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Five of the best: Homes suitable for the Beckhams

As David and Victoria Beckham continue their search for a new home in London, The Steeple Times suggests five of the best options


This morning, yet more “sources close to David and Victoria Beckham” were telling the press that they’re on the search for a London home. This unnamed individual stated that they need a “minimum of 10 bedrooms” and commented:


“They have been happy renting so far, with Victoria spending most of the week in London with the kids while David stays in a luxury apartment in Paris. But they’re feeling really settled back in Europe and Victoria has expanded her business operation back in London, so it makes sense to make the move permanent”.


“They see their life as UK-based now and while both David and Victoria still have ties in Los Angeles, England is their home. Once the housing market Stateside is back on track, there’s a good chance they will sell up their property in America”.


Here are five options for them:


36 – 38 Tregunter Road, London, SW10 9LQ

Russell & Simpson:

Tregunter Road 450Priced at £42,000,000, this 8,291 square foot 9-bedroomed residence has been created by combining two semis into one. With Frank Lampard just around the corner, the Beckhams would fit in nicely but they’d do well to be polite to the property’s neighbour, Ms Patricia Pope. When it was redeveloped, she commented: “[It] is an eyesore”.


Bedford Gardens, London, W8

Strutt & Parker:

Bedford Gardens 450A 6,783 square foot Grade II listed house in Kensington might suit the Beckhams perfectly. For paparazzi conscious Victoria, there’s off-street parking for three cars and a vast family room would be ideal for their four children to play in. The place needs considerable updating however so the couple would need to spend a considerable amount more than the £18,500,000 asking price to get it up to scratch.


2 – 8A Rutland Gate, London, SW7 1AY

Not officially on the market                  

Rutland Gate 450Only slightly smaller than a football pitch at 60,000 square foot, Victoria Beckham could do her best to try and rival the Queen if she bought this mammoth mansion. The current owners seek an astounding £300,000,000 for this seven-storey, stucco-fronted residence following the death of the owner Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The Beckhams are said to be worth £160,000,000, so their “money is no object” budget would sadly be busted by this property.


The Penthouse, 4 – 12 Queen Anne’s Gate, London, SW1H 9AA

Knight Frank:

Penthouse 550If either Mr or Mrs Beckham ever had to sign on, this £32,000,000 St James’s Park penthouse is within perfect travelling distance since it is just round the corner from the Department for Works and Pensions. Situated atop of a Grade II* listed former office building, it features 8,912 square foot of accommodation including a 70 foot reception room, a billiards room and a 3D cinema room. The views across Central London are said to be spectacular.


Hereford Road, London, W2


Bedford Gardens 450A friend of the Beckhams told The Mirror: “David would prefer their new home to be in Notting Hill, so he can be close to people like his best mate Dave Gardener” so this £20,000,000 new home might suit perfectly. As well as 10,706 square foot of accommodation, the residence features a 1,500 bottle wine cellar and a 14 metre pool. It’s decorated in a minimalist style that’s nearly as a minimal as the number of times that Victoria Beckham deigns to smile.


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