Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Berkoff on Trump


Actor, producer and writer Steven Berkoff shares his thoughts about Donald Trump


What’s wrong with the American people? How on earth can they be hoodwinked by such an obvious ‘fraudster’, ‘conman’, ‘charlatan’, ‘phoney’ and of course the final word, ‘crook’. An epithet he so fondly bestows on others, perhaps that shall be his epitaph. This man has to be seen to be believed, a shark with a messianic complex to save America and make it “great again”.



This is repeated ad nauseam for lack of anything better or more illuminating to say. ‘The Donald’ is fond of repeating himself. Someone told him that this is how advertising works: Constant skull numbing repetition.



I was in LA recently for a couple of months and was nauseated by the endless TV breaks for a message; endless, suffocating messages. Just when you were gasping for some news, some information, some stimulus, after four minutes, yet another break.


This is Trump’s self-seeking repetition, a walking ad with a really nasty message.


He chants add-speak. Just like the commercial, constant repetition. “Get rid of bugs and germs in your toilet”. So ,Trump gets rid of your Mexican bugs, your rapists and drug dealers; don’t let the enemy into your house.


Get in the bug exterminators. Get rid of the Muslims, don’t let them in. Seal the doors until we’ve worked it out. The Chinese are stealing your jobs, your American way of life, your wealth. For Hitler it was the Jews. As long as you continually make enemies you can pose as the huckster that will rid you of them. The same way the snake oil travelling huckster will rid you of your ills.


“I will make America great again” – The simplest platitude swallowed whole by a nation that is already brainwashed by platitudes. The ghastly faces of his followers in the gigantic Cleveland arena with their stupid idiotic plaques and signs gawking and grinning dumbly as the enemies are rolled out for you to spit on, to hate, to excoriate, to urinate on.


The goofball says he will make America ‘safe’ again. Protect the second amendment and the right to buy military style automatic weapons that can fire dozens of deadly bullets in a single squeeze; such weapons that have been responsible for most of the mass killings in the USA time after time. So he, the moron, cannot see or refuses to see that the Republican Party by voting against any form of gun control are making it not only easier but more likely that we’ll have more murders than ever. Does the madman recommend that every household be armed with an automatic rifle, and maybe the kids in school? Why not? He said recently if everyone was allowed to carry guns they would have stopped the Paris massacre.


When the con artist runs out of ideas – which is astonishingly swiftly – he goes back to his hate campaign, disgustingly repeating ‘crooked Hillary’ till it became a brand. Is this not a form of criminal libel or is it just free speech? By holding someone up to ridicule and humiliation is certainly a criminal offence in the UK.


This week, The Donald even made comment that Clinton was responsible for the deaths of US citizens. The Republicans, though, will have thousands more deaths on their hands if they manage to repeal Obama care.


The Donald is truly Doctor Death: The more he speaks, the more his features congeal to a loathsome smug and waxen smirk. Something unhealthy, unwholesome, unclean and dangerous. He will not just build a wall, he will make the Mexicans pay for it. Who else said and did the very same thinh? Oh yes, dear Hitler when he built the wall around the ghettos in Europe, walled the inhabitants in and in his case gradually murdered them. When he unleashed a barrage of hate on Jewish businesses and Synagogues on that fateful night in November 1938, of course, he made the Jews pay for the repairs for the damage that the valiant Germans perpetrated on a defenceless people.


You certainly follow good examples Donald!


You are a rogue.


You are a moronic rogue.


You are the nasty cancer of once great people.


Wake up America!


Steven Berkoff is an actor, producer and writer.



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