Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Supreme Mrs Miller


Gina Miller’s victory is a victory for democracy and decency


This morning the Supreme Court rejected the government’s challenge to the Brexit legal case brought by the courageous financier and philanthropist Gina Miller.



Outside the Supreme Court at 9.55am, Mrs Miller briefly spoke. She remarked:



“Only parliament can grant the rights of the British people and only parliament can take them away… This ruling means that MPs we have elected will help select”.


“There is no doubt that Brexit is the most divisive issue of a generation… Today’s decision has created legal certainty based on our democratic process””.


Miller’s victory is a victory for common sense and a defeat for angry men and women everywhere. It will mean the best deal for Britain’s exit from Europe can now be done and it should also bring with it an end to our judiciary and others being branded “enemies of the people”.


Surpeme Court Gina Miller

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  1. Lock her up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And lock Steeples up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgraceful but they’re not stopping anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theresa May will MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What right do you have to comment in your ususal disgraceful manner? How dare you attack Gina Miller who rightly forced the Government to put the vote on Article 50 to Parliament. I Quote the BBC.
      “By a margin of eight to three, the 11 justices upheld November’s High Court ruling which stated that it would be unlawful for the government to rely on executive powers known as the royal prerogative to implement the outcome of last year’s referendum.”
      Don’t you have democracy in Australia? It’s nice to know that Prime Ministers can’t behave like dictators in the UK and act against the law.

  2. Gina Miller has spoken for the sane people of our nation. She deserves the nation’s gratitude. Theresa May should not have wasted 3 months challenging her. Gina Miller is our “Modern Day Iron Lady”.

  3. Gina Miller is a disgrace just like Matthew Steeples. These people have the ability to communicate the terrible situation dear Gerry and Kate McCann are in regarding their beloved daughter Madeleine’s disappearance. It is time they stopped wasting time and energy and money on trying to stop the death of the European Union and focused on a real cause. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW.

    • Oh Feck off Pam. We are not interested in your inane blatherings about the guilt ridden Mcanns. So far we don’t know why the dogs found the smell of corpse on Kates clothes, in the flat, and amazingly a few weeks later in the back of the car they hired. The dogs did an exellent job at apparently fingering blame on them.. I look forward to Goncalo’s next book as well as his success in the court case those two recklessly pursued. Go get them Goncalo!

    • I can report that they are furious that I get to see their Facebook rants and hereby tell them (and they’ll no doubt be watching) that what they post on social media will continue to be monitored. The kind of hatred and bigotry they share is not acceptable in any civilised society. Vile, angry men will not win. #BetterTogether

  4. Such a smug and pleased with herself woman.
    Still, one thing is certain. We are one of the most libertarian of countries.
    I can think of no other country where two immigrants would be allowed to do what she has done. Try poking your nose into the affairs of her country of birth, Guyana, and you would end up in serious trouble.
    We are a very gentle and refined race…..

    • Gina Miller is a British citizen and why you object to her having simply proven a point of law truly escapes me. I salute Gina’s courage and decency. She is truly the Hero of the Hour.

      • Matthew, my observation is irrefutable.
        No other country would welcome an immigrant behaving as Gina Miller did.
        Maybe Australia or Canada by she would have been the subject of massive abuse.

  5. The personal abuse on this site depresses me.

    Not just your readers but, dare I say it, the editor himself. And it is not just on this subject.

    Really snarly, hurtful comments about people who contribute and also random names of people who seem not to answer back and defend themselves.

    Surely people should be allowed, indeed encouraged, to express differing views.

    I am British and it is not the way I was brought up.

  6. Anything remotely critical of Mrs Miller is never published. Greater love hath no man
    than he censors for his friend!
    I am sure Mrs M can take a bit of criticism

    • Peter Wayde says:
      January 24, 2017 at 6:38 pm was a compliment? Mrs Miller has been threatened and abused by British people , racism and death threats are a part. Someone has been arrested today. You seem to be pretty racist yourself. She is generous philanthropist, and I have a tremendous admiration for her. Quote–“There’s this sense that if you ask a question about Brexit then you’re not representing Britain. Asking questions about Brexit is the most patriotic thing you can do.
      People voted because of legitimate concerns. Politicians have behaved despicably because they have exacerbated those anxieties.” I also think Mrs May is in dreamland when she thinks that the members of the EU are going to be generous with UK and offer favourable terms over immigration and trade etc etc. I don’t see it either, more like unarmed combat I suspect, and she takes a common sense view.
      BBC quote- She said she was still concerned that politicians were “twisting the truth” when it came to the UK’s future outside the EU and Mrs May and her ministers needed to “be honest” with the public about what was achievable from the negotiations.
      “Even now, some of the things I hear about what is possible, as we progress Brexit, it’s as though they are living in some sort of la la land because it’s pure fantasy.”
      She added: “There are 27 other member states on the other side of the table who are not just going to give us what we want. They are not going to give us cherry picking”. She would make an amazing Prime Minister.

  7. “You seem to be pretty racist yourself” and making a remark like that makes you seem very dumb.
    It’s really becoming quite tedious the way those of moderate brains, like you, sling this, ” you must be racist”.
    “People voted because of legitimate concerns.”….what on earth is that supposed to mean?
    You seem unaware that EU and UK business is inextricably enmeshed. At the end of the day it is the Germans who call the shots. With their massive investments in the UK they will seek a solution which works for all parties.
    Damaging the UK damages the EU.
    Let me also remind you that in 2020 Albania is expect to join. 50% of its population is Islamic and Albanian gangs are possibly the world’s most ruthless. Do you really want freedom of movement to extend to yet another basket case economy with a violent criminal class?
    Judging from your rambling and incoherent comment you doubtless do.
    Lenin wisely described the likes of you as ‘useful idiots’. How right he was!

  8. Not even Mrs Miller can stop Great Britain becoming George Orwells 1984. Brexit was the start of it. So, save your breath, and just get on with it. And STFU.

  9. Oh come off it Wayde. Gina is British as they come. Learn to spell please because education failed you. The word is “burke”. Britain is built from your so called immigrants, be it Saxons or Normans, etc. So please, less rubbish.

    • Of course, she is not ‘as British as they come’. Are you really stupid enough(rhetorical question) to believe that if I went to live in Guyana at the age of twelve, I could then describe myself as “Guyanese as they come’?
      You really are a dimwit.
      Your other point is equally nonsensical.
      Most English families are either of Saxon or Norman origin. Every country has elements of other bloodlines. This country is probably one of the purest.
      Burke or Birk, who cares, apart from a silly and inconsequential fellow like you.

  10. Miller’s hubby is a Jew….THAT is the most relevant comment to make here.
    The “Vicars daughter”…her hubby is also a Jew.
    Examine the history of 15th Century Spain…Marrano,crypto Jews and nueva Christians….all this applies to Britain today…Britain’s trajectory is always downward….and in many ways resembles that of Ancient Rome.Speaking of which,the utter degenerate the Marquesse of Bath (the loins of longleat) reckons he is related to Tacitus….well he may be,but he himself is a degenerate and in an Empire on the make he would be exterminated…for the good of the country.His son looks Jewish….understandably because his mother is a crypto jewess from Hungary.(Churchills mother was a tribe member too).
    No wonder Britain is fighting Israel’s wars in the Middle East…because the Jews now own Britain.All the editor’s of the main newspapers are crypto Jews…Like Dacre of the awful Daily Mail.


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