Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Rubio vs. Clinton


America has finally woken up and will send Donald Trump packing


In November, the former cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken told me that his money is on Marco Rubio as the Republican candidate and next President of the United States of America and last night, in coming third, in the Iowa caucuses, this has indeed become a possibility.


Rubio vs. Clinton - Marco Rubio could be the next President of the United States of America
Marco Rubio


Rubio polled 23.09%, just behind Donald Trump’s 24.31% and Ted Cruz’s 27.65%. He commented:


“For months, for months they told us we had no chance. For months they told us because we offer too much optimism in a time of anger, we had no chance. For months they told us because we didn’t have the right endorsements or the right political connections, we had no chance. They told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn’t grey enough and my boots were too high. They told me I needed to wait my turn, that I needed to wait in line. But tonight, tonight here in Iowa, the people of this great state have sent a very clear message. After seven years of Barack Obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back”.


“Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being the President of the United States. Because she stored classified and sensitive information on her e-mail server, because she thinks she’s above the law. Hillary Clinton can never be Commander-in-Chief. Because anyone who lies to the families of people who lost their lives in service of this country can never be Commander-in-Chief of the United States”.


Sense is finally returning to this contest. This looks likely to be a race where Trump will thankfully be sent packing and one where Marco Rubio could take on Hillary Clinton. Then, it’ll get interesting.



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    1. “My boots were too high”? Only in America. Still at least he looks a bit more respectable than competition. It is a pity for him he is of Cuban origin rather than Mexican or further south because otherwise the massive Hispanic voting population would be right behind him, still at least he speaks Spanish fluently so that might persuade a significant number to put aside their anti Cuban prejudice and pick him. I hope he does win personally.

    2. I think when the time comes it might be worth a punt at the bookies on this guy because now I think about it in addition to a strong Hispanic vote I reckon he will also generate a record female turnout on the basis of his good looks, could easily tip the balance. BTW Matthew, I hesitate to ask but where have all the nutters gone? Have you blocked them or have they all been committed at long last?

    3. Not entirely convinced. Some of his policies are illiberal- tearing up Obamacare, no gun controls. Other such as requiring Russia to give back the Crimea, confronting China, ISIS and North Korea are either unachievable or will involve the US in more costly foreign wars. If you read Edward Gibbon you will see how Rome wasted its resources and decline due to costly wars. The US may yet do the same.

    4. Runners and riders according to Paddy Power today

      Clinton A handful to Tom 5/6
      Rubio Carpet 3/1
      Trump Neves ( My Nap ) 7/1

      Clinton isn’t trusted or liked,and is nearly even money

      Rubio is ethic and apologist

      I think that a lot of really horrid things will occur in the near future, so the insecure will look to strength, which Trump is apparently vending

      Remember we are talking America here

    5. It’s glaringly obvious that you still DO allow nutters to pollute your pages. Or are you oblivious to the inanities of the Melbourne muppet and have adopted him as your mascot? Even the egregious Trott could string words together to make a sentence.

    6. Facey, they don’t actually need any gun controls,they only manage to shoot about an average of 30,000 a year (which is almost identical to the death toll on the roads each year) out of a population of 350 million, considering that 61 percent of these are suicides and the remaining 38 per cent are criminals, the chances of being killed by a gun in the USA is the least likely cause of death for a non suicidal law abiding citizen despite over 370 million guns in private hands.

      You are more likely to die from any other cause in the USA and in terms of murder, for every person killed by a bullet, 6 are killed with knives or edged weapons. Having faced both I know which I would rather be up against.

      What no one thinks about are the number of innocent lives saved by firearms every year. Concealed weapon permits are now available in all but 2 states for very good reason, rape, mugging and aggravated burglary have been reduced by over 80 per cent in every state which adopted it. One state which did not, California, has the second highest violent crime and murder rate in the whole USA with Washington, another gun free area being the first. Women are the fastest new adopters in the gun market. “You can’t rape a 38” is a saying which strikes a cord with self empowered women today.

      I know this is a controversial topic but I like to show the other side of things. Remember that after legal held handguns were banned in 1997, crime specifically with handguns has risen 400 per cent in the UK, proof that taking away the guns from the good guys does nothing to prevent gun deaths.

    7. Glenmore – up with this I will not put

      Go with the Donald; he thinks on his feet, is incorrigible and has fantastic back up

      His remark that he might come back and buy a farm in their state was the mark of brilliance

      Oh, and he has such energy, arrogance and if he can get over his hair; he can take on all comers

    8. Speaking as a US resident who knows these characters better than Brits do, I can inform you that Marco Rubio is a pretty despicable character. His first great lie, when he wanted to establish himself with the Hispanic expat community in Miami, was that his family had fled from Fidel Castro’s dictatorship.
      But when some decent investigative journalists checked that out, they discovered that his family left two years before Castro came to power – and that his sister worked for the Castro regime for some years after.
      He’s backed up another liar too, Carly Fiorina, the ‘Republican Hillary’ who has consistently lied about how her executive tenure at Hewlett Packard almost destroyed the company. One organisation the Republicans have been determined to destroy is the excellent Planned Parenthood, which provides free medical advice to poor women across the US.
      Fiorina lied and said that she saw a video which showed PP executives selling foetuses for medical experiments. Nobody could ever trace this video which was part of a faked video produced in an attempt to deny PP some public funding.
      Then something wonderful happened in Texas (yes Texas!) about a week ago. A Grand Jury was shown the video in an attempt to incriminate PP – and decided instead to prosecute the video producers because they had discovered that it had been faked and re-edited. A huge victory for common sense and justice.
      But who rushed to attack the Grand Jury and defend the criminal cheats who had produced the video? Why, that lovely man Marco Rubio…

    9. Dear Matthew , thank you for including me as a recipient of your excellent publication. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and befriending you in my recent and only visit to London. As I related to you the last night I was in London, I was greatly impressed with your grand city. I was also greatly impressed with the interest and knowledge of you Brits in the politics of the USA. I only wish that more Americans would exhibit the same level of interest. Our election turnouts are dismal for a country who touts ourselves as the epitome of democracy. As far as what the future holds in regard to our upcoming presidential election, your and your readers observations and predictions are about as widespread as what we see and hear here in America. The political divisions are gigantic with the fanatics on both ends of the political spectrum, while we have a large uncaring number in the middle. It is very difficult at this point in time to predict what will happen with the Republican nominee. Trump may have played out his final hurrah and hopefully most Americans are starting to see him for the clown that he is. Both Rubio and Cruz have made too many mistaken appeals to the far right for the comfort of the general voting public in my opinion. But stranger things have happened and they do bring some positives to the race. Hillary has been beaten upon for so long by the Republican media demagogues that her image has been tarnished almost beyond repair. But she still has the female vote and is undoubtedly the most rational and experienced candidate in the field. Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist and America will not elect a socialist. He is a flash in the pan with one great theme, “bring the money lenders(Wall Street) under control”. I still feel as I have from the beginning that Hillary will be our next president but it will be a vicious and bloody fight. Thank you for including me in the “in group” at La Brasserie and the excellent conversations and friendliness of your countrymen during my stay in London.

    10. The truth have become the new hate speech, and the government will attempt to control the thoughts and views of the people by means of a tool known as political correctness, the fear of thinking and the debate of a particular topic or subject. It was common practice in communism, for instance the old Russia. Glenmore, is welcome to call me a nutter.

    11. I have to agree with Glenmore. It is rather embarrassing to have to share a comment page with some who is:
      1. Mad
      2. Stupid
      3. Suffering from arrested development.
      4. Combination of all
      As Glenmore points out Trott, at least, only partially insulted our intelligence: Rod totally insults our intelligence.
      It’s difficult to see the point of him….

    12. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a reputation of having a too close and uncomfortable relationship with the big Hollywood players. Frank Sinatra got away with all kinds of murder due to his close relationships with many Presidents, we are able to see through it now, I hope. Politics and show business don’t mix well.

    13. Uh oh, I am beginning to doubt that Rubio is such a good punt after all. Lying about fleeing Cuba, hmm, he does not sound so promising.

    14. You a nutter Chaim? Never. Strange at thimes , I’ll grant you 🙂 But a nutter? You even ration your use of exclamation marks.

      BTW since I’m posting. I find Francis Megahy’s comment about knowing more about US politicians than Brits, peculiarly ignorant and patronising. I take it his knowledge is gained from the internet, newspapers and magazine and radio and TV. All accesible to Brits. Much as we might dislike the shenanigans of the US presidential circus, we pay attention because the behaviour of the US President and government affects us all.

    15. There are a astronomical amount of Americans who have never made an application for a passport in their lives. I know a Texan who has not left the borders of Texas in 43 years. The political dynamics and mental processes of voters are not the same as the UK. Some of them still believe they are fucking Rhinestone cowboys that have to rustle cattle, and lookout for Red Indians. So, Clinton,s chances are very good, as so many voters in middle America don’t give a flying fuck……..


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