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A sneak preview of the best car of 2013

The Steeple Times shares some of the first images of Holland & Holland’s new bespoke Range Rover with our readers


The Steeple Times and many of our readers love the new Land Rover Range Rover. Now, there’s an opportunity to go one better and purchase a special version adapted by the Land Rover Bespoke team in conjunction with the gunmaker’s Holland & Holland.


Holland & Holland's bespoke Range Rover is most definitely the best car to launch in 2013
Holland & Holland’s bespoke Range Rover is most definitely the best car to launch in 2013

The interior of the vehicle is exquisite
The interior of the vehicle is exquisite

And the detailing is of the highest quality
And the detailing is of the highest quality

A gun cabinet is installed in the boot of the car is an example of one of the bespoke features that Holland & Holland and Land Rover have added to the vehicle
A gun cabinet is installed in the boot of the car is an example of one of the bespoke features that Holland & Holland and Land Rover have added to the vehicle

And of course, the car bears the Holland & Holland badge
And, of course, the car bears the Holland & Holland badge

Prices will be in the range of £115,000 to £120,000 but as each will be individually modeled to the purchaser’s tastes, this is just a guide.


We’d be delighted to put readers in touch with the team managing the creation of what we undoubtedly believe will be the best vehicle made in 2013 should any of you be interested in purchasing a Holland & Holland bespoke Range Rover.


Email us at editorial@thesteepletimes.com in the first instance.

  1. I have to say it looks god damned vulgar and frightfully parvenu to me. If was shooting in the West Country I would be assumed to be a hedge fund manager with a taste bypass….ah well chacun a son gout as my old French grandmama, La Comtesse de St Guethary would say!

    • its rather hard to call it vulgar when its not that much different to the autobiography (excluding the boot / trunk) – the Holland & Holland shade of green, upgraded leather and wood

  2. Yes, let’s just say…chacun a son vraiment mauvais gout…dear boy.
    Holland and Holland are really going for the more money than taste market…dommage


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