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The Tossers vs. The 48%

The 48% must make themselves heard at the 2017 General Election; they must vote tactically and do all they can to prevent the landslide ‘Queen Bee’ Theresa May is headed for


With UKIP’s first MP on trial for 14 counts of electoral fraud, 30 individuals connected to the Conservative Party facing potential prosecution in connection to the ‘2015 Battlebus’ scheme and the Electoral Commission investigating Leave.EU’s dodgy finances, one could question the reasoning for Theresa May’s enthusiasm for a General Election.


Right now, British politics stinks and with a hopeless and hapless Labour Party that had to rely on a Coronation Street ‘star’ with an obsession with the word “toss” to get their campaign going yesterday, Mrs May’s home run is now sadly virtually in the bag. Her timing – brilliantly executed and Lady Macbeth-like in fashion, even her critics will admit – ensures she can “bury bad news” Jo Moore-style and ensures she’ll be able to make her woes go away. The vicar’s daughter and the kowtowing garden gnome she calls husband will likely get the landslide they want and with the Queen Bee and her party campaigning in previously deemed ‘unwinnables’, Theresa May is truly going for the jugular.


All right-minded people want to do right now is sit in horror with their heads in their hands, but actually, in fact, there is something we can all do. We must use our votes wisely and must use them tactically. This is not an election about “the many, not the few” and its not one about the “strong and stable” leadership of “Theresa’s May’s team”; it’s about Brexit and we must all use our votes to ensure Mrs May doesn’t forget that the 48% still deserve a voice.





  1. It seems as though there are a lot of tossers out there.

    All full of lies and crap!

    Currently my biggest problem is what tosser should I vote for?

    All full of lies to get power! And then do completely different things then what was promised. There should be a law against these kinds things.

    It’s hard to vote as they all have done bad bad things.

    I might vote for the greens or abstain.


    What should I do?

    Any help out there and who are the 48%?

  2. Democracy’s a bitch when you disagree with the outcome, isn’t it?

    Deloren: tough call. If your own particular constituency just has a crowd of lying towrags standing, then maybe vote for the Greens? At least they SAY they care about the planet.

  3. What’s the point with it all, it’s all too late now. The world has changed dramatically over the past few years, the rise of Donald Trump, and in this country, Pauline Hanson. People are sick of the main parties and have had enough. You may as well vote for the greens, they have no policies, but at least the planet will stay nice. We have compulsive voting in this country, there’s democracy for you. I’m just gonna kick back and wait for the revolution..


    • You sound like the most charming, delightful young man. I think I should invite you for a cup of tea with my grandmother. NOT.

  5. Typical comment on tiny brainer little e glander. It was the morons that voted leave and now we’re going to be taking a train wreck it a ride because of their stupidity. Conservatives are rubbing their hands with glee as they now have the carte Blanche they need to ducks us all over and line the pockets of their mates further. Basic workings rights gone. Race to the bottom time in order to compete with countries like China. Compete with i industries now in foreign ownership. We don’t have anything to compete with. Turkeys voting for xmas. I love England and they obviously don’t as they chose to screw her over. Never while we sink we can all comfort ourselves and sing rule Britannia!


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