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Feeding Brueckner


As Scotland Yard suggest Christian Brueckner will likely never be charged over the ‘disappearance’ of Madeleine McCann, Matthew Steeples argues that the British government finally put a stop to funding this pointless search and instead feed hungry children

This morning on Twitter, @Oi_Its_Strikey pointed out that people should: “Remember this is the same government who spent £12 million looking for Madeleine McCann, but doesn’t want to feed children. Oh how the UK has fallen to the depths of hell.”


Aside from the fact that this person’s point is bang on the nail, what must be remembered is that every penny spent searching on the search for a child whose parents didn’t even lock the doors of the apartment in which they left three children alone is a penny that could have been used to actually seek out other missing children who could actually be found.


Now, with news this morning in the Daily Star that “Madeleine McCann’s parents have been told its ‘highly unlikely’ prime suspect Christian Brueckner will be charged over her disappearance,” those rightly outraged at the way in this case will again correctly cry foul.


According to the paper: “Scotland Yard detectives say there is ‘no evidence’ linking the German drifter to the crime 13 years ago” and added: “Police have warned parents Kate and Gerry not to get their hopes up that Brueckner, 43, will ever be brought to justice.”


As has been repeatedly pointed out, Brueckner is a thoroughly vile man, but his predilection appears to have been for much older victims. Equally, as his lawyer highlighted earlier this month, phone record evidence suggests this monster could not have been near the apartment in the 90-second window when the alleged ‘kidnapping’ took place.


Yet again, the authorities have played the ‘distraction card’ in this case and yet again all it does is bring shame upon them. Here we have a story where politicians and the police have repeatedly aided and abetted the hiding of the real truth of this almighty mess and here also we have a media who lap up the nonsense they are repeatedly fed.


It is now finally time to put a stop to the wasteful and fruitless search for Madeleine McCann and instead use valuable and scarce resources to actually achieve something – perhaps like feeding poor children.


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Feeding Brueckner – Christian Brueckner will not be charged – As Scotland Yard suggest Christian Brueckner will never be charged over the ‘disappearance’ of Madeleine McCann, Matthew Steeples suggests that the British government finally put a stop to funding this pointless search and instead feed hungry children.
On Twitter, @Oi_Its_Strikey highlighted the fact that the British government continues to fund a case where there is plainly no evidence whilst neglecting to back a campaign to feed poor, hungry children.
Christian Brueckner appears to be simply nothing other than the latest pawn in the ‘distraction technique’ that has repeatedly been used to continue funding for the road-to-nowhere search for Madeleine McCann.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Disgusting Steeple Times strikes again. We all know Christian B is behind this kidnap and we must help Gerry and Kate in their search. It is sick that you attack these lovely people just as you have done nothing to help dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their search to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. It is time you back the campaign to FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW and you must stop your poison about Gerry and Kate immediately henceforth. It is just too much and the focus on the virus and not on FINDING MADELEINE is making me very, very, very upset. Steeples Times needs to gets its priorities in order. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. She is alive and we must FIND HER NOW.

    • Can you own your own statement please. None of us ‘know’ anything and the ones that know everything are not talking.
      I believe the parents are involved and respect others so not feel the same but it will nit change my beliefs.
      There is so much more evidence against the McCann’s and the Tapas 7, than there is against CB, no evidence linking him to Madeline as been seen. Yes, he is a vile individual and the ‘perfect fir’ but read the Gasper statements, which I personally find describe talk and gestures that I find vile about little girls and the little girls were the baby daughters of the two men involved Dr G McCann and his best friend Dr David Payne. Om an earlier holiday.
      Add on the evidence that some dispute about the dogs and the numerous conflicting times and other events and happenings in the PJ files statement of the ‘still not cleared’ parents’ and their friends and decide for yourself, but own your own statements.
      I believe in the PJ files and I could not do that and believe the parents are not involved. The only ones who claim Madeline was abducted are her parents and the evidence for that is………nothing but their word/

    • You are a mental case, obviously. Trott off and take your stupidity with you. MM is bones and if they find dem bones, it will reveal all. Some people took a long trip out of town with her corpse in the hire car boot as the dogs told us. Cadaverine = DEAD. We all know who murdered her and it was not Bruekner. The amazing detective Goncalo knows who, right from the start,.

    • Here we go again, NO, WE DON’T ALL KNOW Christian B is behind the abduction you looney, there is NO evidence to implicate him, can’t you get that through your thick head.
      I’m now convinced you don’t believe the ramblings you spout on here yourself, I think you are just a very sad person, seeking some attention.

  2. Trott is back trotting out nonsense. What is wrong with you woman? The poor child was neglected by its parents and left in an open apartment fronting a road. There was evidence of death with blood splatter and in the cupboard. We all know poor Madeleine died in that apartment SADLY and what is needed is justice against those responsible for at the very least neglect. You have been duped and Christian B was just a further part of the duping. Give up and stop embarrassing yourself woman.

  3. Fake news bullshit!

    Reader beware! No facts in this. Author Michael Steeples is a hardcore Anti Mccann and has put his opinion only on this story.

    Disgusting to say that Christian B has a sexual preference of older victims when it is well documented his long history of crimes against children including rape and molestation.

    This is the kind of nonce protecting and pedophile sympathising you will see on many of Mccann hater pages on Facebook. The real facts is Christian B is currently the only main suspect in this case and the Germans are still building up a watertight case against the suspect.

    • First off this is not fake news, it’s FACT, also the authors name is Mathew not Michael.
      There is nobody on this site, as far as I can see, who are nonce protecting as you put it, except for the likes of, Rolf Harris is innocent, and some nut jobs.
      The fact of the matter is, there is no evidence to implicate Christian B, even though he is a scum bag, We can’t just make up evidence because we all want him to be guilty, and close the case.
      The McCann’s at the very least, are guilty of leaving their children alone, in a hotel bedroom with the door ajar, while they wined and dined with their friends. For that alone, they should have been charged with child neglect, and that is FACT. Any moron would have to admit, with all the evidence and suspicious actions of the McCann’s, they had to at least be investigated.
      So when you say” Reader beware no facts in this” you and that nut case Trott need to open your eyes and be a bit objective..


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