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Modern Construction Designs

Lucy Smith takes a look at modern construction design and examines the costs and environmental impacts


What I term “modern construction style” is now dominating the international market. For an extended period, a significant number of people had paid huge attention to using the old methods of constructing their own houses, but advancement in technology has led to a complete reversal of what was happening some twenty years ago. In the US, the Federal government has been supporting the adoption of new techniques with the sole aim of lowering the cost of construction. However, there have been other benefits of using modern designs in the construction sector that homeowners are now enjoying.


Obviously, one of the major aspects that influence how individuals construct homes is cost. People are concerned that the housing industry is becoming more and more expensive and a huge number of individuals have to struggle to come up with small structures for their own families. However, modern designs and technological advancement have significantly lowered the cost of construction among families that opt to build for themselves.


One of the ways in which new methods of construction are lowering costs is by putting up houses within a shorter period. Initially, a simple home design could take several days before it was completed. There was little mechanisation, and people relied heavily on old equipment and manual labour. However, this is changing and  improved machinery and advanced strategies that are being used by construction companies to build structures. Nowadays, constructing even a very complex structure can take a single day to complete. This reduces the cost of the entire structure by lowering labour costs.


There is no doubt that most of the machines currently under use in the construction sector are multi-purpose. This means that they can carry out several roles within the construction site hence lowering the need for other equipment. It is also common knowledge that previously, individuals used to rely on labourers who had distinct qualifications. This led to a situation where the cost of construction was too high. It further explains why most of the houses used to take a longer period of time before they could be complete for occupation. A multi-purpose machine can easily mix the concrete and help to spread the mixed concrete on the floor.


Monitoring costs is now possible through the use of advanced inventory management software. All purchased materials are inputed into the software, and every removal from the store must be allowed by the construction foreman and also be recorded by the software. This means that there is an efficient use of all the materials that are bought for the purpose of constructing the facility. This has reduced the cost of materials and the cost of construction as there less chance of theft and unnecessary use of materials. There is also less downtime as the inventory helps the manager to easily detect a shortage of materials and order further stock. Buying construction equipment from Shopify stores has also significantly contributed to lowering the cost of construction. This is due to the simplicity in the ordering and delivery from these online stores. If you’re thinking of creating a building materials store, you should take a look at these Shopify stores.


Modern Construction and Environmental Awareness


In a period where environmental awareness is becoming an issue of concern, many industries continue to use strategies that inflict serious damage to their surroundings rather than protecting the environment. However, modern construction strategies have adopted advanced environmental sustenance strategies and these have yielded huge results.


The use of recycled timber and other materials is a standout example of an environmental protection strategy. Some construction companies have incorporated the strategy of recycling old timber, iron sheets, and other materials to construct cheap houses. This has not only reduced environmental waste, but it is also enabling homeless families to get a decent house where they can rebuild their lives.


Water conservation is a common characteristic of modern structures. Due to increasing water shortages in various parts of the world, construction companies have incorporated innovative strategies to minimise water usage in modern buildings. Most new houses now have rainwater collection strategies, which reduces the need for underground water supplies. Moreover, all the water released by the houses through waste and sewerage is recycled for further use in the house. In most cases, recycled water is used for washing, watering plants, and construction.


It would be difficult to mention the advanced methods of construction without highlighting the incorporation of energy-saving techniques. Instead of using electrical energy for such functions as cooking and lighting, a large number of new buildings are now using solar panels. This has reduced electricity usage and lowered homeowners’ monthly expenses.


Technicians are no longer attending engineering training academy to learn old construction techniques that are costly and time-consuming. They are now attending institutions where they learn modern construction techniques that will help in the construction of cheaper houses. We therefore are now moving into an age of energy efficient and environmentally sustainable construction.


Lucy Smith is based in Spain and is widely considered an expert in online marketing in the construction sector.


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