Friday, October 22, 2021

Respect the dead


‘The Daily Mail’ should apologise for their attack on the late Ralph Miliband


The Daily Mail has rightly come under fire for describing the late Ralph Miliband as “hating Britain” and using a picture (since removed) of his grave captioned “grave socialist”. It is time, instead of digging his feet in, that the newspaper’s editor, Paul Dacre, apologised.


"The man who hated Britain" will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the worst articles written in 2013
“The man who hated Britain” will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the worst articles written in 2013

Whatever your views on the Miliband dynasty – and ours are not at all positive – the Daily Mail got it very wrong in publishing this unnecessary bile. This personal attack on a dead man who is unable to issue his own right of reply was uncalled for and the author of it, Geoffrey Levy, should learn to keep his nasty opinions to himself.



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    1. Ralph Miliband must rest in peace, although I don’t agree with his Marxist ideology, I do take into consideration that it was very hard for Jews in Europe in the early 1940’s. Ralph was entitled to his opinions and ideologies.
      There are many living in Britain, that hate our country and Queen. It is evidence based. Think of the slaughter of Drummer Rigby. It is ridiculous for the Daily Mail to single out the late Ralph Miliband.

    2. I tend to agree, but Ed never stopped talking about his father so it tended to make him a hostage to fortune.
      On the bravery front, I worked at one time for Maxwell. The reason I doubt he committed suicide is because what he lacked in morals he made up for in guts…as his war record proved with an MC on the field. Maxwell didn’t know what fear was, but one always questioned who he was actually fighting for.
      I always remember a story he told me of being held up by a German soldier. He screamed at him in perfect German…” you salute a senior officer” when the kid, flustered pointed his rifle down, Maxwell shot him….nice guy!

    3. I read a follow up article yesterday on the plane back to London, missed the original one.
      but from what I read it sounds like the Miliband father was a die hard Marxist , extolling the virtues of the vile dogma while safely cocooned in a bourgeois setting in North London.. and yes it sounds like he did hate the British realm..


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