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Who is Angelina Jolie?

Actor, author, playwright and theatre director Steven Berkoff leaps to the defence of Angelina Jolie


Jolie peculiar

“Who is Angelina Jolie?” Matthew Parris feels obliged to “spit this out” in an article in The Times. Thus with his opening sentence he conveys only too clearly his contempt for this international movie star who has raised her voice in the defence of women who are not only savagely raped, but killed as just punishment to the poor losers. The victors would call it the spoils of war. “It seems”, he writes with just the slightest hint of sarcasm, that she’s against rapes in warfare as I’m sure we all are. Yes, we all are Mr Parris but whereas your small voice would hardly raise a ripple in the ocean of the world’s injustices, her voice and face will carry around the globe and give comfort and succour to millions. “Am I missing something?” you write with such faux innocence. Indeed you are. Conscience perhaps?



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20 comments on “Who is Angelina Jolie?”

  1. However, Matthew Parris does have a point. The PR machine of the entertainment industry churns out huge numbers of celebrities who range from the truly brilliant and significant to mediocre and evanescent. And they ask us to look, listen, buy product and care. But it is hard to sift out the first type from the second..

    1. Hollywood Public Relations is the most powerful spin and ruthless machine in the world, it takes no prisoners and diverts attention away from themselves to far away places. They have a over supply of their own Jimmy Savile’s.

    1. Does this mean….”Bang on Berkoff” because you think he’s a bore or Bang on because he’s right?
      Explain washerwoman

  2. Hollywood has always been a hotbed for sexual abuse against women and children. “A so-called crime” Harvey Weinstein described Roman Polanski’s sexual abuse of a 13 year old girl in 1977. A indifference towards rape. I can see where Parris is coming from.

    1. “A (sic) indifference towards rape”…? The inconsequential M.Parris is belittling the efforts
      of Angelina Jolie who has done more than ANYONE to draw attention to the hideous effects of rape around the world. Hardly “Indifference”. Personally, I cannot “See where Mr.Parris is coming from”. (Hopefully the creature will crawl back there as soon as possible…….!!!)

  3. Perhaps Angelina Jolie must look closer to home. Rape unacceptabe in warfare only? So did Rolf Harris, he fronted a video for the safeguarding of children.

  4. Never decry what a person does, it’s easy to condemn someone. But the fact is that Angelie Jolie is not just talking, she is doing. That’s more than some of us, who sit in our homes and rattle off spiteful words of condemnation.

      1. Considering all the arguments and opinions, I still have serious reservations regarding the Hollywood celebrity culture’s honesty and integrity. How many times have we been hoodwinked by them? Angelina Jolie is brilliant and embraces every photo oppertunity with intense eagernes and enjoyment, it is more about Jolie, and not so much about the cause.

  5. What with all the Nonces and child murders getting arrested and nicked it will take forever before the paedophiles in the royal family start to get their collars felt! And there is plenty of evidence of abuse that goes to the very top of VIP buggers out there! So if you ask me its all a Aristocratic Conpiracy. Forget the Illuminati! And think about these bastards at the very top of our established?! Those at the very top of the Pyramid. They are the real danger to Great Britain.

  6. I always wondered why all these Child abusers were being made into knights and over important title?! So when the shit starts to hit the fan the title the kiddy fiddlers can be sacrificed and thrown to the wolves! Just to take the pressure of the monarchy, the real paedophiles & child abusers. Everything in a monarchy starts from the top and it works it’s way down to the rest of our society and follows what the royals do.

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