Wednesday, October 20, 2021

McLoughlin’s lament


Conman Tom McLoughlin cautioned for assault


The ex-jailbird Thomas McLoughlin should now have learnt his lesson. This nasty piece of work, I today learnt, has been given a police caution for common assault after attacking me in a South Kensington restaurant.


Convicted criminal Thomas McLoughlin
Convicted criminal Thomas McLoughlin

Thomas McLoughlin is a man who has been jailed previously for various offences relating to deception and dupery. The email I received from the police itself concluded: “It was also discussed not to make any more contact with you including by email”. I am delighted to hear that.


The world would be a better place if people like McLoughlin didn’t go around telling lies and tricking people. We will continue to expose his like.



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    1. Prison is a waste of time for this man. Wasn’t he once on “Bargain Hunt” on the BBC? His suit definitely stinks of “bargain basement” and he belongs in a dustbin. What a low class piece of dirt.

    2. He better steer well clear of La Brasserie now I hear. He got barred from there for his behaviour. There are few places he’s actually allowed in thankfully.

    3. Britain would not be first, to consider making ex- convicted offenders a protected class, it will cause controversy among many conservatives. San Francisco (did it) the proposal was sparking “outrage” and the critics were calling the idea “a crime in itself.”

      The idea of extending protection to ex-offenders, however, also has some law-and-order backers, including San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, the former chief of police. Gascón insists that helping ex-convicted offenders get jobs and leave their lives of crime behind them makes the city safer. “These people are in the community regardless,” he says. “Do we want to marginalize them and keep them on the edge. The prejudice against McLoughlin based on his previous offences is cruel and a crime itself. We must be tolerant of anti- social behaviour and it is our duty to understand the psychological dynamics that is to blame for this destructive criminal behaviour. We must remain dignified and be prepared to take it on the chin, or even better turn the other cheek. The Liberals must continue to live the dream.

      • You’ve lost the plot. I normally like your comments but Tommy Boy is BAD, BAD, BAD. Throwing away the key was invented for such people.

        • Would you eat a rotten apple?! I don’t think so. Why protect this rotten apple? He will only that advantage of the situation and carry on with he’s little evil ways.

    4. “And now for something completely different” a Magistrate warns of Britain’s ‘slap on the wrist’ justice system. Abid Sharif, 36, from Burnley in Lancashire, was the victim of a daytime burglary in which thieves stole almost £10,000 worth of items. The Magistrate continues “If I had been in my house when these people came in and I had knocked one of them out I would be inside for assault and I don’t think it’s fair. Every man has a right to defend his castle and if we gave powers to the public I think the crime will drop”
      The Magistrate also warned that Britain’s “slap on the wrist” justice system risks making vigilantes of householders amid policing cuts, while criminals know more about human rights laws than their solicitors. I say no more. Criminals certainly have their bread well buttered. Tommy can afford to be a bad boy. It is beyond satire.


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