Monday, June 14, 2021

Manning a Hispano-Suiza

A restored 1935 Hispano-Suiza K6 cabriolet to be sold at RM Auctions Monterey sale


Hispano-Suiza, literally meaning ‘Spanish-Swiss’, was a Barcelona based automotive firm that was founded in 1904 and which operated until 1968. In their 16th and 17th August sale, RM Auctions will sell a fine example of their creations, a restored 1935 Hispano-Suiza K6 cabriolet at Monterey, California’s Portola Hotel.


The six cylinder, 125 bhp, 5,184 cc car has a wheelbase of 135.4 inches and is capable of “cruising comfortably at 80 mph”. This particular example was dressed by the coach building firm Carrosserie Brandone and originally delivered to a Mr and Mrs Copley in May 1935.


1935 Hispano-Suiza K6 Cabriolet by Brandone
1935 Hispano-Suiza K6 Cabriolet by Brandone

A side view of the car
A side view of the car

The front of the car
The front of the car

In the coming years it had various French owners but was then exported to America where it was substantially redesigned. In due course, after being passing through the Blackhawk Collection and the ownership of the French automobile collector Peter Mullin, the present custodians bought it and set about restoring it with the help of the historian André Vaucourt.


Stone Barn Automobile Restorations in Vienna, New Jersey were tasked with taking the vehicle back to its original form and subsequently it completed the Pebble Beach Motoring Tour and the 2013 Hispano-Suiza Rally in Arizona.


A most impressive mascot
A most impressive mascot

The lavish interior
The lavish interior


Of it the sellers, well-known New Jersey collectors and designers Sam and Emily Mann, comment:


“The car is a lovely driver with a very solid, stable road feel, light steering, smooth gear-shifting, and excellent brakes, as only Hispano was able to feature”.


The Manns were nominated for the Best in Show at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance with the car and now a guide price of $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 has been set for it.



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    Photo credits: Darin Schnabel ©2013 Courtesy of RM Auctions

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