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Chocolate is out


As Rolf Harris is hospitalized due to an incident with chocolate bars, his leading supporter issues yet another rant online


Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey’s car crash of a marriage was defined by that picture of them indulging in a Cadbury’s Snowflake bars on their wedding day and now the curse of the renegade chocolate bar has struck again. This time, it’s the jailed paedophile Rolf Harris who has come unstuck and as a result of eating too many, he was hospitalized this week.


Chocolate is out - Paedophile Rolf Harris overindulges on chocolate bars and is hospitalized
Rolf Harris is a man who ought avoid chocolate bars
Chocolate is out - Paedophile Rolf Harris overindulges on chocolate bars and is hospitalized
Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey are another pair who found chocolate brought them nothing but trouble


Said to have been admitted to Royal Stoke University Hospital suffering from severe chest pains, the 85-year old sexual offender was taken to the Ebola ward “for his privacy” according to the Mirror. He was discharged shortly afterwards.


Elsewhere, Harris’ leading supporter, a woman who goes by the name of Anne Pyke, took great offence at media reports about the incident. In a bizarre article linked to her petition that seeks to free Harris titled: “Why do the press keep on reporting salacious and deleterious nonsense about Mr Harris?”, this harridan declared “Rolf Harris is Yewtree’s prize trophy” and suggested there is an “agenda” to “pick on” and “target him”. She misses the point: If Rolf Harris hadn’t abused girls as young as seven, he wouldn’t be in this fine mess. Here is a man who does not deserve an iota of sympathy; here instead is a depraved monster who should simply be left to rot.



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    1. Anne Pyke probably has orifices that are a colour match for chocolate bars so I would go for sticking some up there. As for Harris, I hope he is enjoying every second, every minute and hour of his jail sentence.

    2. In an attempt to lighten things up

      About four years ago I happened on an impromptu art show in a village hall in Medmensham near Henley

      Nearby Danesfield House Hotel is the hotel made famous by George Cluny’s nuptials

      Anyway; On show was a purple gauche gouache copy of Monet’s Water lilies by Rolf Harris, which I thought had virtue – and there’s the rub……I didn’t buy it because I thought that it didn’t have sufficient virtue – clairvoyant or not

    3. Will a chocolate bar really help to get this child abusing monster back on the streets?! Surely not! But who knows? Strange things do happen.

    4. I could not agree more. Maybe you’re all right and the chocolate should have killed the piece of shit – and he should rot in jail. But has it ever occurred to you that there actually was not a shred of evidence to convict Rolf Harris? – yes there were several woman who gave evidence so he ended up being convicted because of “pattern of behavior” – not evidence. But it has been shown that the Met police are in the habit of attempting to secure convictions by trawling for “victims”. i.e. if one woman comes forward the police actively advertise for others to come forward – celebrities are especially prone to this kind of attack as so many women know them – thus they can end up being taken to court swamped with several false allegations against them – And how could a person possibly defend themselves against allegations from over 30 years ago?? Sure, make up your minds that he is guilty without evidence …. OR read the following article which takes a step by step look at the evidence which convicted him and then make up your own minds but knowing the facts. Here’s the link.

      There is also a petition – which has some very discerning comments on the Rolf Harris case.

      • Believe what you want. Rolf Harris was found guilty by a jury and they got it right. He is a vile paedophile and you would do well to think of what effect the drivel you spout might have on his innocent victims.

        • fair comment – and you are entitled to this view. Personally I do not know whether Rolf Harris is guilty or not – yes, the jury found him guilty but having followed the trial there really do appear to be notable discrepancies – and he definitely never visited Leigh Park community center.- the proof that he was never there is substantial – maybe the victim was abused somewhere else and she just got the location wrong??? – but I am 100% sure she was not abused by Rolf Harris at Leigh Park community center.

          • I respect your right to believe in this creature being innocent (though I believe his acceptance of his guilt is shown clearly by the fact he has already paid one victim £22,000). Quoting the petition, however, is not wise. It is run by a nutjob and many of the signatures are invented (I used the name ‘Barry Bullshitter’ when I signed up to it – so as to get the information from it; I have not been removed). If you had met Harris’ victims you would feel differently. I have and I believe them. He is a vile paedophile and I hope he dies in jail.

            • you have misquoted me here …. I do not believe Rolf Harris is innocent. I said: “Personally I do not know whether Rolf Harris is guilty or not ” Nobody can know – as we weren’t there 30 years ago when these alleged assaults took place. All I do know is – he WAS NOT at Leigh Park Community centre where one of the alleged assaults took place. Phone up the library in Havant and ask them about the Rolf Harris visit there in the late 60s – he was a famous celebrity so there’s bound to be news archives, photos, people’s memories, posters etc. But it is well known in that community that Rolf Harris has never visited Leigh Park community center. Even Sgnt Gary Pankhurst from the yewtree police admitted in court they had made extensive searches of news archives but found no evidence that Rolf Harris had visited the establishment. I do not understand how the jury found him guilty of this particular offense when there was evidence so say he was never at the location. I am not saying he is innocent – I’m just pointing out – “HE – WAS – NOT – AT – LEIGH – PARK – COMMUNITY – CENTRE” . I am not ruling out that the girl could have got the location wrong – so he could still be guilty – but I really think the evidence needs to be re-visitted. An appeal needs to be put in progress to clarify this and some other discrepancies. Then if he is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt then, and only then will I agree with you – throw away the key and I hope he rots in jail.

      • No. I believe in God though. I don’t believe, however, in ceremony. Why?

        Rolf Harris is a paedo and that’s got zilch to do with God. It’s got a lot to do with his perverted, sick nature. He and his creepy family should be sent to Siberia (if he ever gets out of jail).

    5. Interesting. I just had a hunch that you were religious because of the way you think. Most theists do not require evidence for their belief…. and cannot be turned from their belief with logical argument. And because you are of the mindset “belief with no evidence”… I made a guess that you would also believe in God. Turns out I was right. No big deal. My prognosis is – you are incapable of not believing in God, and incapable of ever believing Rolf Harris might be not guilty. Discussing with you is like talking to a brick-wall – just ill informed, illogical, unpleasant statements.

      As you “know” (or think you know) Rolf Harris is guilty of all the allegations against him (even though it has since been proved beyond all reasonable doubt he was not at one of the locations where an offense took place), then please feel free to make unpleasant comments about him like “I hope he dies in jail” etc. But your comments about Rolf Harris’s family are vile and unnecessary – and I take issue with that.

      • Stick to your nonsense. The jury found the old bugger guilty and he deserves his sentence. Have you met his victims? I have. If you had, you wouldn’t spout such hurtful poison against individuals who’ve been so wronged.

        As for the remainder of the Harris clan, have you looked into their grubby behaviour? Maybe you ought to. Bindi Nicholls viewed daddy as nothing but a cash cow. What a nice creature she is. As for Alwen Hughes, what a creepy old bag… She should be ashamed of herself.

        • I agree with Sally Roberts. I also find “your comments about Rolf Harris’s family are vile and unnecessary – and I take issue with that.“ Your remarks are disgusting especially as Alwen is a very frail, elderly woman. Have you met Alwen and Bindi?

          You also say you have met the so called “victims”. So which ones were they? I am not asking for names, just which ones, Bindi’s ex-friend, the Cambridge incident one, the Australian woman or the Leigh Park woman? Perhaps all of them! I am aware three of the four have already waived their right to anonymity but naming them is not necessary.

    6. No I have not met any of the victims. In what capacity did you meet them? I understood they were giving evidence behind screens ??? And you’re a reporter? Were you at the trial ?

      • I was amongst the first to report on Harris being arrested in the UK. I have met with victims and those who gave evidence against this first rate creep. I did not attend his trial. Why are you so interested in this case?

    7. I am just interested in justice. I am interested in many case… this one in particular because unless there are facts which I am missing Rolf Harris was convicted on zero evidence. But I believe the UK courts have to be evidence based – whatever your feelings tell you from meeting with the victims each individual case did not meet the standard for sufficient evidence. And do not misunderstand me – you may be right – but I have since found out that police trawl for further victims to come forward – and because celebrity’s are known my millions of people around the world there is more chance of capturing more and more of these women. This is all articulated in Paul Gamaccini’s book ‘Love Paul’ – and Jim Davidson’s book – ‘No Further Action’. Innocent men falsely accused, dragged through the press, lives ruined as a result on delusional fantasists after compensation. My understanding is that the Met police were determined to net a high profile celebrity after their failings with Jimmy Savile and threw everything they could to try and convict Mr Harris. I say there was no evidence – but ironically there actually was evidence he never visited one of the locations.

      These met police operations for historical sex abuse cases have been getting a lot of bad press recently – for good reason, I’d say.

      I respect that you were at the trial and have met with the victims – and I wasn’t. But I still think it cannot be right for a reporter to be able to meet with victims and “know” that they are telling the truth without any hard evidence. Else what is the point of having a UK court system – surely we could bypass the whole judiciary process so you could just meet with the victims and use your mind reading ability to just say “yep, he’s guilty.” We could save the tax payer a lot of money if took this short-cut 🙂 – lol

    8. also … I feel that I have to say this. Your comments about Bindi viewing her father as a cash-cow are also based on zero evidence – and are disgraceful. It is not Bindis’ fault that she happens to be the only daughter of a rich celebrity millionaire. The the finances which pass between father and daughter are absolutely nothing to do with you (or anybody else but Bind and her father) !!! You really are a gutter-press reporter right through to your core aren’t you Matthew ^_^

        • Matthew, I see you are still insulting Bindi and Alwen. Now talking about “money grabbers” you didn’t answer my questions so I will ask again. Which “alleged victims” have you met (no names required)? You also say you met those who gave evidence against Rolf. Did you meet those who gave good character witness evidence for Rolf?
          Also have you met Alwen and Bindi? Stop insulting these two innocent women who have suffered enough.

    9. Ok so just to summarize your points.

      1. You were amongst the first to report on Harris being arrested in the UK (oh and Harris is a first rate creep)
      2. You knew Rolf Harris was guilty by interviewing the alleged victims (no evidence required ?)
      3. Bindi sees her father as a cash cow – she is a repulsive money grabber.
      4. Harris clan has grubby behaviour?
      4. Alwen Hughes is a creepy old bag… She should be ashamed of herself.

      Thanks very much for this.

      I have forwarded this valuable insight to Anne Pyke – her team will no doubt be able able to add this example of misconduct by the press as more evidence for Rolf to get an appeal.

      • Your assumptions are nonsensical and without foundation. Rolf Harris, however, is a vile man, a convicted paedophile and rightly jailed. You should move on and compensate the victims recover for what he did to them. As for his “clan”, their defence of this monster speaks volumes.

    10. “Wit and wisdom in equal measure” – Mmm I don’t see much of that here Mr Steeple, only ignorant flippant and abusive comments. Imagine if that were your father or grandfather slung into jail at 85 based on nothing more than a frenzied witch-hunt with not a shred of evidence – yes bother to read the transcripts and facts of the case and it is easy to see that a gross miscarriage of justice has occurred, if your “wisdom” extends that far. Now that is very witty isn’t it – not?


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