Saturday, January 23, 2021

Parking a handbag

Uncovered Chelsea parking space for sale for a staggering £70,000


Priced at £666 per square foot, a 105-square foot (10-square metre) leasehold car parking space has to be one of the most expensive pieces of unserviced real estate to come to the market in 2015 given that it doesn’t even have power, light or a roof.


An open air parking space in Chelsea's Elystan Street is for sale for the staggering sum of £70,000
An open air parking space in Chelsea’s Elystan Street is for sale for the staggering sum of £70,000


Situated in a compound off Elystan Street with a security barrier entrance, the single car space is described by selling agents Douglas & Gordon as being “ideally positioned for easy access to the internationally renowned shopping on Kings Road and Sloane Street”. They seek £70,000 ($104,000 or €95,000) – or the equivalent of just one Hermès handbag.



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    1. Well for those with more money than sense at least it is more useful than the Hermes handbag, but just imagine how annoyed the new owners will be when they return to find it occupied by someone else. It cannot even be chained off.


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