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Stunning Solandge

Our yachting correspondent Edward Kay takes a tour of the new mega-yacht Solandge during the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show


Do you have £1,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, how about a week cruising on a new mega-yacht named Solandge?




Solandge is 279-foot long and spans six decks. Completed in 2013, this stunning vessel has a cruising range of 6,000 nautical miles due to having fuel tanks with a capacity of almost a quarter of a million litres of fuel and can achieve a maximum speed of 17.5 knots. She comfortably accommodates 12 guests (who are doted upon by a not so insubstantial crew of 29). The basic (bareboat) charter fee for her is £800,000 but by the time you’ve added fuel, food, drink, port fees and 10% tips you’ve literally sailed past the £1,000,000 mark.


What do you get for that? My tour – taken during the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show – began on a massive sun deck where I found huge bars, televisions and a barbecue. Moving on, you’ll naturally find the obligatory Jacuzzis, gym, steam room, sauna, swimming pool, massage room and cinema, but there’s also even a hairdressing salon and a “beach club” with a full compliment of water toys (including scuba gear, sea bobs, jet skis and dinghies).


The swimming pool
The toys
Dining options inside and out
Drinkers are also well catered for
Entertaining is the order of the day onboard


The interior spaces, designed by Aileen Rodriguez, are staggering. Opulence abounds with inlaid floors, walls and doors, silk curtains and recessed lighting; forty-nine different granites and marbles and thirty-three different types of wood have been used. The art collection, equally, is museum worthy and every piece of furniture and joinery has been custom made.


Each of Solandge’s six staterooms features a different colour palette with floor to ceiling windows and the master suite, occupying the whole of the third deck, has ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bathrooms, a study and 180-degree windows onto a private terrace with yet another Jacuzzi.


Solandge comfortably accommodates twelve
‘The Tree of Life’


The most unusual and spectacular feature of this mega-yacht, though, is ‘The Tree of Life’, a golden tree rising 50 feet from the tank deck to the bridge deck. Herr Lürssen, the president of the firm of shipbuilders that created Solandge, the Lürssen Shipyard, was very proud to inform me that despite rough conditions during sea trials not one of the 1,200 crystal lights fell off.


I’d say £1,000,000 for a week on Solandge is £1,000,000 very well spent.


Solandge is available to charter through Fraser Yachts: + 44 (0) 20 7016 4480.


Edward Kay is a businessman and the yachting correspondent for The Steeple Times. He spends as much time on the water as he possibly can.



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    1. It is time you stopped covering all this excess. Ask your contributors to write about Madeline McCann and her dear parents Gerry and Kate. You could use your voice to help find their beloved daughter.

      • Gillian Trott you are a linear thinker. We would all like the McCanns to find their daughter but how on earth could stopping “covering all this excess” help?
        I’m all for “excess” spending. It’s useful for preventing the very wealthy from hoarding their money in bank accounts. Instead they are spending it ways which share the wealth and gives jobs to hundreds of people in shipyards, yacht brokers, crew and associated service industries.

    2. It amply demonstrates that the nouveau riche are tasteless. And no, I cannot think of a more purgatory like experience than a week on this ‘ship of fools’. It would be like being forced to attend one of ‘Sir’ Phillip Green’s hideous parties. Just waiting for Fiona to say how tasteful if is.

    3. The interiors had me giggling. Truly gross. I would imagine though that a queue will form of Russian oligarchs eager to hire the boat. It is very much to the Russian taste.

      One superyacht I would commend to your readers is ‘A’. (Especially to the white-loving Fiona). During my cruising days I encountered this unique vessel on several occasions in the Mediterranean. If I can’t have nautical teak, then this is to my taste!


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