Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Picture of the Week – Stickered Tice


Brexiteer Richard Tice MEP spotted buying discounted salmon at Waitrose Belgravia; What next? Chlorinated American chicken?

‘Celebrity Waitrose’ in Belgravia is somewhere you often see the regal royal Lady Helen Taylor casually pushing a shopping cart without an air or a grace. You might also find John Cleese perusing the aisles and sadly even the drunken bigots Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben and Viscount St Davids can often be observed eyeing up the bottles of the vodka on offer.


Yesterday, however, an eagle eyed reader spotted something most amusing. There at the self-checkout, our female fan found self-declared “campaigner” and “Enough is Enough” obssessive Richard Tice MEP buying yellow stickered salmon at a nice little discount. She naturally took a snap.


We all know Brexit Party chairman Tice – a man who (poor him) counts the “fake” journalist (take that to read “biased lobbyist”) Isabel Oakeshott as his lover – is obsessed with turning Britain into a bargain basement filled with chlorinated chicken, but we’d suggest he’d be better off finding another sticker. That sticker? It has to be ‘Bollocks to Brexit.’


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  1. Hypocrite. He wants to wreck our country and allow in dangerous American goods. Why? Because he’s totally obsessed with making wonga wonga for himself.

  2. Bring on Brexit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You won’t regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck out the immigrant filth and close your borders!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it in Oz and it has worked out wonderfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Boris and Trump!!!!!!!!! Great combo, great combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ha ha. I admire your continued attempts Nicky. We will discuss further. Let me know when I can invite you for a return match.

  3. Deal or no deal….. let’s make a deal with Tice that he stops polluting our favorite grocery store with his presence. Or all of England for that matter

    • I have met Richard Tice once at a rally with Nigel Farage. A good chap who has fine tastes for smoked salmon. Please see above pic. Rod is also right! If Nicky Nok Nok can get Steeples to become a Brexiteer….well I will eat my own hat!! ??

  4. […] Tice’s comments about his party not being well to the right of Genghis Khan is clearly inaccurate. In the last month alone, they have campaigned against vaccines and vaccine passports, a rhetoric that has also been used by extremists like Kate Shemirani and Piers Corbyn and previously they’ve supported policy changes that would bring clearly dangerous chlorinated chicken into Britain. […]


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