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Reduced times

The tale of a pioneer landowner reduced to bankruptcy and a Baywatch babe fighting off her debtors


Former Baywatch babe turned animal rights campaigner Pamela Anderson purchased 23445 Malibu Colony Drive in Malibu, California in 2000 for $1,800,000 with her then husband and subsequent on-off lover Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. She has just placed the property on the market for $7,750,000 as part of an attempt to solve her financial woes.


Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson pictured with her current boyfriend, acrobat Jesus Villa
Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson pictured with her current boyfriend, acrobat Jesus “Half Animal” Villa
Pamela Anderson's current home at 23445 Malibu Colony Road, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
Pamela Anderson’s current home at 23445 Malibu Colony Road, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
The house includes a large roof deck with mountain views
The house includes a large roof deck with mountain views


Malibu Colony Drive is situated in the exclusive gated Malibu Colony estate that was formed out of part of the former property of the Union Oil and Southern California Edison founder Frederick Rindge and his wife May. The couple bought the entire 27-mile long Malibu coastline estate of “Rancho Malibu” in 1892 along with 13,300 acres of land and then later expanded their holding further to 17,000 acres to create the Rindge Ranch.


Of his purchases, Mr Rindge commented:


“A farm near the ocean, under the lee of the mountains, with a trout brook, wild trees, a take, good soil, and excellent climate, one not too hot in summer”.


(Rhoda) May Rindge (1864 - 1941)
(Rhoda) May Rindge (1864 – 1941)
The Rancho Malibu
The Rancho Malibu


During their tenure, the couple lived a private existence and fought off the Federal and State courts and their attempts to build roads and railroads through the area. Mr Rindge died in 1905 and as her wealth dwindled, his widow began renting plots to a small cloister of Hollywood celebrities such as Barbara Stanwyck, Clara Bow, Ronald Coleman and Gloria Swanson who equally valued the privacy of the location. Though the LA Times valued the estate at $100 million in 1928, obsessed with her privacy May Rindge refused to sell and as a result of the effects of the Great Depression and various court actions, she was bankrupted in 1935. She died in 1941 in much reduced circumstances.


When the property was eventually split up and sold, the brochure paid tribute to May Rindge as follows:


“With the courage of a pioneer, she maintained the longest, bitterest and most dramatic contest of its kind in all California history to prevent dismemberment of her estate”.


“… The State of California, finally obtained a right-of-way to construct the present Roosevelt State Highway through the Malibu Ranch, which was the first intrusion into the domain… [With the] completion of this modern highway, the public was at last privileged to drive through this beautiful Rancho. Soon after followed the beginning of the world-famous Malibu Beach Colony where stars of the screen, producers and directors have constructed their homes on the strand in the so-called moving picture colony, and so the Rancho Malibu’s traditional isolation came to an end”.


Actors and actresses who have lived on Malibu Colony Drive since have included Dyan Cannon (98), Bruce Dern (23480), Tom Hanks (23414), David Hemmings (64) and Brian Keith (23449). The tennis star John McEnroe has resided at 23712, television presenter Howie Mandel at 23456, the singer Linda Ronstadt at 38 and both Larry Hagman and the musician Sting have lived at 23730. Other residents of The Colony have variously included Jeff Bridges, Bette Midler and Kevin Kline.


The more than amply endowed Ms Anderson, who has appeared on 13 covers for American Playboy, has brought up her two sons, Brandon and Dylan at the house on Malibu Colony Road and of the location the selling agent states:


“[It is within] walking distance from all things Malibu… [and] is perfect for [those] wanting to enjoy quiet, beach days while being close to the action”.


Pamela Anderson's saltwater swimming pool comes complete with a wet bar and underwater seating
Pamela Anderson’s saltwater swimming pool comes complete with a wet bar and underwater seating


Renovated by Pamela Anderson Design, the 5-bedroom house itself was built in 1959 and an open plan living room, a chef’s kitchen, 3 bathrooms and a home cinema. Within the 6,620 square foot plot on which the house stands is a courtyard of olive trees and enough space for the vegan Anderson to grow figs, avocados, seasonal vegetables and herbs.


A reception room in the house
A reception room in the house
A semi-outdoor dining area
A semi-outdoor dining area
The master bedroom suite has its own roof deck
The master bedroom suite has its own roof deck
A glass shower comes complete with a built in Finnish sauna and television
A glass shower comes complete with a built in Finnish sauna and television


Anderson put a lot of thought into the design of the property and features include iPort technology to control various electronic features, a glass shower with built in Finnish sauna and television and a saltwater pool to the rear of the house complete with underwater seating and a wet bar.


When she attempted and failed to rent out the property last year for $75,000 a month, Pamela Anderson stated:


“I’m finally willing to share my masterpiece—what I’ve co-created with a handful of green architects and designers/inspired by my favorite architect Lautner—this is my humble stab at perfection. It’s a perfect spot”.


In December 2012, reported that Ms Anderson owed a total of $371,514.65 in back taxes to the IRS and the State of California. If, therefore, this sex symbol of the 1990s manages to sell at a profit of nearly $6,000,000, she might perhaps be able to reduce some of that debt and thereby avoid ending up like the pioneer who came before her, May Rindge.

For more information on 23445 Malibu Colony Road, Malibu, CA 90265, USA, contact Chris Cortazzo of Coldwell Banker Residential on +1 (310) 489 7091 or +1 (310) 589 2472 or email


To view more details, go to:


View Pamela Anderson’s official website at:



27 comments on “Reduced times”

  1. The lady is a tramp. Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch brokered the deals for Pamela and Tommy Lee’s infamous sex tapes in the 1990’s. Pam is too long in the tooth for that industry now. Depends what Simon Cowell has in the pipeline, maybe Pam could be a judge on the next British season of the X Factor.

  2. First great article. The plight of the wealthy, it shows that regardless of what we make or have we still need to manage it. Very few people have no floor to fall through, so keep an eye on your finances!

  3. Why do celebs seem to let taxes ruin them? surely they have people who look after their interests? Pam will not be a UK X-factor judge, it has been announced that Tulisa has got the sack and Cheryl Cole is back for 2013

    1. Cheryl Cole has added another tattoo, (her tenth), to her collection. Former Footballers Wife, Cheryl Cole now has two entwined roses tattooed on her lower back, running down her legs.
      It gives the appearance that something unpleasant is running down her legs, it is not Ashley Cole.
      We can only pray that Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell are paying their fair share of taxes.

  4. Interesting read! Gorgeous house, in one of the best spots in the country! It’s sad that these celebs get into this situation!

  5. Maybe if enough stars get hit hard on their taxes, maybe they will turn Republican. The last of the true free world is no longer free, thanks to over taxing, forced taxes on things people should be providing for themselves.

  6. I remember a TV special or something when she was building this home, it was a great idea being green & all that, but once again, can’t feel sorry for people that are millionaires living beyond their means, owe money, go bankrupt(where taxpayers have to pay for their poor financial planning) all to have MATERIAL things

  7. Many of the minor celebrities are not familiar with offshore outsourcing of tax-return preparation. The stinking rich and large corporations are shifting tax compliance work overseas, through outsourcing facilitators, to chartered accountants in India..
    Pamela must hook up with Jimmy Carr next time she visits our shores, he always has something up the sleeve.
    Tax doesn’t have to be taxing.

  8. Please. How can you feel sorry for these idiots? They know they live lavishly. You cannot cheat the tax man when you’re living high profile lives. She deserves to lose her house… to some other rich putz who will probably be a carbon copy… Oy.

  9. They are just like anyone else at the end of the day – in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service (tax collector in the US). Can’t pay your taxes? Too bad – sell your house.

    It sounds like they need either an adjustment in lifestyle, a new accountant, or a new house.

  10. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. British Virgin Islands Business companies incorporated in the British Virgin Island. Offshore companies sometimes also referred to as Tax Exempt Company, a international business company, can afford many significant and legal tax savings.
    On a clear day you can see forever. Taxes are for little people.
    Where did Pamela Anderson go wrong?

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