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A reply from Christine Assange


Julian Assange’s mother takes to Twitter to reply to our article


Yesterday, we urged Julian Assange to end his near year long stay at the Ecuadorean Embassy in Knightsbridge. It has cost around £4.2 million to police and is in our view a ludicrous waste of money and an example of the irresponsible arrogance of a man who has breached his bail terms.


Christine Assange, mother of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
Christine Assange, mother of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Some of the tweets to @TheSteepleTimes from Christine Assange
Some of the tweets to @TheSteepleTimes from Christine Assange


In response, the Wikileaks founder’s mother took to Twitter to respond to our points (copying in Prime Minister David Cameron for his information). We publish her 7 tweets below in the order that they came in:


“Julian shouldnt [sic] be billed 4 UK embassy watch bill, Sweden should. UKGovt [sic] should be charged for breaching human rights”


“@AlexWeir1949 @David_Cameron Julian didnt [sic] flee anything…..he recieved legitimate asylum from political persecution.


“@AlexWeir1949 @David_Cameron By its political persecution of #Wikileaks editor,the UKGovt has exposed itself to the world”


“@AlexWeir1949 @David_Cameron UKGovt has revealed itself to be a protector of criminals & corruption #Pinochet #USwarcrimes”


“@AlexWeir1949 @David_Cameron There is nothing simple about the #Assange #Extradition- riddled with political corruption”


“@AlexWeir1949 @David_Cameron  #Assange #Extradition -Get the facts – not political spin – ‪”


“@AlexWeir1949 [David Cameron not copied in] You are very uninformed old chap. Probably not your fault but best not to comment till you are…”


“I didnt publicly state the case was political till I thiroughly [sic] investigated facts & evidence. I believe in true justice”


“I was not a mother who backed her children when they were in the wrong. True Justice requires objectivity & impartiality”


We have offered Mrs Assange a formal right to reply. We are happy to publish opposing views on virtually any subject on The Steeple Times and will keep you updated as to whether she decides to put pen to paper.

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  1. Julian has been acting out his manipulative malodorous clown routine for far to long. He is the William Fisher character in the Keith Waterhouse novel “Billy Liar” Assange’s behaviour is that of a baby that has thrown his dummy out of the pram. Mrs Assange come and fetch your baby, and please take him home.
    Human Rights do-gooders who procure and deliver his fast food orders, must avoid procuring KFC fast food, Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken Combo including sauces are far more cost effective. Folks in Gaza are being taken for a ride on overpriced KFC fast food orders. We the tax payers are picking up his tabs.
    We don’t mind, as we are a decent society.

    • What kind of a “fake” citizen of the “free world” are you. Are you only stupid, or would you like to discuss facts and truths such as the details regarding the almost completely fraudulent “war on terror,” the idiocy of Russia-gate, and the usurpation of US constitutional rights by the NDAA in its discarding of constitutional protection against journalists and elimination of due process and habeas corpus. Let me know.

    • What a pathetic excuse for a news source. I guess the 1st amendment of the US Constitution has no meaning for you. Nor did you even have the journalistic integrity or courage to print my other comment. Remember… what goes around, comes around.


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