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Bigots attack Baroness


Trolls complain about Doreen Lawrence’s elevation to the peerage


Yesterday, we added the newly ennobled Baroness Lawrence OBE to our roll call of campaigners. Today, we’ve been inundated by tweets from those who disapprove of this move.


Doreen Lawrence’s son, Stephen, was barbarically murdered in 1993 by racist thugs. Instead of retreating into despair and bitterness, Lawrence put her energy to good use and founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to promote a positive community legacy in her son’s name. She has also served on panels within the Home Office and the Police Service and is a member of the board and council of Liberty and a patron of Stop Hate UK. She is a lady who has done a world of good and for that reason awarding her a title was the right thing to do.


RightSideNews' Twitter handle
RightSideNews’ Twitter handle

Amongst those who wrote to us objecting to Lawrence becoming a working peer were Twitter users RightSideNews – who told us that the award of the honour is “beneath contempt” – and Paulie Pow –who argued in support of the English Defence League co-founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA “Tommy Robinson”) entering the House also.


Both RightSideNews and Paulie Pow have especially unpleasant Twitter handles. On the former, an image of The Queen with a black eye is displayed alongside a “no one is safe from Sharia Law” message whilst Oxford based Pow’s includes an image of a heavily tattooed individual clutching a dog.


Sadly, this kind of activity is illustrative that racism and hatred is still alive and prospering in Britain. Baroness Lawrence, however, will no doubt use her new position to continue to combat it to her best of her ability. We wish her all the very best and salute her.



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    1. A story of redemption which everyone wants to hear is when a Mosque somewhere in the UK received threats that the mosque was to be targetted by the EDL after Friday prayers. The staff were very scared but decided not to flee or close the mosque, but to invite the EDL in for tea and cakes. Bravery in adversity. Bullies are cowards, full stop.

      • I see little evidence of followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ in this country condemning the brutal actions of their co-religionists in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iran et al.
        Maybe they could be just a little more vociferous in attacking the vile and barbarous ways of those that
        follow the ‘Religion of Peace’ in those countries…….maybe I have missed some mass street protest about such the stoning of women and the hanging of gays.
        We have Hindu, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jews living in this country.None give the slightest trouble. What is it about the Religion of Peace which is so unpeaceful?
        Despise the EDL or not they have been spawned by an establishment which has turned it’s back on the indigenous population of this country.

      • Tolerance is what is needed and Monima is spot on the mark with her remarks. Reprehensible individuals like the EDL need to be stopped.

    2. Problem with Lawrence ‘trial’ was Daily Mail declaring defendants guilty on front page before they have even been tried! Add to that the dodgy forensic and I can understand the feelings of friends and relatives of Lawrence family who feel justice has not been done. Press Barons must never again be allowed to destroy the validity of the courts – justice must be done and be seen and trusted to be done.

        • If you think it’s free press you must be living under a stone in the dark. The majority of journalism is constructed to divide and pit one against the other with negative messages coming from left, right and centre, excuse the pun! The press are just as corrupt as the politicians.

          If the news was filled with positive stories about how we are so similar (Human!) and how we do and can help one other, this world would be very different I feel.

          • Newspaper give people want they want: if they didn’t they wouldn’t sell.
            A free press is one that investigates and uses the disinfectant of sunshine in murky corners of public life. How on earth do you think the crookery of MP’s and their expenses would have been exposed were it not for a free and campaigning press? Really, I sometimes think people like you live on another planet.

    3. I strongly object to the addition of any more peers to the HoL and that includes this lady.
      It has become a laughing stock. It’s just a nice little earner with a tax free allowance of £300 per diem which
      could provide the tax free equivalent of £80k a year….and I leave aside the travel perks

      • @ Pete Wayde
        It is a guilt trip, so they have given her a boarding pass to join the gravy train extravaganza. It makes them feel better about themselves. Having said that, I do have a lot of empathy for her, it is hard for any parent to lose a child.

        • I agree: to lose a child is an awful thing, but the idea that it should give her access to an already moribund institution is hard to follow. It’s time an FOI was asked as to how much each member was grabbing in allowances. I work out that if you attend to the max you can collect £42,000 a year tax free, plus travel and lap tops and subsidised living.

          • The mother of murdered toddler James Bulger also deserves to be considered for ennobling to Baroness in the House of Lords.
            What is the difference?

    4. why should this woman be in the house of lords when there are more admirable people…. more deserving people…. who does she think she is??

    5. There is bugger all reason for her to be in the HOL. If you don’t like the culture of MY country find another.
      That most sensible nation; the Japanese, allowed just 37 immigrants in last year. Stop kowtowing to those who arrive and make no effort. Learn from the Jews who came in here, built business and thoroughly integrated themselves.

        • To safeguard tolerance one sometimes has to be intolerant of nonsensical notions. It is fashionable and chic to pretend to tolerance and most of us in that fortunate position have never been exposed to the problems of mass and inappropriate immigration.

      • I don’t see those who ‘arrive’ as the main issue of those who don’t make the effort – to my eyes it is MY fellow countrymen and women who sit on their backsides taking handouts, getting obese and becoming thoroughly dumb in the process.

        I wonder what the percentage of the unemployed would be – UK born and bred or those who ‘arrive and make no effort’ (I assume you’re talking about immigration)? If anyone has that information I would appreciate the learning.

        • I think the argument here revolves around a small country, with limited resources, saturated by those who arrive here, without linguistic skills; the incapacity to be educated and a refusal or inability to integrate.
          Your premise that the issue is our fellow countryman is somewhat spurious. We have an education and health system that just cannot cope.

    6. The Liberal Elite live in a world called “Neverland” They close their eyes to the International Principles of Common Sense and Rationality. They make the rules as they go, and we on the grassroots must tow the line. They expect Teachers, Policemen, Nurses, Prison Officers to be whiter than white, while they break the rules, as it pleases them.
      It is a Matter of Carry on Regardless.


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