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Review: Farage Fans & UKIP Lovers

Matthew Steeples reviews a Channel 5 documentary about UKIP supporters


On Wednesday night, Channel 5 showed a documentary about UKIP supporters. It was nothing other than predictable.


Beginning with a Folkestone fisherman who lamented how Europe is destroying his industry, the programme shared the perspectives of an array of UKIP supporters. Amongst them were the bizarre and the ridiculous and aside from an Indian businessman and a surprisingly (reasonably) rational Henry Hopwood-Phillips, the participants were enough to make those that watched these bile-fuelled lunatics want to quit Britain for good.


Farage Fans & UKIP Lovers
Classics graduate Henry Hopwood-Phillips remarked: “None of us hates immigrants for coming here. We always say: ‘If we were immigrants, this is the first place we would come’. Britain is a rich country. If all the other wealthy countries have very effective border controls and yet we have one that isn’t, obviously the rest of the world will come pouring into Britain”.


One, who only gave his name as DW, was a self-appointed philosopher from Isleworth. He told viewers that he believed “Hitler was the Jewish Messiah” and in sharing his thoughts on art, surmised:


“Piccasso – crap, Rothko – crap; that abomination that is Tate Modern, I’d blow that place to fucking pieces… I painted a picture of Hitler’s mother because it is just a bit odd. I’ll expect £50,000 for it. That’s art”.


His take on unemployment naturally centred on blaming immigrants and of industrial progress, he added: “We do have machines to do the dirty work but we don’t call them machines, we have Poles”.


Farage Fans & UKIP Lovers
Bondage loving Jill is of the view that she ought to get bigger breasts on the NHS


Another, Jill, a “bondage enthusiast and believer in angels” from Poole in Dorset, told the camera that she considers Nigel Farage to be “sent by God”:


“He was sent by God and God says when an enemy comes against you – like a massive flood – he sends someone to protect you and Nigel Farage is sent to protect against the EU… He wants to stop this foreign invasion and get rid of this German army”.


“What Nigel will do by getting us out of the EU is to stop their plans to microchip our people with their scanners, barcoders, computers. I think the EU have got the machines set up and they’ve got death vans. And I think they’ll be sent to houses, workplaces and they’ll say receive the microchip or be killed. So off with your head and that’s when things start getting unpleasant”.


Jill went on to share her take on cosmetic surgery and even suggested that she should be offered a job in government:


“I would love a cabinet position as head of bondage. It’s my hobby and I do enjoy it, it’s all role-play and froth, it’s a natural English phenomenon to like it”.


“I do think that Nigel Farage has bought a new era and openness to England where we can be more open about our needs to have our bottoms spanked”.


“I have been a nurse most of my life, I have my views about the NHS. I think people who need big breasts, who need their nose done, should receive help from the state. I think Nigel should look into this. I want big breasts. I have seen my surgeon and I am going to have implants. I think I should get them on the NHS. It’s very, very important. Nigel could get a higher womens’ vote by bringing that into play. Absolutely”.


Farage Fans & UKIP Lovers
Paedophile hater Roget believes “We’re all doomed” according to his T-shirt


With a further bias towards including participants from Kent, Roget from Dover was another interviewee. His views on paedophiles was very much of the “hang ‘em, flog ‘em and shoot ‘em” school and in commenting on what he’d do with sexual offenders, he attempted to reason with those who hadn’t already turned off. Roget remarked:


“I am supporting UKIP because I believe they’ll put England first. There should be a level that says you take a childrens’ [sic] life, you rape a woman, you must lose your life. Not be put in prison to be looked after. Preposterous. That can’t happen”.


“Paedophiles do not deserve to live. If a child needs an operation and if there’s no donor those people should be put up, tested and if there’s a match, I’m sorry they should be disposed of and their organs given to that child. They’ve abused their right to carry on in our society”.


Stella from Leicester provided an especially fine example of a UKIP supporter. Sat in her squalid council house, this gay mother of four shared her thoughts on multiculturalism. Her views were simple:


“I’m not racist but no one knows what the English language is anymore… If you close your eyes, you don’t what country you are in any more. You’ve got Somalians, South Africans, Iraqs [sic]… I’m not racist but if you are from Pakistan, you are classed as a Paki. If you call a fat person fat, just ignore it… If you call a black person black, you can get done for that but if you call a ginger person a ‘ginger tosser’, you can… I’d just say piss off back to your own country… I just hope there’s no racism in UKIP as that is just wrong”.


Whilst another participant – who claimed he “pisses purple” –argued that UKIP supporters are “absolutely normal”, this show was 45 minutes of nutjobs and crackpots. Farage Fans & UKIP Lovers provided nothing but justification for not voting for UKIP.


Watch Farage Fans & UKIP Lovers by clicking here.



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  1. You should be ashamed of yourself Steeple. The programme was a hatchet hit and you f***ing well fell for it just like you did for those who falsely convicted Rolf Harris. VOTE UKIP AND FREE ROLF HARRIS. Publish this if dare c**t.

  2. I watched at the suggestion of The Steeple Times this morning on the C5 iPlayer thing. I agree with Frank. The people interviewed mostly came out with appalling remarks. I think Henry and the Indian seemed reasonable I must add though.

  3. Should I wish, or indeed be bothered, I could amass an archive of nonsense spouted by supposed Tory, Labour, Lib Dem supporters. Does that mean that those parties are poisonous? Of course not. Only a blithering, frothing at the mouth debile like ‘Frank’ would make that deduction.
    Core to UKIP policy is removal from the fast disintergrating EU…a mistake in conception and now a fully evolved mess of corruption.
    I will certainly be voting for a party with the determination to give us British the possibility to escape the clutches of co-members: most of whom have, at most, a mere couple of decades’ exposure to democracy….and it shows.
    As for UKIP being anti semitic or racist…why not ask one of its main backers, a prominent and influential Jewish lawyer, his opinion of that crass comment. Many Jewish people who escaped the wartime terrors perpetrated on thier families have a very deep distrust of this monstrous quasi dictatorship…..and rightly so….

  4. Wait until you see the Miliband and Clegg lovers, they consist of junkies, drag queens and people with no ambition and fuck all interest, not to mention criminals who hide behind human rights legislation. The playing field is level.

  5. many of the people on the show were clearly mentally unstable, but that’s fine, let’s reinforce stigma surrounding mentally I’ll people to further our political aims. Disgusting.

  6. And since this what happened people? BREXIT so all you warped crying bleeding heart Leftist fools need to shut up IMHO and go wash your own clothes – give your mother a break.

  7. The content of the programme was obvious. It’s channel 5 and it’s UKIP. What did you expect?

    I’m more perturbed about the fact that Matthew has merely quoted what happened and said in the programme as opposed to “reviewing” it.

    Big difference.


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