Saturday, September 18, 2021

Hero of the Hour – Anna Soubry MP


Anna Soubry speaks for Britain and speaks complete sense; Theresa May should take note


Anna Soubry MP is a rare thing: A politician of conviction and one whose sensible nature is completely clear. Not guided, unlike her grasping colleagues by personal and party politicial ambitions, but instead by a belief in what she thinks is right for the country, here is a lady of logic and stature.


In an article in today’s Mail on Sunday, Ms Soubry states: “My country must come before my party” and adds: “We must face up to the Brexit reality: It is fantasy to think we are going to get a good deal from the EU based on country negotiating strategy. People will soon see how they have been conned by the Brexiteers. All options must go back on the table.”


She adds: “Brexit is a self-inflicted wound; the people of this country hold the knife and they don’t have to use it if they don’t want to. The people, not the hardline Brexiteers, are in charge.”


Ms Soubry is entirely right. Instead of wandering through the Alps for three works, Mrs May should be at work at this crucial time. She should be seeking the best deal for our country and she be putting a stop to the recklessness of ‘Hard Brexit’. It is time this hapless Prime Minister woke up and smelled the coffee.


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  1. Someone should remind her who her paymaster is ——– Teresa May ———- Anna Soubrie needs to learn what side her bread is buttered on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send her to the tower!!!!!!!!!!!! Deport her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Illegals apologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Er… I missed her speech. Did she go on to tell what the benefits are? It seems to me the benefits certainly flow to those who employ plumbers, servants, strawberry pickers, drink coffee etc etc. and I suppose also to a generation of unemployed youth who can spend their time in the boozer at the tax payers’ expense. Maybe Anna thinks the homeless sleeping on Brighton seafront are reaping one of the benefits of too many people in the country and not enough houses. If so I do agree with her. Brighton can be like the Cote d’Azur in the summer but does she ever think about what it is like for those homeless in the winter?

  3. This woman is a disgrace. NOT a democrat. Won’t accept the democratic will of the people who voted to LEAVE. Ignoring the greatest economic opportunity for UK in last 50 years. Not even a real Tory, a failed Lib Dem to where she should be sent back.

  4. No Rod her paymaster is not Mrs May, it is the people of this country. She is absolutely correct. People roll off percentages such as 48% and that means that almost half of the population are being railroaded into something they did not want. Brexit will be a disaster and the version conducted by May a double disaster. Remember she holds her power by bribing the DUP. Time To$$er May departed.


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