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A £17 million fixer-upper

A £17 million Kensington house that is being marketed as one that “may now benefit from a refurbishment” provides a reflection of how ludicrous London’s property market now truly is


It comes to something when an estate agent describes what looks like a perfectly well presented house as being one that “may now benefit from a refurbishment”, but when that property is priced at £17 million ($27 million, €23.7 million) and situated in the heart of Kensington, it’s quite something else.


A £17 million fixer-upper - 30 Phillimore Gardens, London, W8 7QE
A £17,000,000 fixer-upper – 30 Phillimore Gardens, London, W8 7QE
A £17 million fixer-upper - 30 Phillimore Gardens, London, W8 7QE
The hallway and staircase would not look out of place in an interiors magazine
A £17 million fixer-upper - 30 Phillimore Gardens, London, W8 7QE
The drawing room of the house could easily be one found in a boutique hotel
A £17 million fixer-upper - 30 Phillimore Gardens, London, W8 7QE
This bedroom also appears to be in perfectly good condition


For sale through John D. Wood, the 4,780 square foot semi-detached 6 bedroomed house at 30 Phillimore Gardens has been owned by the same family for 25 years but appears to be decorated in a contemporary fashion. It has two large reception rooms, four bathrooms and off-street parking for two cars and is said to “retain all of its original glamour”.


Despite being anything but a Miss Havisham-esque wreck, this house will undoubtedly end up being purchased by a developer or in the hands of a Russian oligarch. It will no doubt be totally gutted and will most likely become another symbol of the money park that prime central London has become: A place where the lights aren’t on and nobody is home.



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    1. Matthew it woud be interesting in your chats with agents to find out how this end of the market would look had the property tax come into being

    2. I’m wondering if the agent has good eyesight.. Refurb? How and where?! The interior decor is glorious with hues of soft silver greys and stunning flooring. Some larger residences have underwhelming hallways, but look at this one. You can watch yourself sweep down the curved staircase in a very big mirror! It has a sense of grandeur yet manages still to be homely. Look at the drawing room. Some may feel it’s a little overdressed for their tastes but I doubt it needs any changing anywhere. Pity someone’s good taste will end in dust and rubble!!


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