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Racist Mail


As the Mail Online runs a truly racist headline article, Matthew Steeples suggests that civilised people everywhere should accept that our neighbours are actually our friends


Today the Mail Online ran a headline article that was frankly nothing but racist. It’s not surprising given the paper at one point supported Hitler but having been the victim of racist bigots myself in the last couple of days, I found what someone named Sue Reid wrote utterly offensive.


In ‘Go away, you shouldn’t be here. Don’t come back’: The corner of Yorkshire that has almost no white residents, Ms Reid shared the thoughts of a once ‘white’ community [in Savile Town, Yorkshire] that has been “edged out” by Muslims. Her colleague Steve Doughty referred to how “ghetto Britain” is “racially segregated” and there is a “growing isolation of the white majority from minorities in urban zones”. She, herself, arrogantly concluded: “The omens [for the future] are not good”.


My own experience, simply for supporting Gina Miller’s legal action against Article 50, has been the receipt of an equally intolerant barrage of bilge. I have been called a “gay queer” [one gay friend suggested this is because the accusers themselves are living in the closet] and told I should be “thrown off the roof of a high building”. Though supporting ‘remain’, in these peoples’ minds, results in me being branded “a hater of Britain” and “anti-democratic”, I consider myself anything but. Loving Britain and regarding our relationships with our neighbours as positive are not mutually exclusive and neither, in my humble opinion, needs to be severed.


Three especially unpleasant middle-aged bores – Rupert James, Richard Neagle and Shaun Redmayne – have spent hours on Facebook berating me and mocking me as a “PC douche” and a “Muslim apologist”. Donald Trump supporter Mr Redmayne – a cretin of a creature whom I’m reliably told walked up and down the Fulham Road in a shirt captioned “Nuke ‘em George, Nuke ‘em” during the Iraq War – went as far to suggest I should shoot myself whilst his cohort Neagle claimed I have “mental health issues”.


Britain, post Brexit, has become an intolerant place. Social media has only perpetuated this and the Mail Online should know better. They should apologise for the vile article they ran today and they should cease their relentless blaming of immigrants for all that is wrong in Britain. It is time for tolerance to rise again and it is time to accept that our neighbours are our friends and not our enemies.


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  1. Matthew

    We are are so comfortable. We live in the best part of town, in one of the best cities in the world. The only people different in colour etc are sophisticated and like us.
    How dare they common working class white people complain that they feel overwhelmed and misunderstand. What’s wrong with their children being served ice cream by a woman from such a bigoted religion that women have to go shrouded like corpses.
    Anyone, who lives in areas now dominated by a religion that believes itself to be the ‘true religion’ has every right to feel threatened. But, I am being unfair Facey and Julie have bijou cottages in Savile Town and love the ethnicity. Facey, you sound idiotic. The problem has nothing to with race but all to do with a fascistic religion that hates anything that doesn’t conform to its medieval values. But, I expect Facey and Julie get a nice warm feeling flashing their liberal credentials. Stupid idiots!

  2. This has long been part of the Mail’s agenda. For years, they’ve tried to paint a picture of how the UK is being overrun by evil immigrant Muslims who are trying to turn it into an Islamic state.
    Never mind the fact that Muslims only make up around 3% of the UK population as a whole.
    You can find rough areas throughout Britain – but this has nothing to do with Islam. Rather it’s related to problems such as poverty, few job prospects, lax laws not being enforced, etc.
    In fact, if you go to my home town (Colchester), you’ll find the majority of the population are white British. The place is also home to one of the worst crime-ridden estates imaginable – Greenstead.
    Some of you might remember the case of James Fairweather – the white British teenage boy from that part of the town. He was convicted this year of stabbing two people to death.
    It’s worth noting that one of his victims was a Muslim – a Saudi Arabian PhD student, who had done him no harm and was simply on her way to the local university when he attacked her.

    • What a rambling, incoherent piece of bunkum.
      There are parts of the UK which have been taken over by one very obtrusive and controlling religion: one which wishes to impose its rules and medieval values on all of us.
      They may be 3% of the population but the demographic forecasts suggest that areas of the UK will soon be dominated by one religion which, unlike Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism or Christianity seeks to impose its values on all. Ella, you are a numbskull.
      If you are a gay person then you had better get used to a religion which would seek to do you great harm.

      • If you are unable to read a perfectly coherent post, then I suggest you take an adult literacy course. Moreover, a basic education and some good manners wouldn’t go amiss either where you’re concerned.
        I note that you have not attempted to use reasoned argument against my points. Instead, you have simply resorted to personal abuse and spouted some nonsense about how a religion (which only 3% of the population practise) will somehow take over the UK. I would love to hear what these “demographic forecasts” are exactly. However, I’m not going to hold my breath, waiting for you to come up with respected, tangible sources.
        As a matter of fact, I have spent time in Muslim countries – including Malaysia and UAE. I have also known many Muslims from countries as diverse as Morocco, Turkey, and Iran. None of these people have ever tried to convert me or impose their values on me.
        I am not gay – but allow me to point out that homosexuality was actually decriminalised in the 1800s by the Muslim Ottoman Empire, when it ruled most of the Middle East. Things only changed when Mr Sykes and Monsieur Picot decided to arbitrarily carve it up into the mess we see today.
        If you had even the most tenuous grasp of history, you would know that the problems in the Middle East (wars, etc.) mainly stem from constant western interference over the past century. Little or nothing to do with Islam itself (which actually shares several similarities with the other two Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Christianity).
        In the same vein, nobody would blame the actions of the IRA on Catholicism, though I have little love for that religious denomination personally.

  3. Ella
    If you make idiotic statements you will be ridiculed . Labour Force Review pointed out that in 2004 the Muslim population of the UK was 1.9 million. By 2010 it had jumped to 2.6 million…a leap of 36.7%.
    Do your own extrapolations. In 2020, Albania, whose population is 57% Musim will be joining. Thanks for telling us that homosexuality was decriminalised in the 1800’s: clearly these message has not got through to the Iranians who have put over 4,000 gay people to death, or human rights loving Saudi Arabia.
    Reverting to this country, we are now hearing reports that sharia courts are now operating in basements below halal butchers. Good idea?
    Still, Deliciously Naive Ella, has travelled to many Muslim countries, such as Malaysia where gentle beatings are administered to those who breach sharia laws.
    No doubt, you have driven around Saudi Arabia and been treated with great respect!
    People like Ella are as dangerous to the safety of the Realm as those who sought to placate Hitler.
    You are very, very foolish.

  4. Deliciously Inane Ella’s fave Islamic country, Malaysia…..
    “Muslims use Sharia courts for religious and family issues. Homosexuality is condemned under both jurisdictions.

    The country has retained the colonial-era penal code 377, which criminalizes “carnal intercourse,” and includes same-sex sexual activity and other sexual behaviors “against the order of nature.” It carries a punishment of whipping and a prison sentence of up to 20 years.”
    Nice one, Ella!

  5. I see Peter still hasn’t learned any manners – and yet again resorts to ad hominem insults. May I repeat that in addition to some etiquette classes, he also requires a basic education.
    Firstly, the UK’s Muslim population has not greatly changed in terms of proportion in accordance with population growth. 2.6 million is a TINY percentage of 64.1 million. They are not going to take over the entire country – and if you really believe they are, then you seriously need your head examined. Furthermore, sharia law has NO jurisdiction in the UK – and the government itself has said there is no chance of it being introduced. See here: https://petition.parliament.uk/archived/petitions/48352 – irrespective of whether their courts are below Halal butchers or not.
    Secondly, neither Iran (then Persia) nor Saudi Arabia was part of the Ottoman Empire. However, Albania was – and homosexuality has been legal there since the 1850s. Note that in comparison, it was still an offence in the UK up to the 1960s. And many men who were convicted of it under the banner of ‘gross indecency’ still have criminal records to this day.
    Thirdly, it is evident that you have never set foot in Malaysia. It is multicultural society whose population is largely divided into people of Malay, Chinese and Indian descent. The tenets of Islam are NOT enforced on non-Muslims – and moreover, homosexuality is rarely, if ever, prosecuted.
    Nevertheless, I did have a chuckle at your last comment; “The country has retained the colonial-era penal code 377”.
    Do you even bother to read the nonsense you write? “Colonial-era” actually refers to the period when Malaysia was under BRITISH control. Nothing to do with Islam at all.
    It’s you who need to try harder – although I really shouldn’t be encouraging bigots like you, with your attempts to stir up hate.

  6. Ella, whenever someone uses ‘ad hominem’ or ‘we must ‘celebrate’ this or that, I know I am discussion with a bore!
    The figure of 2.6 million is six years old!
    Today, it’s over 3 million. Statistics, if you are not too indolent to research, show that in some areas of the UK Muslims represent over 50% of the population: in other words it is a group rising at a faster rate than any other religion.
    Why are you so blind to the obvious?
    I am beginning to wonder whether you might be just a bit thick. The reference to ‘colonial era’ was obviously referencing British rule. What else could it reference?
    So, in Malaysia we should jump and down with joy knowing that it’s only non followers of the Religion of Peace that get a thrashing!
    I notice you have little to say on Iran(Shia) and Saudi Arabia(Sunni) on their treatment of gay people…..
    And, why do you lie about the role of Sharia Law. It is a fact known to most perceptive people that much of the Muslim community relies upon clerics to make judgments for Islamic adherents.
    Do some academic research and see how experts on population growth project the percentage of the Muslim population in 2030.
    You sound like one of these empty headed romantic ladies who love the idea of being treated as a second class citizen by a religion that has contempt for females.

    • Correction. YOU are the person who has “used” ad hominems. It’s a sign of someone who cannot put together a reasoned argument, and therefore has resorted to personal abuse. I note you have not let up with your name-calling, but, frankly, that says far more about you than it does about me.
      I have looked up the statistics and even with (notoriously inaccurate) projections, the figures still amount to a tiny percentage of the overall population. So you can stop getting your knickers in a knot.
      In any case, if Muslims do represent over 50% of some parts of the UK, how is that any different from the colonies of British expats who have taken over parts of Spain?
      I can assure you that Brits in Spain have a far worse reputation among the locals there than Muslims do in the UK.

      All the way through your posts you have attacked Islam for being anti-gay. Your third post on November 7, targeted Malaysia for this reason.
      Yet the (rarely enacted) anti-gay law which you cite was introduced by the BRITISH – and not by Muslims. And now you have the cheek to try to backtrack and call me ‘thick’. Lol! Look in the mirror.
      Your next ignorant comment really shows that you know nothing whatsoever about Malaysia. How you arrived at ‘it is only non-followers of the Religion of Peace who get a thrashing’ is utterly bizarre! Corporal punishment was something else that was introduced by the British – but again, it is rarely carried out in Malaysia.
      Caning is far more prevalent just across the causeway in Singapore – where it has been famously used on people like the American, Michael Fay who was caught vandalising cars in the 1990s. Interestingly, most people in the West supported his punishment at the time – not least because the reoffending rate for such things is near zero. And Singapore remains one of the safest places I’ve ever visited thanks to its zero-tolerance approach.
      Malaysia should indeed be praised – as it’s a country where people of different cultures and faiths live alongside each other in relative harmony.
      I didn’t address Iran and Saudi Arabia because your posts seemed to spend more time moaning about Albania – until I pointed out that homosexuality has been legal there since the 1800s.
      I do, of course, condemn persecution of people on the basis of their sexuality. In the case of Iran, however, it is the fault of the West that such a regime is there in the first place! The West should stop interfering in that country. We saw what a mess ensued after the 1953 coup d’etat – when Britain and the USA wanted to retain control of the oil and installed that dictator, the Shah.
      This, in turn, led to a bloody revolution and the kind of system that they have now.
      The Iranian people have every reason to distrust the west. And things may only get worse following the US presidential election. You may not like the way that Iran is run, but bear in mind that it has not gone to war with another country in about 300 years. Whereas the same cannot be said for either the US or the UK.
      The truth is that the West has done far worse to Iran than they have to others – and it would be better if we left them well alone.
      I have been opposed to Saudi Arabian policies for many years – especially due to their actions in Yemen. But again, Britain is not exactly in a position to criticise them. Especially since our own MPs have just voted against a motion to withdraw support for the Saudis, following news that British weapons have been used against the people of Yemen.
      Finally, I have NOT lied with regard to Sharia law. I linked to an official statement from the government which said that Sharia Law has NO jurisdiction in the UK, and in my opinion this is rightly so.
      I am not remotely religious myself, but I believe that if UK Muslims want to follow tenets of their faith, then they should be free to do so, as long as such tenets do not conflict with British law. And the same goes for other religions too.
      In fact, most Muslims are law-abiding citizens – Zayn Malik, Jermaine Jackson, Iman, Dave Chappelle, Nadiya Hussain, etc. – who have never harmed anyone.
      Tarring them all with the same brush as would-be terrorists only spreads more hate and division.
      There are parallels with the stance that Ross McWhirter (co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records) took in the 1970s. At the time that IRA violence was at its peak (far worse than any Muslim attacks in mainland Britain), he wanted everyone of Irish descent to be registered with the police.
      Not only did this alienate a huge number of residents, but it led to further violence. McWhirter himself ended up being assassinated as a result.

  7. So Deliciously Ditzy Ella thinks she knows better than Oxford based demographer, David Coleman? The below is based upon Coleman’s projections and Vincent Cooper.
    Whole urban areas will under the political domination of one religion. Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Bristol, in fact, all of our major owns and cities will be under the sway of a religion that brooks no argument or dissent. But, of course, for the ridiculous Ella, this will be happy state of affairs that only a bigot could object to.
    If I didn’t think Ella was vapid I would think her bonkers!
    Read on, with fear and trepidation!

    If population trends continue, by the year 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation

    R33_24715643 The future of Britain?
    Vincent Cooper

    By the year 2050, in a mere 37 years, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation.
    This projection is based on reasonably good data. Between 2004 and 2008, the Muslim population of the UK grew at an annual rate of 6.7 percent, making Muslims 4 percent of the population in 2008. Extrapolating from those figures would mean that the Muslim population in 2020 would be 8 percent, 15 percent in 2030, 28 percent in 2040 and finally, in 2050, the Muslim population of the UK would exceed 50 percent of the total population.
    Contrast those Muslim birth rates with the non-replacement birth rates of native Europeans, the so called deathbed demography of Europe. For a society to remain the same size, the average female has to have 2.1 children (total fertility rate). For some time now, all European countries, including Britain, have been well below that rate. The exception is Muslim Albania(soon to joint the EU)
    These startling demographic facts have been available for some time (see ‘Muslim Population “Rising 10 Times Faster than Rest of Society”’, The Times, 30 January 2009. Also the work of the Oxford demographer David Coleman).

    • Really? You want to cite the co-founder of ‘Migration Watch’ and member of the former ‘Eugenics Society’? That man is already well-known for his xenophobic and racial prejudices – and the data that Migration Watch comes out with is regularly challenged by experts.
      Moreover, that article by Vincent Cooper has also been fact-checked and found to contain serious flaws/omissions: http://blogs.channel4.com/factcheck/factcheck-will-britain-have-a-muslim-majority-by-2050/13690
      The conclusion is that there’s no guarantee that the Muslim population will ever top 10% – let alone 50%.
      Yet more bigoted propaganda from your side. Not to mention ad hominems.

      • Deliciously Ditzy Ella

        I am not going to do your research for you.
        Read Washington DC’s Pew Research Center and Austria’s International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. They spent six years gathering the data from 2,500 censuses and surveys.
        Stick to the point and defeat my contention that Islam, with all its brutal medieval baggage, will not be a majority religion in the UK by 2050. We are waiting
        with bated breath!

        • And yet more name-calling, LOL!
          What you really mean is that you CAN’T do any research, so have resorted to bitchiness.
          The study you referred to estimates that the number of Muslims in in the UK by 2050 will amount to….drum roll…. 11.3%.
          Far less than what you have claimed, but in any case, they’re called ‘estimates’ for a reason.
          We have all just witnessed the result of the US presidential election. All the so-called ‘experts’ predicted that the Democrats would win. Up to day before the election, they were saying they were up to 75% certain (Nate Silver) that Hillary would be the new president.
          If they could get things so spectacularly wrong within the space of 24 hours, then I have no confidence in figures projected for the next 34 years.
          As I stated anyway, as long as people abide by British laws (as the majority do), then I do not care what religion they practise.
          And I’ll also point out that Islam, Judaism and Christianity are actually all very similar. In fact, Jesus is regarded as a prophet in Islam.

  8. So, we ignore all those eminent demographers and trust in Deliciously Ditzy Ella who tells us that it’s all ok Muslims don’t want to convert us all; they don’t mind gay people and are terribly moderate in reaction to anyone who doesn’t follow the religion launched by a paedophile.
    And, Jesus Christ, as a prophet, is central to their crude religion….she says.
    So, why do they persecute Christians.
    Why, in Saudi Arabia bibles are forbidden? I have no idea: you had better ask Ella

    • Yet more nonsense and ad hominems. You were the one who insisted that projections for the Muslim proportion of the UK in 2050 would be ‘over 50%’. But to back this up YOU cited a study which estimated it will be 11.3%. And you call ME ‘ditzy’?
      LOL! You’re like satire come to life.
      I’ll attempt to clarify matters – although, with your lack of intelligence, I doubt you’ll be able to understand it.
      Muslims are like members of any other religion.
      Some will accept gays, and some won’t. Some may try to convert you and some won’t.
      Some will be tolerant of other religions and some won’t.
      And yes, Jesus is central to their religion. He was regarded as the penultimate prophet to Muhammed.
      If you have ‘no idea’ about something (as you have just admitted), then why don’t you look it up instead of confirming your ignorance?
      Read about the Crusades. Firstly, you’ll find that it was actually the Christians who persecuted the Muslims – not the other way round!
      Secondly, it’s the history of what happened in that part of the world which paved the way for how things are in places like Saudi Arabia (which I have already condemned).
      In a similar vein, there have also been troubles between Saudi Arabia and Iran. But this has far less to do with the (minimal) differences between the Sunni and Shi’a faiths, and far more to do with land.
      In contrast, you don’t get the same problems in Dubai at all. Very luxurious place with a significant Christian population. And people largely seem to get along.

  9. I sense, Ditzy, that you are getting terribly excited and careering and veering into all sorts of weird cul de sacs
    So, we are expected to believe that ‘luxurious’ Dubai is a paragon of Muslim virtue!
    Please don’t talk utter nonsense: the war between Sunni and Shia has nothing to do with land everything to do with one believing the other to be heretical.
    Can you name me one Muslim country which is ambivalent about gays? And any where you see Jesus Christ revered as a great prophet?
    And to draw you unwillingly back to the point. Like it or not, cleverer demographers than I, and certainty, you.
    have produced solid evidence that Islam will be a majority religion. in the UK, by 2050.
    Now I must stop and close this down. You are either a Muslim or very dumb!

    • I sense that you’ve lost the argument and therefore have resorted to abuse. Not to mention setting up ‘strawman arguments’ by accusing me of things I have never said.
      I wouldn’t claim any country is a ‘paragon of virtue’ – regardless of what its state religion is. I simply said that Dubai is a luxurious place with a sizable Christian population and people largely seem to get on.
      Again, I suggest you open a history book. Saudi Arabia and Iran were on fairly civil (albeit not close) terms until Saudi Arabia supported Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran (as did the USA, interestingly enough).
      I’ll name you three (majority) Muslim countries which are ‘ambivalent’ about gays (presuming you know what the word actually means) – Jordan, Turkey, and Albania.
      And as for Jesus being revered as a great prophet in Islam, do read this: https://www.islam-guide.com/ch3-10.htm
      I’m not unwilling to go back to your ‘point’ at all. In fact, I’d love for you to explain how 11.3% is a majority. Especially given the fact that it was taken from the report that YOU cited.
      But if you wish to leave – so be it. And finally, I’m neither a Muslim, nor dumb – especially as I have defeated you time and time again.

      • I love it! So two brutal Islamic regimes used to be on cordial terms. Can you answer the question. Which Muslim country would you cite as being democratic, forward thinking and tolerant of other religions.
        If Jesus is considered a great Islamic prophet perhaps you can explain why, in the Middle East, the Christian population is harassed and terrorised.
        So just three countries are ambivalent about gays…one is secular and the other not quite yet 50% Islamic.
        You may not be Muslim but you are certainly dumb.
        Now, I cannot waste any more time with you.

        • And yet you keep coming back for more! Clearly, you cannot read. I’ve answered/counteracted all those questions already in this thread. However, I note you have not answered mine: How is an 11.3% projection for the number of Muslims in the UK in 2050 (which came from a report that YOU cited) a majority?
          You also asked me to name one Muslim country which was ambivalent towards gays. I gave you three. And, in fact, ALL of them are Muslim majority (Turkey – 96%, Albania – 57%, and Jordan – 92%).
          Owned – yet again! LOL!
          I fully expect you’ll be back – if only to write something abusive.
          However, I don’t expect you’ll be able to answer my question about the 11.3% projection.

  10. ” You keep coming back for more”?
    Because you are too stupid to read the question and answer it. So, Ditzy, let’s try again….
    “Which Muslim country would you cite as being democratic, forward thinking and tolerant of other religions.
    If Jesus is considered a great Islamic prophet perhaps you can explain why, in the Middle East, the Christian population is harassed and terrorised.”
    And read David Coleman if you cannot believe anyone else.

    • LOL! Exactly like I said – you would be back, if only to throw insults.
      And also I as predicted, you have NOT answered my question as to how 11.3% is a majority – even though this figure came from a study that YOU cited to back up your claim that the UK would be a Muslim majority by 2050!
      As to your questions, I have already answered them in this thread.
      Firstly, I said above that I would not claim that any country is a ‘paragon of virtue’ – regardless of its religion.
      Similarly, ‘democratic’, ‘forward-looking’, and ‘tolerant of other religions’ are all subjective – and it depends on how you would define them.
      In terms of democracy – you could say, Malaysia as even its monarchy is elected (whereas the British Royals certainly are not).
      In terms of being forward-looking, it also has a number of female ministers – including the Leader of the Opposition.
      Note that, in contrast, Britain’s Labour Party has never had a female leader.
      Granted, the Conservatives had Margaret Thatcher – but she was an anomaly. And Theresa May only got the position of PM by default when everyone else dropped out of the race.
      And other religions are more than tolerated. As I have stated before, Malaysia is a multicultural society – with people of Malay, Chinese, and Indian descent. You can therefore find plenty of other religions in the country – including Buddhism (19%), Christianity (9%) and Hinduism (6%).
      In fact, one of my aunts is a very devout Christian and she has NEVER been persecuted for her beliefs out there.
      Furthermore, as I also stated above, it is the HISTORY of what happened in various individual countries that determines how minorities are treated – rather than the religions themselves.
      Christians have not been popular in Saudi Arabia since British repression during the Indian rebellion of the 1850s. However, the same does not apply to places like the UAE or Jordan.
      David Coleman’s assertions have already been found to contain serious flaws/omissions (see the link to the fact-checking article above).
      Still waiting for you to justify how the 11.3% projection for the number of Muslims in the UK (which YOU came up with) is a majority.
      However, I doubt you will. You’ll just be back with more abuse and ad hominems.

        • NO country is ‘fully democratic’.
          And ‘democracy is a subjective term anyway.
          Look at the result of the US election, where the candidate who won the popular vote has just missed out on the presidency.
          Or in the UK, where we have a hereditary monarch as Head of State, an unelected PM, and a system which allowed the SNP to get 56 MP seats with only 1.5 million votes.
          Now answer MY question. How is 11.3 % a majority – when it came from a report that YOU cited to back up your claim that the UK would be a majority Muslim nation by 2050?

  11. For goodness’s sake, Ditzy, study what David Coleman has to say on the subject; he is after all, better qualified as Oxford Professor of Demography.
    As for Dubai, I thought this might amuse…
    Now, answer my question(if you can). No waffle, just an answer.
    Produce for me one example of an Islamic democracy, forward thinking and tolerant of other religions.

    • I have already answered your question in detail (see my post of 14 November). For the third time, David Coleman is well-known for his racial prejudice – and his data c/o of Migration Watch and in the article you cited with Vincent Cooper has already been disputed.
      YOU answer my question!
      How is 11.3 % a majority – when it came from a report that YOU cited to back up your claim that the UK would be a majority Muslim nation by 2050?
      Still waiting…
      Although I fully expect that you’ll just avoid the issue and heap more abuse!

  12. Here’s a bit of abuse…. Dumb Ditzy’s never answer straightforward questions and think being anti Islamic is racist.
    Now answer the question and cease being a bore…
    `’Now, answer my question(if you can). No waffle, just an answer.
    Produce for me one example of an Islamic democracy, forward thinking and tolerant of other religions.”

    • See my post of 14 November! Answer MY question.
      How is 11.3 % a majority – when it came from a report that YOU cited to back up your claim that the UK would be a majority Muslim nation by 2050?
      Still waiting…

    • Bitchy one, it IS a luxurious place. That article doesn’t contradict that. I’m not going to comment on a case which is still under investigation and all the facts have yet to be established.
      However, I will say that Dubai is generally a very safe place and such incidents are extremely rare.
      In fact, statistically the rape rate in Scotland is 12 times higher than it is in Dubai. And the men who are accused of attacking that woman are BRITISH, anyway.
      Where there have been (rare) similar cases in the past, the women have only been jailed under the banner of ‘extramarital relations’ when their allegations have been found to be false. (Which they also would be in the UK). There was one case three years ago. The woman did no jail time, while the men were found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison each (which is a lot more than they would have got in the UK).
      Yet again, I see you’re trying to deflect from the issue. Answer MY question:
      How is 11.3 % a majority – when it came from a report that YOU cited to back up your claim that the UK would be a majority Muslim nation by 2050?

  13. The problem is that you cannot name any Islamic ,liberal, forward thinking democracies. Just admit it Ditzy and stop embarrassing yourself.

    • There’s no problem from my side. I have answered those questions in my post on 14 November. If you cannot read, then there’s no point in me repeating what I put.
      I’m still waiting for you to answer MY question. How is 11.3 % a majority – when it came from a report that YOU cited to back up your claim that the UK would be a majority Muslim nation by 2050?
      The problem is that you cannot answer this.
      Just admit that you got owned, and bow graciously before me. LOL!

  14. Your discussion started off well enough, two reasoned and entertaining arguments about the dangers or otherwise of having a large number of Muslims in the UK. Then you descended into a tangential and irrelevant argument about Dubai and Malaysia. Why don’t you both go back to the original points and stop calling each other dumb?


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Was Mucky Minx Meghan Markle A ‘Yacht Girl’ For ‘Randy Andy’?

As author Kirby Sommers suggests that the then Meghan Markle likely spent time with Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein before she met Prince Harry, we again highlight the mucky, murkiness and mendacious manner of this alleged “yacht girl.”


‘Politicalite’ suggest Phillip Schofield orchestrated his ‘mass coming out’ after a former ‘This Morning’ runner had gone to the press about a supposed relationship...

Meddling Meghan Markle Expose – Attwood, Hopkins & Steeples

Expose interview with Matthew Steeples by Shaun Attwood and Jennifer Hopkins about the former Meghan Markle watched over 73,000 times in 16 hours since it aired; Steeples condemns hapless Prince Harry and his meddling menace wife.

Ampika Pickston

Oldham born divorcee and former glamour model Ampika Pickston describes herself as “feisty, fun loving and warm hearted”. Now based in Hale Barns, Cheshire...

Justice for James Scurlock

Power of social media proven after senseless killing of James Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska allegedly by a controversial bar owner named Jake Gardner who has been photographed with Donald Trump.

Nasty NestSeekers

Entitled Hamptons brat Jonathan Davis exposed for allegedly squatting in Sag Harbor during the coronavirus lockdown; it turns out he’s a realtor with NestSeekers.