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Skugging the Kings Road

Skin care muggers shockingly set up shop the Kings Road


What on earth is Earl Cadogan thinking? Two companies anyone sensible would avoid have been allowed to open up opposite one another on the Kings Road. How on earth did the area’s biggest landlord allow this travesty to happen?


Two Orogold skuggers stand ready to pounce
Two Orogold skuggers stand ready to pounce
Orogold skuggers in action
Orogold skuggers in action
Two Vine Vera skuggers wait for their prey
Two Vine Vera skuggers wait for their prey

Described as “gypsy thieves” on, Vine Vera and Orogold both peddle – as our correspondent Claire Rubinstein found to her disappointment – overpriced junk at highly inflated prices. Their sales tactic focuses around having ‘skuggers’ – the retailing equivalent of ‘chuggers’ (‘charitable muggers’) – stand on the pavement to hijack innocent passersby in an effort to get them into their lares. Once there, they’ll have £300 off you quicker than you can say “Jack Robinson” and if later you realise what a mistake you’ve made, there’s no refund.


Our advice is very simple: Steer clear of this newfangled version of Fools’ Gold and if you do dare venture down the Kings Road, heed the words of Catherine Tate: “Don’t look them in the eyes”.



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    1. If the anti wrinkle and anti aging cream they peddle are proven effective, I will pay their prices. Boots has let me down….

    2. I fell victim of Orogold at a promo event they had last year at Henri Bendell in NYC. I then realized it was a scam but too late , no refund available
      I will definitely avoid them, a pest on the Kings Road ,the Vine Vera seem equally dodgy

    3. The sales promoters work on commission that is why they are pushy. I have bought Vine Vera products before and they work better then your average cosmetic product. Yes it is expensive but if you can allow yourself to buy the products then why not. The sales promoters can be pushy but all it takes is a simple “no thank you” and you can head on off your way.With the extortionate prices of rent (which i am assuming on Kings Road is probably ridiculously high) you cant expect to be surprised if the companies need to be pushy to encourage sales.

    4. I actually enjoy the compliments they throw at me every morning. I am starting to know them on a first name basis 🙂 !

    5. I don’t understand the problem? Am I missing something here? Unless they are physically taking your money out of your pocket and putting it in their cash register, I don’t see anything wrong with them trying to sell cosmetics. I don’t understand the people who say they were “forced” to buy something, I don’t think they can force you to buy something you don’t really want….RIGHT???

    6. I have purchased at vine-Vera on kings road about 2 months ago, from a young gentleman name Dor.
      I must say that I tried every product on this planet and never came across a product as close to the Vine-Vera range. I am VERY happy with every product that I’ve purchased and I did purchased most of the sets they have.
      So they might be a little pushy but the don’t stick their hands into your pocket do they?
      As long as the product works I don’t mind being stopped over.
      I think that the article is written by a sad “journalist” which is trying to make a headline that doesn’t even have a point.
      Next time miss Catherine just say – no thank you.

        • When you see one good comment that goes against your thoughts you immediately think it’s a PR act ?
          I am most likely double your age, and I can tell you that is a shame that this website gives you a “stage”.
          You don’t want to hear anything that goes against your thoughts.
          You’re a pathetic/sad/depressed writer. And I will definitely will no longer go on this website.
          Change the way you work if you want to get further in life.
          Good luck.

    7. I really enjoyed the Orogold experience. The staff was extremely friendly and very helpful. I purchased few products yesterday and absolutely happy with the result!!

      • How can you be already “happy with the result”?? do you really think that even if the products are good , the results are obvious the next day..?? The Orogold products are simply overpriced , ludicrously .If you do some research you will find out that truth , wish I had checked them out before I bought the products last year. I admit it was my fault to be lured , but this why others should be warned .

        • I am happy with the result I buy deep peeling mask and it has good effects already. I agree with you because not all products show a difference next day.Like the serum and other things it takes time to see difference.

    8. It’s a very good quality skin care ,pleased customer service and luxury spa treatments.
      “Skuggers” will no produce those services .

    9. Highly recommended! I purchased from a lovely gentlemen named Edie two months ago and I can say by far it’s the best product I have ever used. I am in love with the orogold products!! Many thanks =)

    10. I am thrilled with my products purchased at oro gold and vine Vera
      They are polite and friendly and I think that this article is extremely rude.
      It is up to the individual to say no…..if they offer you free samples …they do not run after you
      I have seen excellent results from both stores and will purchase from them again !

    11. These people are just stupid. Can they not guess we know them to be who they are: employees of these dodgy people.
      There is another of these places in Brompton Rd-already ruined by Middle East influence and not vulgarised further by these con artists.

    12. Come on Matthew, at least give the fuckers a chance. There are Oxford University graduates that cannot string a logical sentence together.

    13. I actually think it is amazing they’ve opened a shop in London! I’m a client of Orogold for already 2 years since my last visit to Miami and I have constantly ordered online; now I can just pass by the shop and try out other products they have as well. And the promoters are just doing their jobs and I personally think they are adorable and very friendly.

    14. Dear Matthew ,you probebly prefer badly written comment like you fraind chaime comment ״fuckers””,my name is Maria and I am happy with my skin care ,this is something that can help to your face to….

    15. I love Orogold especially the Nano bit expensive but good…
      Can I get my discount now?

      P.s Matthew don’t bother comment I’m bribed

    16. Matthew steeples
      Get a life
      instead of sitting at home all day long, in front of your PC,
      and comment on your “girlfriend” false blog/post, that is full of lies and wrong facts,
      You will take a walk to kings rd, and try some creams for sad ppl

      • Gerald, I will accept discount vouchers on Orogold skin care products and also expect a discount for paying in hard cash. I am a valued customer at the Family Bargain Store and Iceland. Do Orogold stock a wide range of incontinent products and long Johns. I will give it a go, I have nothing to lose, The Discount Stores range of products are very limited. I apologise for using the term “fuckers” I realise that beggars can’t be choosers. I await my complimentary ticket to the store.

    17. I read a lot of articles on this website but normally they don’t get the response that this article has received.

      I live fairly close to both these stores so over the weekend I decided to pop into the Vine Vera store to see what everyone is talking about and to see for myself what really happens.

      I was walking passed the store and 2 Vine vera workers were outside handing out free samples, they gave me a sample and was told to enter the shop and try the products for free. The young guy sat me down and explained to me EVERYTHING about the collections and ingredients of the products.

      As I have slight dark circles under my eyes the representative politely recommended that he samples the eye cream on me. After around 5 minutes of talk he tried to sell it to me I told him I was not going to buy the product today but will come back next week. He was friendly and understanding told me to look for him if I come back and I was on my way off.

      The salesman was really funny, friendly, and helpful obviously he wanted to make a sale on me, but he did not at any point make me feel uncomfortable or awkward neither did he make me feel that I had to buy.

      Maybe I fell on the right guy and not everyone is like him but It was a pleasant experience for me.

    18. My fiance was ambushed by these theives when I was out of the country just last week. I am aghast that this has happened and she is deeply embarassed that she paid £300 for some junk that even made her eye fill with “goo” when she woke up. The “skuggers” were telling my beautiful and brave fiance (Google Julia Wylie Thames rescue) that she had bad bags under her eyes – basically making her feel “sh!t” and then telling her that this miracle stuff would make it all go away. She still can’t actually believe it happened. These nasty pieces of work mistook kindness for weakness.

      We have both been in touch and have been told that a refund will be issued but so far we’ve just been fobbed off. Trading Standards, BBC Watchdog and our lawyers will be in touch with them if the promised refund fails to be forthcoming within 7 days.

      • I recently had a terrible experience – Just to make you feel better even in the shop when I decided not to proceed- i.e. not sign the transaction and wanted therefore them to re- credit the card- they refused- I hope my bank will refund me but ..lets see- the guy even tried to chase me down the road with the products – I did not take them and reported them directly to the police- I suggest you do the same too.

        Scam artists.. and don’t forget they must be good at the scam as they have several high rent shops ! The lack of refund is unheard of if you are unrepeatable and of course breaking the law!
        They claimed it was because of beauty products- well if the whole thing is unused then it should not be a problem!! Rubbish and while still in the shop!!

    19. The point Matthew has made before is highly pertinent….why did Cadogan….so careful about who it allows as tenants can rent to these cowboys

    20. Matthew, you need to be ashamed of yourself for posting such a disgraceful article!
      I’m from Washington DC, moved to London a couple of years ago. I’ve been using Vine Vera products for over 3 years and I’m very pleased with them. I was so delighted to hear they’ve opened a few stores in London. I no longer need to buy them in the states.
      The products are expensive, it is true. I’ve spent over 15 thousand Dollars so far.
      I certainly hadn’t been forced to buy them though. I literally fell in love with these remarkable products and the service is amazing. These salesmen work so hard for their money, so yes in my opinion it is absolultly okay if they are being a little bit pushy.
      You guys just say “no thank you” and they will leave you alone.

      • Do you work for Vine Vera as their PR? If not, that you spent $15,000 with this pushy company is a sign that you could do with help. You could have put that money to good use to help the homeless instead. Shame on you.

          • You only answer the points you want to Barbara. You are pathetic at debating if this is the best you can give. I tried Orogold and was appalled at the lack of quality of the sub-standard goods sold. I found the pressure selling appalling and I asked for my money back. All I got was rudeness and a big “no”. I will urge everyone I know to boycott the terrible company that is Orogold.

            • What do you want me to say my dear? I’ve never tried Orogold.
              I’m not going to agree or disagree with you. What I do know is that I actually love and adore my products. I’m not going to apologize for this.

    21. Oh no darling I do not work for them. I basically don’t work at all. What I do with my own money is none of your business hoeny. People buy luxury clothing, bags and cars everyday I bet you know that…how about posting bad things about them as well? I mean,, shame on them.

      • Barbie….you sound a bit thick and what is a ‘business hoeny’?

        It’s abundantly clear English is your third or fourth language: Russian being your first, which I suggest you return to

        • Oh my word! Get out of here Peter. You know I meant “honey” like seriously? I speak English and French, for your information. I’m so not having this conversation. Have a lovely week, honey.

          • Another piece of affected rubbish….”I am so not having this conversation”.
            Why not be normal and say, “I am not having this conversation”. Ignorant woman.

            • Ok sweetheart. Now tell me please what do your comments have to do with the fact I actually like vine vera? Do you want me to feel bad about myself for spending my money on stuff I find to like?
              Or just make me feel like I’m a moron, stupid and ignorant woman as you say. So imma tell you what! You’re pathetic and ridiculous! Get a life and stop judging mine. Au revoir!

    22. Well said, Matthew! A beautiful friend got completely ripped off by these jokers. Ladies, stay away! Space NK is hardly miles away with a whole host of brilliant premium brands like Skinesis and Caudalie which actually work!

    23. I wish I would have found this website earlier…. I too fell for this yesterday and ended up paying £60 for a deep peel cream after extreme sales pressure. It felt wrong and just after leaving the shop I had the very horrible feeling that I had just been con. I then googled the company and found all the complains. I can’t even find the receipt ( not sure they gave it to me) but I will wait for the charge to show on my card and try for a refund, although it is unlikely I get my money back. Also I will warn anyone I ever see entering their shop about the scam. This is very embarrasing but I have also emailed my friends who can’t believe I fell for this when it looks so dogdy

    24. Orogold and sister brand vine vera keep harassing me every time I pass their shop on the kings road. They shouldn’t and I would really like to make a complaint but not sure where to.

      I shouldn’t be accosted on a daily basis and forced to walk as close to the road as possible to avoid a salesperson push a sample into my face.

    25. I live nearby and am so annoyed by their existence. Each time i walk by they will come close to you and shout at you: “excuse me excuse me. Can I ask you a question?” And you know what they want to do is to con your money and feel good about it. Such sad human beings… Where can I file a complaint? It’s a harassment. On a daily basis!

    26. That said I feel bad about those sales standing outside though. They probably have camera behind them monitoring them to make sure they do this to everyone passing by. Having to do all this to make that £300 is hard work… I feel bad for them sometimes

    27. Early days for me, as I only just bought Vine -Vera products yesterday! (21-6-15)
      However, yes, I found the sales people to be somewhat pushy ( but in a very charming way I have to say) but that’s their job, is it not? Then we make the choice…thanks very much or… Thanks, but no thanks!
      Nobody held a pistol to my head. I was not coerced.
      I bought the skincare products recommended for me because “I” decided to do so. For good or for bad, in six weeks time or so, I shall surely have a clearer view upon this! and will be in the position to further comment, ((with good solid ground foundation) So I shall not jump to conclusions from what I’ve read so far, but instead, I shall digest and diagnose my very own conclusion in due time!
      Meanwhile, thanks so very much to all that have given their opinions, and made me aware!

    28. They are utter disgraces all of them. Along with Tresor Rare they have a shop in South Molton Street. It’s time they were fully exposed for their lies and deceit. They take your payment but only tell you afterwards that there are no refunds. Don’t let them carry on. If everyone reports them for all their atrocities they will be out of the town. Their fake expensive looking facade of the shop front then telling you that Dr Oz endorses them, that Lauren Pope swears by their products. Does anyone even realise that this is one of the biggest consumer scams in the world from Finland to Australia. The FBI are investigating them. Tresor Rare’s trademark saying they started in 1979 is inactive and even though the shop tell you they’re exclusive with just one shop in the world apart from London and based in Marbella. So many lies. And when you get the products homes the boxes are tatty and lids are missing etc. It is a disgrace that in England a company can be allowed to sell potentially dangerous products. University studies at the pinnacle of research advise against putting Nano Particles on your skin. They do not know whether these particles could potentially get into your bloodstream, brain or organs. Likewise, gold has not been proven to have any beneficial affect upon skin ageing at this point in time. When they got me I was tired, cold, hungry and soaking wet. Please, anyone at all who has any kind of negative experience or not successful in refund – please go online and tell everyone you can. Report them to the police for fraud. To the council for hawking, to BBC watchdog, to Which?, to the dermatological society. To anyone who could potentially investigate and get them banned from our country . The products burned my skin and brought me out in terrible spots trapped far under the skin. Absolute rubbish. Steer well clear. If you have this kind of money to waste spend it on products from real shops not fake pop up shops . Vine Vera. Orogold . Tresor Rare. To name but a few. Massive fraud operation. Accounts not filed. They open and close their businesses and open up under another name. You are far from protected. After getting involved with them all your consumer rights fall flat to the ground. If they wanted to defend themselves they would issue a statement from head office with full links to bona fide scientific evidence for their efficacy and genuine endorsements not keep posting pathetic and frankly insulting replies on places like this. A disgrace.

      • BEST PRODUCTS EVER. Do NOT know what the lasy is talking about!
        Highly recommended y’all. I am very satisfied.
        Seriously, Vine Vera has changed my skin! I have gotten tons of compliments about my new skin.
        I am beyond thankful!

    29. Hi All, I have recently come from the Kings Road- I have reported these to the Police . Standing outside a shop ( heavy bouncer types , not a crime but at best odd. … They make you test the products,( usual back of the hand scam of the dead sea style products you get in malls) – I have a very sensitive skin and indeed after 10 mins my skin felt bad- its clear it was a cheap product …. Naively ( but I do buy LA MER that is expensive but lasts me over 2 years) I decided OK will buy ( before 10 mins ) — but then the next step was he wanted to sell me more & more * again not a crime … But it then dawned on me as rather odd as he was offering products that formally were sold at 2500 GBP price tag . …. here is what unfolded 1) showed me a receipt of a Saudi Lady spending 10,000 so for me he would make a discount and was offering a 2500 GBP product for only 200 ! Anyway I insisted I did not want the goods and therefore , no sale please . Even though I had not signed , my credit card had been deducted * swiped twice ) – I then asked to call my bank to advise them this was all unauthorised…. They gave me their phone to use – and hey presto I got one of the scamsters- Bottom line, he pretended to be my bank and then when I got wind he was not -put down the phone…

      The shop assistant would not refund me and indeed tried to get me even to sign that I agreed to all terms i.e. no refund ( which I did not ) … He even tried to chase me down the road with the goods . I have had to canx my card and then promptly reported to the police – they had recieved complaints before – . They not only committed fraud by pretending to be my bank, but they refused to allow me to have changed my mind and therefore tried to enforce the transaction on me ( while it was still not fully completed as no pin/ no signature – added to this having clearly summized a rat, I wanted to google the company whilst in the shop – of course they had no access to internet !

      I can only say to all – its a complete scam and don’t be fooled … They even printed a ‘ reciept saying authorised by signature- again their English is incorrect- its not authorised until signed… ! Also tried to give me some cheap customer service number- nothing looked genuine.

      Given they have various names and also the merchant is not VINE VERA – I would suggest its all a full scam !!

      For those raving about it- your skin is what you eat and although yes my lines went they came back again really quick , skin felt really really tight & raw – AKA something wrong indeed!!

      Be careful as I am sure they canont be in anyway good for skins and are likely to damage or thin the skin

    30. I have experienced Oro Gold myself. The sales people are very pushy and lure you in with their promises and discounts. They did a test on my arm and it looked like a miracle peeling product for skin, so I bought the face deep cleanser for 50 pounds (of course with a huge discount). After 10 minutes my skin became itchy and irritated, so I didn’t want to put the product on my face. I decided to come back and return unopened product. When I told them what I want all the manners and luxury experience has disappeared,apparently they don’t do refunds. I kept insisting and told them that I’ll report them to Customer Rights…in the end after so much discussion, I have managed to get a refund…which haven’t reached my account yet. Fingers crossed, I’m going to get it back!

      Long story short – it’s a scam company with very pushy sales assistants and dodgy product! I advise everyone to stay away…especially if you had a bad day and you’re not happy with your skin, I’m sure they will find a way to sell you something!


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