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Fostering lunacy


Matthew Steeples takes a view on the story of David Cameron, UKIP, racism and foster homes


First David Cameron described UKIP supporters as “mostly racist” and then a pair of ex-Labour supporting foster parents from Rotherham had three children taken from their care due to their support for that party. Sane people are rightly asking: “What is going on?” and also wondering: “What on earth is ‘Call Me Dave’ playing at?”


The UK Independence Party is an organisation that reflects the views of many in this country and a significant segment of our readership back them too. Equally, many do not and UKIP rightly accepts that. Of course, by their very existence they are a party whose stances polarize opinion and their naff logo and the proclamations of some of their odder members do make rational individuals cringe from time to time.


Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, the party’s best asset, is a man guided by sense. He has pointed out many of the significant failings of the European Union and he does it boldly and with a belief bolstered by a dedication to improving Great Britain’s lot. Like or loathe him, here is a politician with passion and one whose influence is growing.


A site that proclaims itself as: “Britain’s most-read political blog,”, takes a different view and backs Cameron’s statement in suggesting: “There is an Islamophobic element to UKIP that mirrors many parties in Europe.” They refer to “golliwog supporters” and even add:


“David Cameron is right to stand his ground and not apologise for his earlier remarks about UKIP. What should worry him more is the growing number of people in his own party who seem quite relaxed with working with them. 
They are either blissfully unaware of what lies underneath the party’s anti-European statements or worse are prepared to tolerate them for electoral gain.”


All a decent couple did was to attempt to care for unfortunate children and their political alliegances are an irrelevance. and David Cameron’s generalisations about UKIP are also wrong and Rotherham council’s actions are utterly abhorrent. Have none of these people learnt anything from how the media firestorm of the Jimmy Savile saga was fueled? Isn’t it about time that they woke up and got their own houses in order instead of ranting about racism and foster parenting?

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  1. UKIP didn’t have to do anything to benefit from what happened in Rotherham, the response was instant, not provoked and supportive of the couple.
    Cameron for his part has dithered, caught between the need to keep on the side of what most people instinctively feel and aware that agreeing with them offers support to UKIP. He would get far more respect if he just spoke his mind, but that is an increasingly rare occurrence.
    Also of course the public as well as the media and politicians were very well aware, that if the same authorities in Rotherham had been as assiduous in profiling elsewhere in their work, many vulnerable young girls in the town may have been saved from abuse and so the sense of a sort of state sponsored political and social bigotry is heightened.
    None of this is of any great pleasure to UKIP, the extra support we have gained is welcome, but it would be far preferable to have confidence in local services, including the police, to do their job in a culturally and politically unbiased manner.
    Away from Rotherham in reference to your article. UKIP has grown, is growing and is becoming the party it’s leaders and people in the UK want to see. A really strong campaign of awareness and a track record of dealing with some demographic problems, has brought us to being perceived as we actually are. Strong and essentially right wing on financial issues, but with a surprisingly liberal cultural stance.
    As our party grows, so will our skills base and as we get over the message of who we are and what we stand for, keeping out the fruitcakes will become less of a task.

  2. I was in despair at the Rotherham story. What is more precious to young orphans than a loving home , irrespective of the political beliefs of the foster parents.

  3. Don’t Look Now, We’ve Been Shot At. What a splendid choice of subject matter by Matthew Steeple.
    Nigel Farage is a smart and dignified gentleman with a proven track record including excellent critical, creative and analytical thinking ability. Nigel has a clear vision of where Britain needs to go, opting out of the European Union Agreement. Nigel Farage is a man on the move, a Prime Minister in waiting.

  4. Tom Mcloughlin must control his exaggerated emotions, his hatred towards Jews is distinctively evidence based. He has anger issues. Hymie is a derogatory term for Jew, when apllied out of context. Hymie is derived from the stereotypical Jewish name Hyman. I shall take it from who it comes. Whatever tickles your fancy, Tom. It’s no skin off my back. God Bless, Tom Mcloughlin.


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