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Wally of the Week: Jack Monroe

Blogger Jack Monroe returns to our pages


Not content with having featured as our Wally of the Week once, the acid tongued food and politics blogger Jack Monroe has again made an utter fool of herself in launching a tirade mocking the death of David Cameron’s son, Ivan.


jack  monroe
Jack Monroe


In a tweet to her 61,400 followers on Sunday focusing on the hash tag #CameronMustGo, Monroe stated:


“Because he uses stories about his dead to son as misty-eyed rhetoric to legtimise selling our NHS to his friends”.


After being taken to task for these heartless remarks, Miss Monroe, who has described herself as a “freelance food-and-politics-gob”, then continued her Twitter rant:


“Doorstepped by @MailOnline. Short statement, politely delivered, don’t regret pointing out that DC closes down debate on NHS and disability”.


“And that his experience of caring for Ivan was not comparable to experiences of others, many of whom are now victims of welfare cuts. End”.


jack  monroe
Monroe offended many with this tweet
jack  monroe
She then tried to justify her ridiculous comments


Monroe’s strategy backfired as on Monday, Sainsbury’s, for whom she has blogged about food, issued the following statement after being bombarded with complaints:


“Jack Monroe blogs independently. Sainsbury’s is not a political organisation and we certainly don’t share her views”.


A source also revealed that Monroe’s contract with the firm will not be renewed and equally, Andrew Percy MP, a member of the Commons health select committee, spoke for many when he added:


“This is not just a distasteful tweet, it is sick. If a right-wing politician or columnist had made such a comment, Miss Monroe would be writing hand-wringing columns about how evil or cruel such a comment was”.


If Jack Monroe had half a brain, she’d do the decent thing. It is time for this nasty mouthpiece to issue a full and frank apology to David and Samantha Cameron.



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10 comments on “Wally of the Week: Jack Monroe”

  1. Jack of all trades, master of none. Jack is a ignorant girl, and I don’t blame her, it says more about Sainsbury’s and the tabloid that give her a platform to spew her bullshit…

  2. The Trott is back, so she is not having a shitty time? Give Sainsbury’s Public Relations a try, they seem to be very keen to deal with people like yourself and Jack…..

  3. It is so typical of the hard left – they immediately attack the people personally, usually due to the paucity of a/ their brain and b/ their arguments. The NHS is in dire need of reform as it struggles under the weight of huge numbers of increasingly elderly people. Personally, I would go the Dutch route and have enforced health insurance with a single basic premium common to all, regardless of age or health. Then the entire health system could be privatised but not in an American way.

    What is needed above all is a cross-party forum together with the stakeholders to derive a 10-year strategic plan based on where we need the NHS to be in that time-frame. Among other things it should remove 90+% of political involvement.

  4. I am obviously off the planet. WHO is Jack Monroe and why does she have a chap’s name? Her comments are her own. and just illustrate her ignorance and bad manners. neither of which appear to be in short supply these days.

    1. Chrissie, Ms. Jack Monroe is an ill-educated lesbian from Southend who has written a book on how to eat cheaply………………She also appears to be a complete b*tch, in my opinion !

  5. Sainsbury’s in its wisdom decided to axe The Jamie Oliver ads in favour of Jack, a ill- thought gimmick. Jack contracted a condition called situational narcississm, it is a delusional disorder, Jack believes that she is a very important person and has a mission to accomplish that is in public interest. Jack also believes that she has the wisdom of a philosopher. I am afraid Sainsbury’s have to share the wally of the week award with Jack………

  6. I’ve just written to Sainsburys. Nasty little b***h. She even used her ‘starving son’ to make money by selling her book and also for her own political ends and now she wants to use someone else’s dead little boy too. If she wants to whore herself out then that’s fine but bringing anyone’s child into it, even her own, well, she can f**k off. Where’s Martin Brunt when there’s a real troll on the block?

    1. “Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

      We appreciate your concerns and we can confirm that Jack Monroe blogs independently. Please be assured that we certainly do not share her views.”

      Great, Sainsburys. Very satisfactory, but only in your world.

      If anyone else wants a go but I don’t suppose it will do any good, despite their advising they’ve distanced themselves from her comments.

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