Oz mate!

      • With idiot friends like you he has no need of enemies..
        ….”he meant no harm”….are you some sort of psychopath? He first discharges a heavy calibre pistol in a crowded restaurant and then puts four bullets through a door not knowing where his girlfriend is.
        He needs to be put where he can harm no one else.

    4. It may be so that in certain cases criminals can buy their way out of being charged with a crime, however once charged and brought before court, especially in such a public way, justice will prevail.

    5. Would I be Mylady – my verdict would be guilty, because I have no reasonable doubt about OPs hot-blooded murder. Imho it was not premediated in the sense of plotted ahead, but murder in blindsighted rage, an argument that escalated – there are reliable witnesses for that! What will break his neck are the lies about the weapon-stories – he denies them similar to the murder – that leaves just one logic conclusion.

      @Disgusted of Belgravia – Who shoot – as a trained, loving to be in ‘combat mode’, ‘gun-enthusiast’ 4 – FOUR Black Talons – (Dum Dum and in most counties prohibited extremly devasting ammunition) through a door in a box? In the sucsession 1——-2–3–4 . You know, Reeva Steencamps hip and pelvisbone (!) were shattered – IF she had survived this she would have been disabled for the rest of her live – probably also without her right arm, because this was ‘amputated nearly instantly’. The last shot went through her left eye and exited on the right back of the head. Also went through her right hand she had at her face/head, because she crouched instinctivly in a selfprotecting position.
      OP’s being the victim here???

      No, I have absolut trust in Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa, she sees through the ‘naughty white boy’.
      He will walk – in jail for murder.

    6. The South African Prison system is no bed of roses. Prison Officers in South Africa don’t approach prisoners with kid gloves, they won’t beg you not to hurt yourself nor are they going to formulate a care plan for your wellbeing. Non compliance to the prison regime means a bloody good beating. Oscar Pistorius is desperate to stay out of Prison. Who can blame him? Remember he is not in soft Britain.


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