Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Rich Pickings

Trophy house with a “dictator interior” in The Boltons has nearly £10 million sliced off its asking price; iceberg home behind reduced by £5 million

A house in London’s second most expensive street has returned to the market at the much reduced price of £30 million ($38.8 million, €35.5 million or درهم142.6 million) in spite of having an interior that would only appeal to the likes of Bashar al-Assad, Muammar Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein.


Previously marketed at £39.5 million ($47.1 million, €47.1 million or درهم188.3 million) in 2015 through Russell Simpson and now offered by Knight Frank, semi-detached 6 The Boltons extends to 9,781 square foot and comes with a 2,469 square foot mews house to the rear in Creswell Place.


Both buildings are described as “requiring modernisation throughout” and in total provide 5 reception rooms, 16 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The main house has a lift to all floors, air conditioning and as well as parking for 5 cars, there is an internal garage and an interconnecting garden.



For those with another £32.5 million ($42.1 million, €38.5 million or درهم154.5 million) to spare, Knight Frank also offer another house adjoining the Cresswell Place mews house. Featured in The Steeple Times last May, that house, Cresswell House, has also had a rather punchy £5 million ($6.5 million, €6 million or درهم23.8 million) sliced off its asking price. A super-compound anyone?

Rich Pickings – 6 The Boltons, London, SW10 9TB, United Kingdom – For sale with Knight Frank for £30 million ($38.8 million, €35.5 million or درهم142.6 million) – Adjoining Cresswell House, 5 Creswell Place, London, SW10 9RD for sale for £32.5 million ($42.1 million, €38.5 million or درهم154.5 million) Rich Pickings – 6 The Boltons, London, SW10 9TB, United Kingdom – For sale with Knight Frank for £30 million ($38.8 million, €35.5 million or درهم142.6 million) – Adjoining Cresswell House, 5 Creswell Place, London, SW10 9RD for sale for £32.5 million ($42.1 million, €38.5 million or درهم154.5 million)


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  1. A total investment of £62.5 million is not a bad idea given you would be able to utilise the leisure facilities already created in Creswell House and expand it further into the mews. Potentially more garaging could be created and further subterranean accommodation developed underneath the garden and mews. All in all, you’d then have a home worth well in excess of £100 million I reckon so it is a good idea.

  2. Large!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the interior actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It shows wealth and power!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donald Trump should be gifted this by the woman MAKING GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

  3. I remember going to a Conservative Party reception at a home in this street some years ago. It belonged to Dame Paddy Ridsdale, Ian Fleming’s secretary and the model for his character Miss Moneypenny. It was a lovely home and this one echoes it – apart from the tyranical use of gilding in the hallway and the awful furnishings.

  4. Does the house come with listening devices ?? Love the exterior, the interior could use a woman’s touch !!

  5. I think the interior is shocking, it looks like something out of, Gone with the wind. If I had 30 odd Mill to play with, I can think of better places to spend it.


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