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Moron of the Moment – Frankie Rufolo

Far right Quran burning prat Frankie Rufolo has to be the least person worthy of election in Britain

A 19-year-old spotty brat named Frankie Ruffolo made headlines in Devon last week after an incident in a Wetherspoon owned pub.

An “atheist activist” who “identifies as LGBT” and likes to hang out with the birdbrained fruit loop Katie Hopkins, Rufolo is currently a candidate for the far-right For Britain Movement, founded by the equally deranged Anne-Marie Waters.

During a debate in The Imperial in Exeter, Rufolo – a man “vocally against Islam, Catholicism and the Church of England” but whom “finds many religious people to be nice” – set fire to a copy of the Quran with a candle. He called the book “evil” and supposedly “lost [his] patience” before getting a bit “heated.”

After being confronted over his cretinous actions, “not afraid to say what [he] thinks” and “you have to be outspoken sometimes” Rufolo replied: “I will have a think about whether [burning the Quran] was counterproductive.” We’d urge him to do something else: Bugger off.

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3 comments on “Moron of the Moment – Frankie Rufolo”

  1. If he’s LGBT, telling him to bugger off may be counterproductive, and actually enticing. Perhaps the more generic f*** off is more appropriate, though who knows if he’ll take you literally or not.

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