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When Shall We Three Meet Again?

As Theresa May hangs on in spite of revolts and defeats, Matthew Steeples asks: ‘How much longer can this kitten heeled harbinger of disaster hang on?’


When shall we three meet again

In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Macbeth (I, i, 1-2)


For Theresa May, like buses, defeats come in threes. In spite of wheeling out Andrea ‘Loathsome’ Leadsom – dressed yet again in her pink dominatrix studded leather jacket – to claim that the lousy non-deal the government had negotiated could still proceed, it has now become utterly clear that most MPs and more importantly the public have had enough.


When Shall We Three Meet Again? Theresa May must go now – As Theresa May hangs on in spite of yesterday’s defeats, we ask: ‘How much longer can this kitten heeled harbinger of disaster hang on?’
Andrea Leadsom’s bizarre outfit choice was yet again inspired by both Barbie and Katie Price, whilst Geoffrey Cox simply failed in his quest for divine intervention


Staggering on is all very well, but as Isobel Oakeshott pointed out on the BBC’s Politics Live this morning, Theresa May lost control many months ago. In fact, the minute this delusional woman called a General Election that was neither wanted or required, her cards became marked and her path to failure was confirmed.


Failing to respect the sovereignty of Parliament, however, was truly a stupid move and now, even in the highly, highly unlikely event that she wins on 11th December, Theresa May’s own party is obliged to ditch her. This hectoring vicar’s daughter yesterday failed as a Prime Minister as, in just a couple of hours, thrice she failed in the job’s key role – that of commanding a majority. Now, as the vultures, circle I again suggest it is time for a change of tack: Mrs May must go and she must go now.


#BringHerDown #MakeDecemberTheEndOfMay


Outside contenders to replace May


Ruth Davidson

When Shall We Three Meet Again? Theresa May must go now – As Theresa May hangs on in spite of yesterday’s defeats, we ask: ‘How much longer can this kitten heeled harbinger of disaster hang on?’In spite of the fact that she would need to become an MP in order to govern effectively, Ruth Davidson is extremely popular within the party. She speaks a lot of sense and reflects the modern age well.


Johnny Mercer MP

When Shall We Three Meet Again? Theresa May must go now – As Theresa May hangs on in spite of yesterday’s defeats, we ask: ‘How much longer can this kitten heeled harbinger of disaster hang on?’Sensible and pragmatic, Johnny Mercer could be the Conservatives’ Justin Trudeau. A former army officer and pin-up, here is a man who is a breath of fresh air.


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  1. No sexiness here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not want Leadsome or Davidson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not send them Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theresa May needs to deliver Brexit and she needs to deliver it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exit, exit, exit, exit, exit, exit……. Chuck out the immigrants like we do in Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are quite right. This has gone on long enough and all that is happening is that jobs are being destroyed and the economy left uncertain. Enough is enough.


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