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Viscount Porridge


Thrice bankrupt bigot Viscount St Davids banged to rights and set to be jailed Thursday; he blames Gina Miller as “untruthful” and Matthew Steeples as “an eavesdropper” and accepts utterly no blame for what he did


On Thursday, if he doesn’t turn up at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on time, justice will come knock, knock, knockin’ on Baron Strange of Knockin’s door.


Donald Trump supporter and serial bankrupt Rhodri Philipps (AKA 4th Viscount St Davids, Lord St Davids, Baron Hungerford, Baron de Moleyns, Baron Strange of Knockin and, to the public and no doubt his new jailbird chums, plain old Mr Philipps) – a bigot whose insistence on being called anything other than Mister sealed his fate as the real life representation of Paul Whitehouse’s Rowley Birkin QC – was found guilty Tuesday of two counts of sending menacing messages on a public electronic communications network. After convicting him, chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot warned the aristocrat: “The first port of call will obviously be a prison sentence.”


She added:


“I have no doubt the first post was menacing, you were offering money to have [Gina Miller] killed. A reasonable person reading the post would have felt a sense of apprehension at least, if not fear.”


“I don’t accept you didn’t understand the post could be shared. On Facebook users share and have shared any number of others’ posts – nothing is private about a Facebook post.”


“They were not funny, not a joke, they were sent when Lord St Davids was infuriated – they were not meant to be light-hearted comment, they were intended to cause apprehension among some of your Facebook acquaintances, not all as some clearly shared his views.”


“I find you knew when you posted these messages they might create apprehension in a reasonable person reading them in the multi-racial country we live in.”


 Viscount Porridge – Mr Rhodri Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids, Lord St Davids, Baron Hungerford, Baron de Moleyns, Baron Strange of Knockin – Racist – Gina Miller and Matthew Steeples – Tariq Siddiqi and Councillor Andrew RinkerViscount Porridge – Mr Rhodri Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids, Lord St Davids, Baron Hungerford, Baron de Moleyns, Baron Strange of Knockin – Racist – Gina Miller and Matthew Steeples – Tariq Siddiqi and Councillor Andrew Rinker

Viscount Porridge – Mr Rhodri Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids, Lord St Davids, Baron Hungerford, Baron de Moleyns, Baron Strange of Knockin – Racist – Gina Miller and Matthew Steeples – Tariq Siddiqi and Councillor Andrew Rinker


Represented initially by a chubby dimwit American and Conservative councillor for Kensington (yes, one of them, a member of the worst council in Britain) named Andrew Rinker – a curious creature commonly known as ‘Rinker The Stinker’ in even the most polite circles – Philipps proved himself nothing but a nasty piece of work and a fool in the dock. He tried to blame me for “stalking” and “trolling” him and referenced me “a professional eavesdropper.” He claimed his trial was “political” and motivated because of his multiple titles and whilst his scumbag chum and cohort Tariq Siddiqi targeted me also via social media throughout the period, he was ultimately convicted simply because the Crown was able to prove he is nothing but an inept racist incapable of covering his own vile tracks.


Of the result, Kate Mulholland of the Crown Prosecution Service commented:


This threat caused extreme concern to Gina Miller and although Lord St Davids claimed his Facebook friends would have been tolerant of his views, they were open to the public.”


“No-one should have these kind of menacing comments made to them or about them and where there is evidence of an offence the CPS and police will bring a prosecution.”


As I said previously, the law must now change: What goes on social media, doesn’t stay on social media. We must all be held accountable for whatever we post.


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  1. Well done to Matthew Steeples for alerting the authorities to the vile posts of the bigot Viscount St Davids. He is a sub-human specimen and I am disgusted by his views. I hope he meets many of the brethren he so dislikes in the slammer and I hope they treat him with the contempt he deserves. Make him sign a register – a register as a racist, bigot, bully and inbred monster.

  2. We all know Tariq Siddiqi is nothing but unhinged and a nuisance but Rinker’s trousers. What on earth was he thinking? I saw him at Masterpiece wearing a Worzel Gummidge like jacket too.

  3. I have often seen Rhodri Philipps hanging around in his dirty gilet with an American named Stacey Kivel. Desperate times plainly called for desperate measures. I hope he enjoys the prison showers! Scum.

  4. Steeples always chooses the wrong side. Rhodri Philipps has been wrongly convicted and like Rolf Harris he will be proved innocent in good course. He will appeal I am certain and this wrongful conviction will be quashed. This man only says what the nation feels and Miller and Steeples should shut their mouthes.

    • Its clear this rude, racist nut job posted his thoughts for all to see.

      You seem to believe its fine for Rhodri Philipps to voice his thoughts yet your stating Miller and Steeples should keep their mouth stum.

      How odd

    • You seem to have an affinity for abusers RHii. Convicted paedo Harris was guilty as sin and the other specimen Viscount Porridge didn’t hide his crime. No reason why Gina Miller or Mr Sube should feel threatened. Whatever his politics, it was a disgrace. As far as I am concerned Gina Miller would make a far better PM than the pathetic incompetent we have in charge now. Don’t tell me that the nation supports these criminal behaviours, you are entirely wrong.

  5. Tariq Sidiqqi is apparently good friends with turbo ligger Sandra Shevey who has been banging on about MI5 conspiracies on Twitter. They pair of them are both a canapé short of a full tray.

    • Not her again. Of all people I’d rather never encounter again, Barbara, Sandra Shevey – the swivel eyed canape muncher – tops my list. When she gave me the finger at LAPADA, I did, however, get one of our best ever photos.

  6. Thankfully this case shows there is no place for racism, regardless of class or title these archaic views will never be tolerated.

  7. What a racist pig, he should be living in the southern states then he could join the Klu klux clan. I expect there will be a few in HMP that would be happy to carve him into little pieces, without the two grand fee. Anyway, it will give him time to think about his racist views, especially at night when he’s sleeping with one eye opem..

    • Seriously? Is that how ill-informed Britons actually are? I fear for the sources of your news over there. The Ku Klux Klan was a huge force through the 1920s; it had thousands of members and held massive parades through major cities, including Washington, DC.

      And for all that, the group was destroyed by the FBI in the 1960s. To hold up the KKK in 2017 as if it were some kind of actual threat to people is just silly. Y’all need a new bogeyman.

  8. Frankly, Miller and Phillips deserve each.
    Both odious attention seekers.
    Miller was and is loathed by her staff. I certainly wouldn’t let this opportunist manage my money

  9. The funny thing is this….Indians like Miller are the most racist of people. Racist in relation to the castes they think below them. As for black people; well they despise them.

    • Gina Miller is anything but a racist and she is not Indian. I urge you to retract this nonsense Peter. It is beneath you.

      • Matthew, what is she if she is not of Indian ethnicity?
        Did I suggest she was racist? No, I did not.
        Did I make the general observation that Indians were in the main highly racist? Yes. It indubitably so. In fact, Asians in general, are fiercely racist towards black people.
        So, we all need to accept the truth when it stares us in the face.
        Possibly, the least racist are the English!

          • I don’t waste my energy even thinking about idiots like this man. He is clearly not right in the head.
            You need, Matthew, to do a little research and you will find that, self admittedly, Indians have a deep suspicion and dislike of black people.
            Chinese and Japanese too tend to dislike black people,

      • – Born Gina Nadira Singh in British Guiana to Savitri and Doodnauth Singh,

        I rest my case, Mr Justice Steeples. Do you still deny that she is not Indian?
        She’s a Sikh.
        It’s like Wayde being born in Japan and claiming to be Japanese.
        It reminds me of one of the Van Straubenzee family who was attempting to become a Cornish MP. At a hustings, an old fishermen shouted, “you b’aint be English”. Van S replied, ” I was born here”.
        The old fishermen riposted, “my cat was born in a kipper box but it don’t mean it’s a kipper”. No, you can be British but to be English you really do need to be able to go back at least 30 generations!

          • My dear Matthew
            Her maiden name is Singh and her family, like many Indian families, left India to seek a new life in what was then British Guyana.
            She is 100% of Indian descent: ask the woman!

      • I think she should have stuck to working in her parents corner shop and refrained from trying to usurp the democratic will of the people.

  10. Having read Mr Philipps’ vile Facebook posts, I thought it generous of the magistrate not to add time for misuse of the apostrophe.

    • Why would you call yourself Rudd-Gibbons?
      Like calling yourself Smith-Smth.
      This tendency for very ordinary families to hypenate their names is the height of pretension.


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