Monday, September 20, 2021

Picture of the Week: Mastering the mobile

Contrasting new and old mobile technology


Most of our readers and contributors are the sort to delight in new mobile phones, yet a few of us still prefer the simplicity of the classics.


Cell phones before and now

Whilst many of you have no doubt rushed out and bought the latest iPhone6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, our Picture of the Week shows the merits of using older Nokia and Samsung models. If nothing else, it gives a little food for thought.



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    1. I now have a ‘smart’ phone and have done for just over two years. Prior to that I had two Nokia 6210i phones that a/ made & received calls, b/ handled texts and c/ gave me proper alarms and kept my diary. Probably the best phones in the World until the advent of the smart phone. As your piece suggest a battery life of up to three days (and I had several spare batteries) was useful. The only time I’ve found my smart phone especially useful has been when I’ve been lying in an hospital bed – however, the NHS or whomever conspire to ensure that getting a signal is almost impossible.

    2. My Nokia 6303i still working like a dream and although my family beg me to upgrade to an Apple Iphone, as I have a MacBook Air laptop, I’m still loath to change just yet. I feel I have enough IT problems in life, and do I really want to stare at a screen al day in case I miss some valuable piece of info that can surely wait till I get home and look at my laptop. I think not. However, I find it amusing listening to all the moans emanating from smart phone users about how they continually have to deal with it’s daily failures. Of course if you need instant updating then OK, but again in the past we just waited until the appropriate time and guess what – survived??

    3. Dear Matthew

      If you have any influence with Mr Leyland; perhaps you might get two autographs from Mr Leyland for me……..

      One to read ‘ Martin….Have you forgotten that tenner? ‘

      The other to read ‘ Martin …may I have my copy of ‘ The art of love ‘ please

      Also ….Rex Do be in touch………..Martin

    4. Martin every time I see you I give you my card. We have each other’s numbers so let’s do lunch before Xmas. In Spain right now but back on the 3rd. Book early to avoid disappointment?


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