Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Weakest Links


Matthew Steeples calls upon Fiona Woolf to resign (and to take Theresa May with her)


Theresa May unsurprisingly disgraced herself in appointing Baroness Butler-Sloss to head the inquiry into historic child abuse and she continues to disgrace herself in appointing and now defending her choice of Fiona Woolf as her replacement. Now, given revelations that Woolf entertained the former Home Secretary Leon Brittan – who himself has been questioned over rape allegations and whose name, we can reveal, is mentioned on countless websites in the context of the Elm Guest House scandal – in her own home, it is time that both she and May resign.


Theresa May must take responsibility for not only one but two terrible choices of candidates to head the inquiry into historic child abuse
Theresa May must take responsibility for not only one but two terrible choices of candidates to head the inquiry into historic child abuse


Woolf, who the Labour MP Simon Danczuk has described as “out of her depth”, has lived in the same street as Brittan since 2004 and has also served on the board of conferences with him. She has donated to a charitable fundraiser Brittan’s wife participated in and also judges the annual Dragon Awards scheme with her as well. Her connections to Lord and Lady Brittan could not be more apparent.


The blame for this latest blunder, however, must entirely be placed upon the shoulders of the current Home Secretary, Theresa May. This hapless woman is a blight on the Conservative Party and though I, for one, am of the belief that we must back them to stop Labour coming to power, David Cameron must act now to save further embarrassment. It is time for Theresa May to get a visit from Anne Robinson. She is the Weakest Link. Goodbye.



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    1. It doesn’t matter who gets to defend Leon Brittan he will always win and come up smelling of roses! Ffs, he’s an Aristocrat, for crying out loud?!

    2. Fiona Woolf’s inquiry is limited to investigating the system failures that led to the abuse of children in government institutions. The spotlight is not focused on individuals. Cameron knows this too well……

    3. A bandwagon is passing – let’s jump on it …

      I completely disagree – people are impugning this lady’s ability to Chair an independent panel comprising of several people, including some alleged abuse victims. These views seem entirely based on their prejudice of what Leon Brittan might or might not have done. She is to Chair a panel – do people honestly think others on the panel will allow anything to cloud their judgement?

      On this basis, I would be disbarred as a I once had dinner with Leon Brittan – shock, horror – in the same restaurant …

      The last six paragraphs of a Press Association piece published yesterday sums it up:

      “… inquiry panel member Sharon Evans – chief executive of the Dot Com Children’s Foundation and a sexual abuse survivor – told Today: “I am very confident that this inquiry can do its job.
      “We have Graham Wilmer, who is another victim… We have representatives of HMIC (HM Inspectorate of Constabulary), we have a family law barrister who’s been in care himself.
      “I think there’s been so much focus on Fiona Woolf, which I understand, but she is just the head of the panel. There are nine people in total, with an enormous background and expertise in this.”
      Ms Evans added: “The whole panel are aware that we’ve got off to a very difficult start, but what we discussed between us yesterday is that we are satisfied that Fiona Woolf has the skills of a solicitor … We need balance and we need those skills that will give us that kind of balance.
      “I would like people to be reassured that there are victims on this panel and we are determined to get to the bottom of this. One of the things that Graham and I hope is that the fact we are here and we are part of this will give people confidence. We do want to listen.
      “I will give you my pledge that I will not let anybody get away with things that I think have been covered up. I know from talking to all the panel members, who have so much experience, that they are equally passionate about that.” “

      • Blair fixer chose Lord Hutton for the David Kelly inquiry, forgive us for being cynical. What is the framework and remit for this inquiry?

    4. Google Leon Brittan and Elm Guest House. It is time that this was investigated in order that Leon Brittan can either clear his name or be brought to justice. I believe he would be found entirely innocent so what has he to fear?

    5. Michael Peel must pledge transparency regarding the framework of reference and remit of the inquiry and give assurances that the variables can’t be manipulated to achieve a outcome. I don’t give a toss about who the panel members are, it is irrelevant. Talk is cheap, it is money that buys the brandy…….

    6. Theresa May has done so much good to help find dear Gerry and Kate McCann’s child Madeleine. She is a good woman and those of you attacking her should realise that. I am appalled at your conduct.


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