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Limocello reborn

Nancy Dell’Olio has launched a crowdfunding campaign for her new take on limoncello


Limoncello is a drink you either love or hate. It’s sickly sweet and a staple at the end of a meal in family owned Italian restaurants but now Nancy Dell’Olio is giving it new life in the form of a sugar-free version.


Limoncello reborn
Nancy Dello’Olio has launched a crowdfunding raise for her brand of Limoncello via


Named Limonbello, Dell’Olio’s brand claims to have a low alkaline constitution and in addition to featuring no added sugar, the drink is organic. To fund its development, a crowdfunding campaign on has been launched that seeks to raise £50,000 ($76,000, €70,000) and as part of it this dynamic media personality is offering benefits ranging from an evening in her company at a red carpet event to naming opportunities on the bottle.


To support the fundraising campaign, click here.



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14 comments on “Limocello reborn”

  1. There are things I would pay a huge price to avoid… if being threatened with forced attendance …
    1. One of the ghastly ‘Sir’ Phillip Green’s parties
    2. A billionaire Indian’s multi million pound wedding where the money wasted could be used for the benefit of their impoverished fellow countrymen
    3. A football match
    4. An evening with Nancy Olive Oil
    5, One of Elton John’s fund raisers
    Fortunately, I am such a nonentity that the threat will remain just that: a threat.

    1. I find myself agreeing with Peter Wayde on this of occasions. The Steeple Times should not be helping already rich people like Nancy Dell’Olio but ought instead to help poor dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. You should be crowd funding for Madeleine, not limoncello and I urge Nancy Dell’Olio to donate a percentage to the cause also. FIND MADELEINE, FIND MADELEINE NOW.

    2. What have you ever done Peter Wayde? Mocking others is your forte. I agree that you are a nonentity but add that you are a nasty one at that. Why not learn to be nice?

  2. Edmundo at my local trat Rocco’s gives away Limoncello for free at the end of the meal. After all, nobody in their right mind would pay for the stuff, and even so I send it back. Crowdfund a new variation ? I’d rather crowdfund line dancing..
    GERBA London SW7

  3. I groaned to find yet again both the Australian buffoon polluting this page and the deranged crackpot trotting out her repetitive tract. (Does our esteemed editor use her as a ‘filler’? Simply ’cut & paste’ anyone of her previous posts).

    The only saving grace is to have the lucid and often acerbic Wayde’s two pennyworth. Prim-sounding Ellie G. seems unacquainted with irony. I’m sure he wold smile at her comment. He would feel the same as Healey: “Like being savaged by a dead sheep”.

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