Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Heroes of the Hour: The Koch brothers


If Charles and David Koch derail Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions, they will be lauded as both heroes of America and of the free world


To contrast with our Wally of the Week, it is time to add a weekly Hero of the Hour to The Steeple Times roster. Our first comes in the form of two brothers: Charles and David Koch.


Heroes of the Hour: The Koch brothers
Heroes of the Hour: The Koch brothers


Considered amongst America’s “most generous but low[est]-key philanthropists”, the Kochs are billionaires of the first order but also firmly focused on ensuring their wealth is used to “eliminate welfare for the wealthy”. Their deep pocketed political organisation, according to CNN, “plans to spend $899 million [£577 million, €828 million] by the end of 2016 to drive its free-market policy and philanthropic agenda, as well as direct electoral support to the candidates of its choosing”.


At the retreat they held for some 450 top conservative donors and Republican presidential candidates last weekend (to which Donald Trump was the only candidate not invited), Charles Koch commented:


“We’re headed toward a two-tiered society – a society that’s destroying opportunities for the disadvantaged and creating welfare for the rich… Misguided policies are creating a permanent underclass, crippling our economy and corrupting the business community… [Businesses accepting] corporate welfare is suicide in the long-term”.


“Short term, the principled path [is] going to cause some companies some problems, as it will Koch industries but long-term it will allow business people to continue to own and run their businesses”.


Despite clear in their distaste for the immigrant hating Trump and his having tweeted mocking those who attended, the Koch brothers – though themselves criticised by segments of the media as “the poster boys of the one percent” – have not yet aligned themselves with any one particular Republican candidate. In April, Charles Koch told USA Today:


“We’re telling them that if they want our support, one way to get it is articulating a good message to help Americans get a better understand and a better appreciation of how certain policies will benefit them and will benefit all America”.


“Too big to fail” Trump’s favourite word is said to be “great”. Soon this junk food lover may not be saying that of his likely nemeses: Charles and David Koch.


Elsewhere, Jimmy Fallon mocked The Donald on The Tonight Show on Monday night. Listen to his spoof of an imagined conversation between Trump and President Obama below. It’s hilarious.





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