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Boozing publicity

Nigel Farage giving up drinking is nothing other than an orchestrated publicity stunt


There’s nothing wrong with deciding to cut back on the drink but Nigel Farage and others who’ve decided to have a “dry January” are as sanctimonious as those who took to Facebook on New Year’s Day to announce their fanciful resolutions for 2015.


UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP is generally well known for his love of booze and most especially for his love of beer


In an interview with The Telegraph, Farage, who is well known for his love of being pictured drinking alcohol, commented:


“It was completely impromptu. I woke up one morning and thought ‘You know what, I just don’t fancy a drink’. I am very lucky – I am a drinker, often quite a steady one. I am a boozer, but I am not an alcoholic. And that is the point”.


“People say ‘oh my God how are you going to manage’. Do you know what? Quite easily actually”.


“It is the working hours that kill me – not the boozing and it is going to be busy 122 days [until the election]”.


It is our view that this is nothing other than a publicity stunt in the run up to what will be Farage’s biggest electoral test yet. After his disastrous appearance getting merry with Gogglebox’s Dominic and Stephanie Parker last year, this opportunist politician has plainly been advised that he needs to clean up his act.


We urge the voting public to not to pander to this nonsense. Someone, please, just get Nigel Farage a pint.



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21 comments on “Boozing publicity”

  1. It is such a predictable publicity stunt, that it is rather embarrassing. Farage’s communication team lack creativity. He must approach myself or Peter Wayde. He is making a cock of himself…..

  2. What a bloody fool. His boozing was what made him down to earth. Where are Neil and Christine Hamilton when you need them? They should get him back on the Claret pronto!

  3. He should jolly well donate the money he isn’t spending on booze to the Find Madeleine fund. I am disgusted that we are 5 days into 2015 and there is still no sign of The Steeple Times supporting dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. Put this right immediately.

    1. Here you are again Gillian Trott introducing something yet again that is irrelevant to the topic. “Dear Gerry & Kate McCann” will be getting justice this year I am sure. But possibly not in the way you are expecting.

  4. Nigel has a right to do whatever he wants. You f***ers should be supporting him. This country is overrun by immigrants and Europe bossing us about has to end. Bring on the revolution!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!

    1. Do you really believe Nigel Farage gave up booze out of choice? He is doing ALL he can to keep himself in the news as UKIP are terrified that with the election nearing, people will actually vote for parties that CAN make change rather those that just promise totally undeliverable nonsense.

      1. Farage has little need for extra publicity, Matthew. The newspapers are all over him and UKIP. If he chooses to join the countless others who have given up booze for January then so be it.

        As to the present parties making a difference, one suspects that it will be a far worse scenario than UKIP having the whip-hand, namely the SNP. Perhaps you should turn your ire toward them.

        1. He gave the interview about it so your point is hardly valid.

          As for the SNP, I have regularly criticised Alex Salmond and his cohorts. I will continue to just the same but I do personally object to UKIP as I view it to be a thoroughly vitriolic and dangerous kabal of hate filled people.

    2. What does Michael Peel mean by sanctimonious? So we must tolerate debauchery even if underage children happen to be involved? Not on your nellie.

      1. Chaim, I am not aware that UKIP’s Nigel Farage has had any particular accusations made against him for debauchery, let alone with under-age children – so your comment is hardly apposite.

        My wider point is that the Steeple Times should not set itself up as some form of arbiter of taste by continuously implying criticism of individual behaviour – it will always find that there are a good proportion of people who disagree.

        As to Farage going dry in January, he seems to be joining in with thousands of others on some charity fad or whatever. As it happens, I rather like Farage, having met him several times, and applauded the Times for making him their Man of the Year, as he’s certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons in respect to the UK’s political establishment. Whether I would vote for him or UKIP is another matter.

        Personally, I can see no reason to stop drinking at any time and were I to decide to do so for any reason, I would always choose February, as it is the shortest month.

        1. Michael – Nigel Farage made clear that he is NOT giving up alcohol for charity. He gave an interview about it nonetheless. Why do such unless you want to get publicity out of it? He put his head above the parapet by giving the interview so he deserves any criticism that is levelled at him.

          As for giving up drink generally, however, I quite agree with you.

          1. One suspects it was just a topic given that he continuously surrounded by reporters. As I said, he hardly needs the ‘extra’ publicity.

            More likely is that he was put off his regular pub after it was soiled by Millipede Junior using it as a public convenience …

            His saving grace in my opinion is that he a/ supports local pubs and b/ supports proper choice in respect of smoking.

            We can argue the toss about his anti-EU rhetoric but Cameron has only himself to blame for not being MUCH more positive about holding a referendum on the issue.

        2. Michael- I would never accuse Mr Farage of debauchery, I assumed you meant being sanctimonious in general, including all articles covered by Steeple Times. I apologise to Mr Farage for the misunderstanding. i think you knew where I was coming from, you crafty old fox.

          1. I treated it as being within the context of the article, Chaim. However, I do frequently find the Steeple Times being rather censorious and often jumping on passing bandwagons to produce copy.

            My thoughts on what I would do with child-abusers are perhaps best not aired herein – suffice it to say I would be very, very unforgiving. No-one has the right to condemn a child to abuse – it is perhaps the most heinous crime of them all, in my opinion.

            And I have direct experience of it – not to me personally but in respect of several young people I know. It is intensely damaging and something that person as to live with for the rest of their days, which is a constant struggle.

            Suffice it to say, hanging is too gentle in my opinion …

        3. Having seen your nasty comment on Facebook about the South Kensington Club, Michael, it is you who should censor your views. You haven’t even been there I assume and yet you wrote “ghastly”. Now I see you celebrating Nigel Farage having been made “Man of the Year” by The Times. Am I surprised? NO. “If you can’t say something nice, say something in support of Nigel Farage” is plainly your motto.

          1. To me it does look ghastly. An extravagantly expensive club masquerading as something – be it an health club or a restaurant or both. I loathe those types of establishments and, in general, the people they attract. Other than extorting huge fees from their members they have very few of the attributes of what I deem to be a club.

            Indeed, I sincerely applaud the Times for what was obviously going to be a decision that attracted rancour from all and sundry. Regardless of one’s views on Farage and UKIP there is no denying that he has shaken the political establishment to the core and for that reason alone deserves the accolade.

            You may be happy to support the establishment as it is; personally, I am very happy to see it given a good kicking every now and then.

            I will remain uncensored and wholly unrepentant for my views and don’t really need or have a “motto”. My comments re the Steeple Times included.

          2. Hannah….re-read your comment. It’s quite incoherent. You sound a rather silly person. The South Kensington Club does sound rather pretentious, which could be one of the reasons you like it.
            As for Farage….he needs to get better advisers around him, but he cannot be faulted on removing ourselves from the EU asap; introducing stringent controls on further immigration and my favourite Farage ambition…a grammar school in every town. Now grow up and stop following the anti Farage bandwagon just because it makes you feel a sophisticate.

  5. I don’t think this is a publicity stunt at all. What endears him to his supporters is his down to earth, practical and common sense persona so losing the pint in his hand is actually a negative if what you say is true. In terms of whether his policies are deliverable or not you only have to look at the way LIB/LAB/CON are adopting those policies to understand that they are practical. Just today Miliband said that he wanted power devolved back to people on a local level – where have we heard that before? Oh yes – UKIP. Cons didn’t mention immigration until UKIP drew attention to it and now they are promising to do something about it, which they won’t be able to deliver if Britain stays in the EU. I don’t often disagree with your articles but in this I think you are wrong. I also believe that if UKIP does not gain some power in the next government, we can kiss goodbye to anything that is traditionally or recognisably British

  6. It’s only a matter of a few weeks to The Election, bone dry Nigel Farage could take up the vacancy created today on the Underground perhaps

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