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A Murky Mucky Madam


Mendacious minx Meghan Markle increasingly comes across as nothing but personally ambitious and out of touch with reality suggests Matthew Steeples


The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was something I initially thought no bad thing. I went, in fact, as far as to laud Markle’s “independent success” and “energy,” but now realise that I got this mendacious minx totally and utterly wrong.


Markle’s mistakes began when she tried to present herself as a cross between Mother Theresa and Diana, Princess of Wales. She touched the hands of children and told them they “could achieve anything.” She promised to “inspire” but then in wearing a £56,000 dress for her engagement photo she illustrated her true colours and showed herself to anything but the “down to earth girl” she had previously been lauded as. By now Barbara Amiel-like in her “extravagance knows no bounds” behaviour, the soon-to-be newest member of the royal family, it has been suggested, is set to order a wedding dress costing around £400,000 and will allegedly spend £120,000 on a honeymoon also. These are hardly the actions of someone who describes themselves as “ordinary” and “balanced” and are hardly the choices of a woman who once remarked: “I never want to lose touch with reality.”


More recently, in refusing to invite relatives including her disabled half-sister Samantha Grant to the forthcoming wedding, “I’m a sucker for a compliment” Markle has generated publicity she could have done without. Aside from ignoring her bankrupt father – and I accept that all families have rifts – she has caused Grant to go ahead with the publication of a book named The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister [she is not, by the way, referring to Princess Michael of Kent] and caused the media to go into overdrive in searching out other disgruntled family members. If, Markle had just them at her £32 million wedding party, they’d have kept shtum and been lost amongst her 3,440 guests.


Yesterday, the feminist Germaine Greer perfectly summed up Markle in a Mrs Merton on Debbie McGee kind of way. She asked: “Why would a girl born in poverty marry a man with 53 million quid?” and she is right. ‘Murky Mucky’ – as I now refer to her – is a girl with an agenda and that agenda is sadly apparently simply fame and money.


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A Murky Mucky Madam – Mendacious minx Meghan Markle increasingly comes across as nothing but personally ambitious and out of touch with reality suggests Matthew Steeples
Meghan Markle wasn’t afraid to get naked to get attention as an actress and now her naked ambition is coming to the fore
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    • Im hoping not.. and I would like Harry to be really happy. he seems bewitched by her as many have said… but she drops people along the way to her moving up the ladder…. even her best friend of thirty years is no more and she sat beside her outside Buckingham Palace when they were teenagers.. seems Ms Markle uses people for her own ends then rejects them..

    • agreed. so sick of all the media coverage. I wish they’d stop covering her. then maybe she’d go away! I thought that’s what she wanted! to be left alone! HYPOCRITE!!!

  1. Send her Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a naughty girl and I need to get her into order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needs to be tamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only I can do the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well done Matthew for daring to speak the naked truth ! You are not the only one who has seen through her grab all agenda disguised as charity work and al, but hardly anyone wants to express their doubts and disappointment with Harry’s choice as she/her PR team would immediately put forward a race or class card. I am sorry Harry has been oblivious to the true colours of his bride to be

    • You are quite right. She is an operator in my view and ruthless. I will NOT be watching any of the coverage of this ridiculous charade.

  3. I find this write up quite distasteful, do you actually know this woman, if not try and do a bit research on her rather than just spewing ignorance. The lady you think was faking her generosity or acting acting like princess Di or mother Theresa before she met Harry was actually a UNICEF ambassador going to war torn countries to meet displaced children ( those calling her names what have you all done for humanity in your lifetime apart sitting behind your computers and spewing nonsense about someone you don’t know ), and on the point on buying an expensive wedding dresss I don’t believe it’s the tax payers money and since she has made her own money she can spend it as she wishes.

    As for these so called feminist women who only turn to feminism when it suits them .. shame on them by they actions they will be exposed.

    • You are perfectly entitled to your view but I do not think £32 million spent on this wedding is an appropriate use of largely taxpayer’s money. As for Ms Markle, her conduct thus far has been anything but impressive. I will not be watching this charade.

      • How is it tax payers money? I believe the palace said they will be paying for the wedding from their own coffers … And what has she done in your opinion which isn’t impressive? And like you said each is entitled to their own opinion but sometimes it’s better to put out facts rather than spew ignorance and cast insinuations at people you know little of.

        • The security bill is not being covered by the family but by the nation. It is appalling to waste so much when there are people dying on our streets. A society that encourages wasting £32 million on a wedding is a disgraceful one in my view whilst we still have so many homeless.

          As regards this woman, she can hardly be as “down to earth” as she claims when she thinks it OK to wear two dresses costing £450,000. It is gross and ridiculous.

        • ‘HRH’ you just want the last word. You make me laugh. Meghan was an unknown Z lister and you can find girls that look like her if you visit any London council estates, I.e she is common as chips. Pffff as for her ‘charity’ work, so many real stars do a lot of charity work, much more than Meghan but they do not believe that doing things to look good entitles them to marry princes.

      • Considering she had a four day even at her last wedding and swore she would die if anything happened to that husband, rumours of a first wedding that was annulled all makes a mockery or her wedding to Prince Harry.

    • I agree with Matthew and most others on this one.
      When you say she has made he own money and can spend it anyway she likes, that’s true, but the cost of this whole thing is absolutely outrageous, just the taxpayer security bill alone will run into millions. Do you think somebody spending £400,000 on a bloody dress is putting out a good message, when we have homeless people sleeping in cardboard boxes, under bridges a few miles away?
      If you think spending £32 million on a wedding party is appropriate use of taxpayer’s money, you’re deranged, and I say taxpayer’s money, because the majority of this shindig will be borne by the good old taxpayer. Megan Markles net worth is around £5 – 6 million so she won’t be footing the bill.
      I’m afraid dear old Harry has become besotted with her; they say love is blind, and this whole charade will most definatly end in tears.

      • Will she be the first person spending that much on a wedding dress, if you don’t have it don’t judge those who have money and want to splash it on themselves…

        I believe Harry knows what he is doing and doesn’t need your condescending and judgemental opinion about his wedding to the lady he truly loves and decided to make his wife.

    • There is no law that prevents a person from having an opinion simply because they don’t know someone personally. We form opinions about people we don’t know all the time. It’s also a good thing to do some research before you make a comment\. Meghan’s clothes are paid for by Prince Charles via the duchy of Cornwell. Charles is very annoyed by the amount of money Meghan has spent. I predict she will be gone in less than three years. She thinks that royalty and celebrity are the same thing, but they are very very different.

      • I agree, she’s married into a family who are very traditional, Diana & Fergie did’nt last, IMO she’s also a pain in the …. so full of herself & actressy, evidently her staff are doing an exodus….

  4. I agree with you Matthew.
    Nice easy way to get £25 million.
    Nothing good to watch on the telly that day, but then I never bother and I won’t bother then..

    • I’d rather watch “Homes Under The Hammer” and that’s saying something. This charade is boring me to death.

  5. Wonder if William and Kate have thought of the possibility Megan will eventually become queen if William is knocked off. Ambitious British royalty been bumping each other off for centuries.

  6. HRH brings up a good point. Do we know her? No, but neither does her RABID fan base. What we know is what her people try to spin; but what people are beginning to pick up are the nuances of her “words” vs her “actions.” I was quite happy for her UNTIL I saw her engagement interview. Things did not add up, so I went hunting for sources to back up her claims. What we discovered were not collabouration, but more questions, so we dedicated a whole page to her on our website. The RABID fan base will not investigate, they will continue to admire from afar. There are already cracks showing, but only the most ardent of observers would even notice. Contrary to “myth” the taxpayers paid for security. According to CNBC (American broadcast) it was 94% of the total wedding cost.

  7. She is fake as the day is long. I feel sorry for her personal staff who seem to be leaving in droves. It looks like they can’t stand her. Diana never treated her staff this way, in fact made lifelong friends of some. Harry will rue the day he married this gold digging, class climbing schemer.

  8. Meghan Markle was not born in poverty. She was raised mainly by her father, Thomas Markle. He is a retired lighting director and director of photography who won several awards.

  9. The beauty about an opinion, is that they vary.
    I truly feel for Prince Harry. However, I am choosing to believe that this will work out for his and Archie’s sake.

  10. It’s easy to say That men like Harry can look out for themselves but to be beWITCHED by a slime ball like her is so sad because she won’t give an inch to Harry while she grabs all and sundry. She appears naked in a movie for all the world to see yet she won’t allow the adoring public to see her baby’s face. She is one selfish person

  11. I find it interesting that Megan’s choice of US lawyers (PR team) are the same people who represent Jeffrey Weinstein. There are similarities between Jeffrey and Megan. Both used sex to climb the ladder. Film stars gave Jeffey sex to climb the ladder and
    Megan gave sex to climb
    The ladder literally to the top! She is no different to any other sleezy B rate Hollywood actor desperate to claw her way to the top.

  12. What a bunch of people who have nothing better to do then comment on someone they will never know yet never will meet! I read this through thinking it might be interesting. My bad! It was a waste of my time. Adios amigos.


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