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Sunshine Sol

Cheyne Walk home of Sol Campbell comes to the market for £25 million or £15,000 per week just as he takes on Labour’s proposed ‘mansion tax’


Sol Campbell will certainly get more than a ray of sunshine if he sells his Cheyne Walk townhouse for the £25 million figure it has just been launched onto the market for through agents John D. Wood. A sale now would also help him offset a costly bill if a future Labour government were to come to power and introduce the proposed ‘mansion tax’ this former footballer so loathes.


The exterior of 23 Cheyne Walk
The exterior of 23 Cheyne Walk
Sol Campbell and his wife Fiona Barratt-Campbell
Sol Campbell and his wife Fiona Barratt-Campbell


Consisting of a vast 6 floor Thameside residence with an interconnected mews behind its 45-foot long garden, the property Campbell is selling is some 7,247 square foot in terms of size and includes 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 4 reception rooms. Features number a passenger lift, a “neutrally styled interior” by his designer wife Fiona Barratt-Campbell and a double garage.


The house – which is also available for rent for £15,000 per week through Knight Frank – was marketed to potential tenants during the 2012 Olympics by Campbell for a staggering £75,000 per week. It was renovated in 2008 and a particular highlight, according to Mrs Barratt-Campbell, the granddaughter of the Barratt Homes founder Sir Lawrie ‘Brickie’ Barratt (1927 – 2012), is “the entertaining space on the first floor with views of the river and Albert Bridge”. It’s “beautiful when it is lit up at night”, she told The Telegraph in March 2012.


One of four reception rooms
One of four reception rooms
There is a double height Boffi kitchen
Another feature is a double height Boffi kitchen
The property also enjoys stunning views to the Albert Bridge
The property also enjoys stunning views to the Albert Bridge

Campbell’s decision to sell is timely given his recent comments on Labour’s proposed ‘mansion tax’. Of the levy, the former England star commented:


“[This is] open season [on wealthy property owners]… The government is raising more than enough money from stamp duty. I can’t understand why Labour want to bring in a mansion tax. It’s madness. I just don’t get it”.


“All I can do is pray it won’t happen. They have gone too far now. A hell of a lot of people are worried about it. I might have to think about working for the Tories. This has to be nipped in the bud”.


“People like me don’t want to invest in stock and shares. We’ve seen how people got their fingers burnt and property is a safe bet especially if they want to eventually pass their money onto their kids. I am just trying to build a better future for myself”.


“We have paid their dues over time and this tax is treating us like sitting ducks. Labour is just saying ‘let’s see how much more money we can extract out of them’. It is unfair”.


“Labour have had this brainwave and are unable to think outside the box. They say it’s a fair tax but it isn’t because some people are not working anymore and won’t have the income to pay this tax each year”.


One of seven bedrooms
There are seven bedrooms
And one of seven bathrooms
And seven bathrooms
Behind the house is a 45 foot long garden and a mews house with double garage
Behind the house is a 45 foot long garden and a mews house with double garage

In the interview, with The Telegraph’s Keith Perry, he continued:


“Labour could consider a separate council tax where it is levied on how much people are earning. That would be fairer. If people are earning very little they pay less. People could get their heads round that. If I am earning a lot I can pay more and if I am not, I don’t pay as much.


“For me, I don’t want to go into stocks and shares because when the crash hit, everyone lost their money. I don’t feel comfortable with that market. Property is the easiest way to invest your money.


“Some people are not paying their fair share of tax because they are clever at moving their money around. But I don’t want to be like that. I’m not interested. I am interested in property. It’s nice and simple”.


“Labour are not thinking straight. They are scaring people away and destroying the top market. Why do they want to do that when there’s so many other people or massive companies not paying their way? People will just move their money out of Britain”.


Mr and Mrs Campbell also own a flat in the vicinity and a Georgian mansion, Hallington Hall, in Northumberland.



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    1. This guy has 2 mansions thats around about £10,000 a year in tax for just one Mansion type house. To a multi-millionaire that is just dog food money. So why is Mr & MrsCampbell so worried. Could there be another reason why they want to sell their lovely home, is the House market ready to crash into the Abyss never to recover.

    2. The friendly and colorful Ronnie Driver – father of actress Minnie – formerly owned this lovely house…

      History abounds… Mulberry Walk with its Henry VII connection is beside and behind, but the Campbell house has the view

    3. Ronnie Driver caused misery by his thieving…..
      In 1993, the British Department of Trade released a report charging Driver with “gross misconduct” and “wrongly diverted funds.” The Serious Fraud Office then launched a still ongoing probe, but so far Driver has escaped prosecution.
      Nine years later, LUI has settled only a small percent of its claims. The bailout undertaken by the government, meanwhile, is expected to cost British taxpayers around $800 million by the time all is said and done.
      Driver, now 79, claims to be in poor health and says he suffers from amnesia about events that took place a decade ago. But Private Eye magazine, which calls him “one of [London’s] biggest crooks,” charges that he seems the picture of health jetting between his five-story mansion in London’s Chelsea and his house in Barbados.

      • The friendly and colorful Ronnie Driver – father of actress Minnie – formerly owned this lovely house…

        History abounds… Mulberry Walk with its Henry VII connection is beside and behind, but the Campbell house has the view

      • Surely the point of this forum is to enlarge on current affairs and people in the limelight

        The friendly and colourful Ronnie Driver’s financial chicanery was well known amongst ‘ those who know ‘ …interestingly, he is mentioned in one biography of Aristotle Onassis which l have somewhere

        As to knighthoods; l would love to have the money my grandfather spread around liberally in his pursuit of a Knighthood

        Ronnie Driver’s Polo playing connection with Prince Charles is an interesting one…

        When Charles was playing Polo in California, he asked the POW to look after his lovely Patek….she was papped and images of her wearing two watches, which lead to the rich and fashionable wearing two watches sauntering along Rodeo Drive


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