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Supporting Sol


‘The Steeple Times’ backs Sol Campbell for Mayor of London


On Monday, Sol Campbell threw his hat into the ring and announced he is standing as a potential Conservative candidate to be Mayor of London. The Steeple Times is delighted by this news and today announces our backing for his campaign.


Supporting Sol - The Steeple Times is backing Sol Campbell to be the next Mayor of London
Supporting Sol – The Steeple Times is backing Sol Campbell to be the next Mayor of London


In contrast to the hypocrite Diane Abbott, who has claimed to be the candidate best suited to representing ethnic minorities in London, Sol Campbell is a man who crosses the social divide. A successful former footballer turned businessman, Campbell is married to the talented interior designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell, a scion of the Barratt Homes building dynasty, and spoke out against Ed Miliband’s regressive ‘Mansion Tax’ prior to the General Election.


London born Campbell also boldly supported Operation Black Vote in the run-up to the election and appeared in posters for it and showed himself as a man of principle and decency. Of his candidacy, he told The Sun:


“I’m in it to win it… I bring something new to the table… [I want to] change London for everybody”.


“I’m going into this with my eyes wide open. I know I’m not going to be a frontrunner. But I look at people who have been in politics for five, 10, 15 years, and muck up, you see them muck up and think: ‘You guys are supposed to be pro!’ People that have gone to Oxbridge, had thousands spent on their education, and I mean they are royally mucking up”.


“This is a whole new road for me, something I can get my teeth into. I just felt it was something I had to do. I come from a working-class background, it wasn’t easy for me at all, but I worked hard. And now it’s about giving something back”.


Whilst Sol Campbell might not have the political experience of our other favoured option Zac Goldsmith MP – who has yet to declare whether or not he will stand – we firmly believe that he would make for a brilliant Conservative candidate. Today, The Steeple Times urges all of our readers to back Sol Campbell as the most worthy successor of Boris Johnson.



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    1. Isn’t this the guy who had the racist campaign of “blacking” or “whitening” the vote? It’s strange for the anti-racist Steeple Times to support the footballer. I always respected him until the moment he “painted” himself white which was deeply offensive to many just and righteous anti-racists around the globe. Racism disgusts me.

        • If you say so. Maybe you haven’t seen his campaign in which he “whitened” his face. I knew people who “blackened” their faces and mocked black people. They said they only wanted “whites to vote”. Disgraceful. Research that in Google please.

        • I am very disappointed by The Steeple Times. No room for racism. you have just lost a reader.

          But when it comes to painting faces black, many feel a hardline policy is necessary and justifiable. “I fully support a zero tolerance approach,” says Kiely. “We have to say that it’s unacceptable, especially on our campuses and in public places.”

          More awareness is needed, some students say. “It’s a case of changing the culture,” says Watson, “rather than having a ban.”

          “We need to promote a healthier culture,” says Hewson. “Universities need to actively discourage racism and raise awareness, not just put measures in place once something has happened.”

          • You, Anna (or whoever you really are), are the racist. On your bike. Sol Campbell is anything but a racist. He is a good man who is standing for mayor to do good. We urge our decent readers to support him.

    2. We need a new Martin Luther King, not another Black Panther. Sol Campbell brought shame to his name for supporting the racist campaign. Never fight fire with fire.

    3. He creates barriers. He should build bridges instead. I will never vote for Sol. I am half-Zambian and half-English. I would never paint my face to discourage or encourage a race to vote or not. We are all human.

    4. I find this quite offensive. I hope Mr Campbell will start to build bridges instead of destroying them. I am half-Zambian and I am against racism in any shape and form.

    5. Some astonishing responses from those with weird and prejudiced agendas here, one could easily forget it’s 2015.

      I support Sol’s candidacy, and hope the Conservatives embrace him. A refreshing and worthy successor to Boris.

    6. I don’t doubt that Sol would not be very good….but the question is more fundamental….do we really need a Mayor?
      Just another layer of government and hugely costly

    7. I’ve had enough of the UK! I’m getting out! It’s …… Caput, knackered, had it, finished?! The country is a madhouse.

    8. The race is on to save a wonderful and much loved piece of Victorian architecture, Marlborough Primary School in Chelsea. Sol Campbell has tweeted on this wisely asking whether we have lost our hearts and souls.
      RBK&C are working with the horrible Mike Ashley of Sports Direct so that the school is replaced with multi million £ flats for foreign buyers….another Chelsea landmark gone.
      38 degrees are running a petition to save this wonderful building and Campbell is to be saluted for so poignantly defending the school….talk about barbarians at the gate…It’s the bloody council!


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