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Shame on the Met

Matthew Steeples suggests that at a time when public resources are totally overstretched, that the Met Police are set to waste more money on the plainly pointless search for Madeleine McCann is an outrage

Let’s be honest: Madeleine McCann will most likely never be found. Whatever people might say and however much they might hope, with nearly £12 million of public money and much more private cash wasted on a search that has achieved zilch, zero, nada, anything more is just throwing good wonga after bad.


Now, with news last night that the Met Police will be allocating further funds to continue the search (at a time when they’re asking for retired officers to return to help police the public during the coronavirus outbreak), the public will be rightly outraged.


Whilst I and others have for years argued that the disproportionate allocation of resources to this case stinks and that other missing children (whose cases get little to no financial aid) deserve parity, this latest announcement is a step too far. Speaking to The Sun yesterday, an unnamed police source stated:


“There has been some recent speculation that the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance could be put on hold or discontinued because of the coronavirus epidemic and a shortage of officers working. This isn’t the case and we can’t see the outbreak causing a problem for this ongoing inquiry. Neither can the Home Office. We’ve been told there will hopefully be no problem with new funding.”


Gerry and Kate McCann’s closeness to the likes of Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May and Baroness Meyer has also aided their ability to keep the cash rolling in since their daughter ‘disappeared’ in May 2007. Equally, with mega rich ‘friends’ like the job killer Sir Richard Branson, the alleged sex abuser Sir Philip Green and the angry busybody J. K. Rowling on their side, the McCanns – unlike less wealthy parents of other missing children such as Kerry Needham – have been able to manipulate the media without good reason.


Frankly, nothing new has been uncovered in this case in years and now it is not the time to give more money. Instead, it’s time to shelve the search for Madeleine McCann and instead use precious and scarce financial resources to solve cases that can actually be solved.


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Shame on the Met – Met Police shouldn’t waste resources on Madeleine McCann – At a time when public resources are totally overstretched, that the Met Police are set to waste more money on the plainly pointless search for Madeleine McCann is an outrage. Ben Needham and Martin Allen cases deserve equal treatment, for example.
Missing still yet little to no police resources for their cases – Ben Needham disappeared in Kos, Greece on the 24th July 1991 aged 1 and his mother gets little help for her search; Martin Allen disappeared in London on 5th November 1979 aged 15 and though his brother, Kevin, keeps the case in the public eye as much as he can, he gets little to no help from the Metropolitan Police.
Shame on the Met – Met Police shouldn’t waste resources on Madeleine McCann – At a time when public resources are totally overstretched, that the Met Police are set to waste more money on the plainly pointless search for Madeleine McCann is an outrage. Ben Needham and Martin Allen cases deserve equal treatment, for example.
Meanwhile, Madeleine McCann – whose parents left the doors and windows to the apartment they were staying in and did not pay for childcare on that fateful night – disappeared on the 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal. The investigation into how she went ‘missing’ has cost nearly £12 million of British public money thus far and more is going to be given. Something, frankly, does not add up and interested individuals should take a look at our previous analysis: “Missing Madeleine – Questions without Answers.”


  1. I keep an eye on you via Google and I am disgusted that you have yet again published something so cruel and heartless about dear beloved Madeleine McCann and her parents Gerry and Kate? You should be supporting dear Gerry and Kate McCann and their search for their beloved daughter Madeleine. Shame on you! Shame on you! FIND MADELEINE! FIND HER NOW! P.S. This site is a DISGRACE! IT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!

    • Yet you continue to read articles on here Gillian. “ This site should be shut down” you wail, yet are still here, getting enraged. Are you some sort of masochist ? Getting pain from reading articles about those 2 McCann arch scammers but you’re still here? Love a good moan, right? FIND HER NOW you demand. Well, if you have a decent plan, maybe you’d like to inform the Met Police who are not one inch further into solving this than they were 13 years ago but we’re all £13 million worse off for the pleasure. FIND HER NOW…..well ask the McCanns, because they sure as hell know more that their little act portrays

    • Gillan Trott, another pro Mccann witnit who has no understanding of punctuation. Spelling mistakes I can understand, a question mark at the end of an non sentence says it all.
      Please Gillian, let us know why this site should be shut down?

    • I believe that most people have known for years what happened to dear little Madeleine. Own up and let her rest in peace. ??

  2. The parents were irresponsible and do not deserve all this support. So many other children go missing and nobody talks about them. This latest move by the police smacks of corruption.

  3. I am sure Kate and Gerry know where their daughter actually is but they are not saying. Many Underhand Recent Distractions Exist Recently- and Grange is not doing anything to reach a conclusion

  4. I do not like the look of Gerry McCann. Something very shifty about his persona. Does not mean he did something bad but I think he knows something we don’t yet know.

  5. They should not have had children if they did not want to look after them. Leaving the doors unlocked was surely a crime. Child neglect charges should have been brought.

  6. Here we go, the asylum is on day release again. Why the hell do you bother to comment on here if you want the site shut down??The minute anybody mentions the McCanns your out of the woodwork whinging. Get a grip on reality you stupid bitch, the McCanns know a lot more than what they are letting on. The police should have arrested them years ago. When I think of all the other missing kids that never get a mention, it makes me scream. The resources that have been poured into this, is an outrage. Now go away to your vegetable garden and get a life. Anymore of your stupid comments, and we’ll send Rodders around to your place with the wreaking ball.


    All that’s required is a swift drive up the M1, forensic protective clothing, a bulldozer and a shovel. In fact, I will become The Queen of England before Operation GARAGE ever do that. Therefore, I will now speak partially freely… Madeleine has NEVER been missing, NEVER!

    Come on Kate, stop torturing yourself by looking out of that kitchen window, and know this: your Orchard House story is worth more £££££££ than any amount of revenue you’ve received thus far.

    People will help you, but you have to put a stop to this childish, impossibly secretive, money draining and soul- destroying pact. Whoever is advising you has no love in their heart for you at all, what made sense then, has now become a SICK, pain inflicting game.

    Your loyal friends have been WRONGLY and disgustingly labelled as “paedophiles” for years, and all because some base knowing transparent loon wanted to wear..The Emperor’s New (cough) Safeguarding Clothes. And have his Year 5 imbued, nebulous input acknowledged as (kerching)…inarguable truth!

    Beyond Deluded.

    The blundering deeply flawed fool that he is, is indeed “deluded.” No question and totally guaranteed.. “That was a hoax”.. helium death and Sgt. TAYLOR, my ar$e, the stupid boy!! You should have listened to your FATHER’S inner voice instead, Kate. Nevertheless, my dear, your life lessons are working in perfect order, and your remaining daughter does deserve a backyard swimming pool whilst there’s still time for her to enjoy it…

    No matter what we do though, we are human and we are imperfect, but the monetarily expensive yet internally gimcrack, architecturally encompassing, mystically hue changing and concrete truth, always has a way of emerging in the end.

    And you alone, have tried to tell it so many times but you thought no-one was listening.

    Someone’s always listening, Kate. Always. And never be afraid of the one- dimensional cowardly jerks who have blindly and arrogantly led you up the wrong GARDEN PATH!

    As for Gerry, he “will” SURVIVE…


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