Sunday, October 17, 2021

Bonding with foie gras

Sir Roger Moore’s attempts to ban foie gras are wrong


I personally don’t have a great liking for foie gras. The texture and richness of it is often overwhelming and for me, there are many other “ultimate luxuries” I’d choose first. The campaigns of Sir Roger Moore and others, however, to ban this delicacy are not something I support and are frankly just ridiculous.


Sir Roger Moore has no right to tell people what to eat
Sir Roger Moore has no right to tell people what to eat

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Moore stated:


“This shameful product of goose torture… should most definitely not be sold in any respectable British institution – let alone a shop such as Fortnum & Mason which so blatantly trades on English heritage”.


Freedom of choice is a bastion of any civilised society and it is time that busybodies such as Moore fell silent. I won’t be eating foie gras in 2014, but I fully support those who choose to do so.


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    1. The notorious Simon Templar in a state of excessive unwarranted concerns over some ducks getting fat.
      Nevertheless, Sir Roger Moore has become the typical distinguished old English gentleman and philanthropist. Sir Roger is even lecturing us on great British institutions, although he has lived between France, Monaco and Switzerland for decades. Sir Roger can rest assured that we ordinary Brits are battling to pay our rents/mortgages and servicing our debts, we are not bothered with some culinary grass. Sir Roger Moore was such a cool dude during the 1970’s, can he remember visiting the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with Susannah York in 1973. He has become such a sour puss in old age. Having said all that, he will always be my favourite all time James Bond.

    2. I love foie gras but am slightly appalled at the force-feeding involved with most production. There is a case for banning it when produced in this way but free-range geese should still provide this delicacy.

    3. I dont like foie gras either but a campaign to ban it alleging cruelty to the ducks is far fetched. No doubt the ducks are not pampered the way their defenders would like, but then has anyone seen any of the chicken farms /factories , it is not lovely either.. so what would come next, banning eggs?

      In Gstaad where Sir Roger lives , there is massive foie gras eating in the grand chalets and restaurants , why does not Sir Roger activate his campaign there to start with?

    4. The production of Foie Gras is cruelty personified and anyone’s desire to celebrity-bash should not overlook it. Just because rich people eat it in England, does not mean that it is a small-scale industry world-wide. I saw a video of intensively farmed foie gras geese… (or ducks; I forget which, but the breed of bird is irrelevant) a few weeks ago, before the publication of this Roger Moore story. The birds had food PUMPED into their stomachs by a man holding them by their necks. Some birds apparently have their throats ruptured in the process. All birds were grossly fat and unable to walk, to such a degree that rats were nibbling at open wounds on their bodies. Maybe this is the same video that R.M. refers to? There is no kind way of producing free range foie gras, as no animal overeats to the point of disease in natural circumstances. Yes Roger Moore should perhaps widen the remit of this campaign, but lets get the majority here on board first!


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