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Enough is Enough


Funding for the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann must cease; £11 million spent with no result is evidence that enough is enough


Over £11 million has been spent in relation to the search for Madeleine McCann since the then 3-year old disappeared on 3rd May 2007. The result? Absolutely no progress and a lot of unanswered questions.


Now, with the last round of public funding given to the element of the search known as Operation Grange by Theresa May in March set to run out in September, is the time to end the search. Enough is enough and in spite that some would suggest that the chances of finding the disappeared child is still there, the fact of the matter is that in ten years of following leads that have led nowhere resources that could have been allocated to other missing people have been squandered.


Last week, a Metropolitan Police spokesman told The Sun:


“A lot of potentially significant images and material were captured on previous trips to Portugal and we are still working on all leads…. The investigation continues with focus and determination. It is not winding down, it is not grinding to a halt. It is on going.”


Such sentiments will no doubt leave such people as Kerry Needham – whose 21-month year old son, Ben, disappeared in Greece on 24th July 1991 – spitting feathers. As of 2015, a comparative sum of just £700,000 had been spent on attempts to find him and thus one is left asking why the child of two middle class medics is worth 93% more than the son of an ordinary working class woman.


In 2015, Ms Needham, after supporters of the McCanns cruelly suggested those backing her in her search for her child were “toxic”, remarked: “I have never criticised the McCann family. I have only every criticised the authorities for the way the two cases have been handled so differently.”


Enough is Enough – Funding into Madeleine McCann search must cease – Gerry and Kate McCann – Kerry Needham and Ben Needham – Missing children
Kerry Needham


Missing Madeleine – Questions without Answers


Many questions about what happened on the evening of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remain. Some that have been highlighted by the press and discussed online include:


Why did the McCanns refuse to answer 48 questions put to her by the Portuguese police?


Why were certain records of phone calls on the evening of the disappearance “whoosh-clunked” from the memories of the phones of Mr and Mrs McCann and the ‘Tapas 9’?


Why did a British sniffer dog sense the smell of a corpse in a cupboard in the apartment from which Madeleine McCann disappear?


Why did a sniffer dog also supposedly sense the smell of a corpse in a vehicle hired by the couple a month after the disappearance of their daughter?


Why did Mr and Mrs McCann go jogging and play tennis in the days after their daughter’s disappearance?


Was it acceptable for Mr and Mrs McCann’s mortgage to be paid by the fund established to search for their missing daughter?


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  1. For once you’re right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This case smells of horse turd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t the McCanns answer questions? What about that policeman wrongly treated by them in Portugual also???????????? This story always makes me vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh god here we go, this is gonna bring the looney tunes out of the closet, the usual suspects, along with Rolf is innocent etc etc.

  3. No the poice did not speak to the Sun. This is a badly written piece of garbage that only they could produce and a rehash of all that has been said before. We are used to the fundraising attempts of Clan McCann and this is a classic example . The so called fund, which by the way is a limited company and not a charity. Some say that the money to be paid by them is due for the disgusting and vindictive legal actions against Goncalo Amaral , which they profoundly lost. After the Supreme Court hearing in Portugal they announced that they would go to the ECHR and appeal but that was kicked out too although we are not sure if that was because they couldn’t afford it since they have to pay legal bills and Goncalo, amounting to perhaps hundreds of thousands of Euros. In short, said fund is possibly bankrupt. To Suzie-The case was solved by the amazing Goncalo and the two sniffer dogs who found corpse scent on Kate’s clothing, in a cupboard at 5a, on a childs toy, and exceedingly tellingly, body fluids and corpse smell in the back of the McCanns hire car which they obtained 3 weeks after the “disappearance”. We beileve that this murder inquiry (Operation Grange), will give answers and deliver Justice for Madeleine. The persons or person responsible for her death are ruthless child killers and need to be put out of harms way for a very long time.

    • I believe absolutely every word you have said. In an ideal world it would be lovely to be proved right and that this little girl will be located. Logic tells me this isn’t going to happen, She has in my humble belief, met her maker, and I am sure who is to blame, but at present our Police and the Portuguese are being played with. The Parents should be made to answer the questions, as would any other suspect. And before anyone says they are not suspects, The Portuguese Police have not exonerated them.

  4. The Steeple Times again gets it completely and utterly wrong. Dear Gerry and Kate McCann are above being questioned about the disappearance of their beloved daughter and the focus must entirely be on finding the lovely Madeleine. It doesn’t matter if it costs £100 million, it will be worth it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not showing mercy to a beautiful, beloved child and you need to make up for your deficiencies by donating to the FInd Madeleine fund. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW.

    • I really feel for anyone who believes this child will be found, common sense indicates what has happened to the poor wee mite, and who is responsible. We all are entitled to our beliefs and I am sorry but I believe this child is long gone from us.
      I just hope the powers that be, at some point, will come clean and say what is known.

    • Show mercy? The same amount of mercy this poor child’s own parents showed when days after her “disappearance” they were laughing, joking, Nd playing tennis? They are 100% responsible and that cannot be disputed. Their selfish irresponsible actions lead to their daught’s disapearance. Enough’s enough !

    • You sound like Pammy, are you?
      You can give all your money to those two if you want , but is enough of the scam they have been running for the last 10 years.

    • Why on earth would you assume that “Dear Gerry and Kate” are above the law? It is fact that in every case of a missing child the parents and family are the first to be investigated. Not so the McCanns, one can only ask why. Once the farce of Operation Grange is closed down maybe then the Portuguese police will be free to treat them as persons of interest again, investigate freely and extensively without interference and either exonerate them or charge them. If harm has come to Madeleine and her parents are responsible or have knowledge of her demise then the only right and proper course of action is a thorough detailed investigation with no stone left unturned.

    • gilian, you are deluded.1 does not need a copper to see the lies the mcanns and the tapas crew have the 1st instance the parents should have been charged with neglect but they don`t stay in a council scheme so its ok for them to leave their 3 kids alone.child protection should have been all over this.

    • Beloved daughter?? ‘Dear Kate McCann was trying to palm her demanding,defiant, argumentative screaming kid on to relatives that refused to take her on! The joy and relief seen on this woman face is obvious in photos taken after the girls fake ‘abduction’.

    • £100 million? Seriously? Get a grip of yourself. Even as much as 1 billion or more could be thrown at this charade and operation grange would still come up with nothing. Why? Because there is NOTHING to find. No abduction took place in Praia da Luz EVER. That means prior to 2007 and after. When has there EVER been so much financial and government assistance afforded to any other missing persons case? Simple answer is NEVER!! You need to grasp reality that Madeleine is long gone.

    • Gillian you must be partially sited and deaf or may be you cant read there must be a reason you are blind to the truth spend a couple of hours on any of the sites looking for justice for this innocent childand open your mind

  5. A number of facts and not only assumptions transpire get through the sequence of events and reconstruction of the tragic event would have pointed to the negligence and fault of the parents . I remember thinking how could they leave the kids alone in the room while dining and wining at the nearby tavern
    However, thanks to a professionally elaborated fundraising and PR campaign the parents milked the tragedy to the maximum . If it is true that they got their mortgage repaid by the search fund , it is an insult to charity and they should pay it back to the donors . In my view this was a waste of taxpayers money depriving other more compelling cases of people much more in need

  6. The McCanns are embroiled in a massive cover up and are hiding something big enough for the Government to protect them. Gillian Trott is either a paid McCann stooge or refuses to see the misinformation played out in the media. Why no mystery informers who cannot maintain their silence but sell their stories now the 10 yr anniversary has passed. No more stories about anonymous ‘witnesses’ who saw Gerry McCann searching under cars, no more nannies telling tales about the area being dangerous. All utter BS, paid for by the Mccann’s fund I bet.

    • Gillian Trott is clearly a purveyor of misinformation in regards to the Madeleine McCann case. Whether through stupidity or monetary gain I know not. Perhaps Ms Trott, Mrs Gurney or whatever other pseudonym she chooses to use, would be better served using her time to aquanit herself of the facts and therefore be better placed to put her loyalty where it ought to be, with an innocent child.

  7. A lot of people are involved in this. Some are mothers and fathers, they maybe weren’t when this happened.. I have faith that somebody will need to clear their conscience and give us the truth one day

  8. Any woman whos child was missing would have been inconsolable , pulling her own hair out , she didnt even forget to put her make up on , and tennis omg ! This case is joke ongoing joke!

  9. If the powers that be don’t, want Madeleine to be found, then she won’t be found! we all know why her dissapearance is being covered-up, because whatever “has” happened to Madeleine McCann many of the public in the UK, know in their hearts, there is an “Aristocrat” of the highest order in our society, who is involved somewhere along the, way. The police know who it is and what happened, and they know the person or persons involved.

  10. This has become ludicrous. Every sympathy with the McCann’s loss but unfortunately we cannot afford to squander this amount of money.

  11. Are you fed up, with endless requests for more funding from the public purse in the search for Madeleine McCann? Almost £12 million pounds of British Tax payers money spent on this case in the last 12 years.

    We are attempting to bring a Judicial Review for the High Court to consider all future applications for public funding. We will launch our funding page here at 11 am on Monday 6th May. This is your opportunity to change things. You can pledge as little as £10 We need YOUR SUPPORT to make this happen. Please spread the word to your friends.

  12. Investigator to the Ben Needham case, Ian Crosby, is seeking to raise legal fees, (via to bring a Judicial Review of any further Public funding in the Madeleine McCann case, asking a High Court Judge to consider the following points.

    This funding link goes Live from 11:00 hours Monday 6th May 2019. The money goes straight to the lawyers (I do not receive a penny) and the campaign closes on 5th June. You will only be charged if we raise the £2500 required by the 5th June.

    Have all donations already been made to the FindMadeleine fund, by the British public, been exhausted?

    Are Kate and Gerry McCann financially contributing to the search for their daughter?

    Why when we have every announcement, that a further application for funding has been made by the Metropolitan Police to the Home Office, do we suddenly see photos of new suspects released in the media?

    In the current application for 12 months further funding, is the British Public expected to believe, that a potential suspect, apparently in prison in German has only just been identified despite it now being 12 years after Madeleine’s disappearance and the investigation having had almost 12 million pounds spent on it to date?

    If the Portuguese Judiciary have recently been granted extra funding, and man power to investigate a potential suspect in Germany, why do the Metropolitan Police need any further funding, let alone this time doubling it and asking for 12 months funding.

    If we are potentially so close to resolving Madeleine’s disappearance because of this German suspect, it cannot cost too much money, which if I were Madeleine’s family, I would be happy to provide myself?


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