Friday, October 22, 2021

Plebs and Throttlers


Mitchell and Saatchi may have both been truly wronged


The evidence is becoming clearer and the role of the police and others is sadly becoming more apparent. The media plainly got a lot wrong about Andrew Mitchell and Charles Saatchi supposedly too.


Charles Saatchi and Andrew Mitchell are two men who surprisingly have a lot in common
Charles Saatchi and Andrew Mitchell are two men who surprisingly have a lot in common

With growing proof that ‘Plebgate’ was just a nonsense and suggestions that Saatchi’s wife, Nigella Lawson, and her daughter are “habitual” drug users, these two men increasingly look like individuals who have been wronged by media witch hunts. We are not saying either man behaved perfectly but here, yet again, is evidence for a better system of press regulation.



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    1. Fire the PCC and their lot. Matthew, you are right. Just as you and Gina Miller are right about the mess that is the Charity Commission.

    2. Nigella Lawson is a disgusting woman. Charles Saatchi probably isn’t much better but she plainly is NOT The Goddess she persuaded us all that she was. Another chav parading as a genius. Next!

    3. Christopher Meyer likes getting pissed in a Ralph Lauren shop. That sums up the quality of the people running the PCC. Anger and the Meyers are birds that flock together. Why these pissed people were ever allowed to run the press is beyond me but the legacy they left is this. Says it all. Losers, the lot of them.

      • Our press is exceptionally good….I have as little knowledge of yours as you seem to have of ours….I would be loath to pass comment on something I knew little about…but that seems not to deter you.

    4. You’re right. Saatchi has been wrongly vilified. His “perfect” wife now smells like a slurry pit. Vengeance is a dish best served high.

    5. Saatchi went to the police station so why didn’t he report his drug taker wife whilst there if she really was on drugs? Why not? …………… Because Nigella is innocent. TEAM NIGELLA.

    6. Nigella Lawson and her ex-husband Charles Saatchi personify what is wrong with our society today. He is a narcissistic monster who peddles vile artworks and she encourages people to get fat eating her midnight feasts. Now we all know what she really gets up to in the early hours and now we all know that he reacts violently, perhaps we’ll stop suggesting it is the poor in society who have all the problems. Life in Shawfield House plainly was no different to that lived by Harry Enfield’s Wayne and Waynetta Slob. If it weren’t for their wealth, Nigella and Charles would be plebs themselves. Send in Andrew Mitchell.

    7. My dears, I shall suggest Mr Bone do something about this matter. I am no apologist for politicians but the press in this country is plainly riddled with corruption. When The Guardian write about my husband, I splutter into my coffee. That rancid title should be closed down just like The News of the World. Decency and compassion is required now in this country at all levels.

    8. @Mrs Bone.
      The Pot calling the Kettle black. The Free Press in most instances expose corruption, they have a moral duty to inform the public, we the public will then decide what is fact or bullshit. A Free Press is the cornerstone of a free society. Mr Bone’s intervention is not necessary.

      • Perfectly put Chaim. Our press is what makes this country great. Of course, politicians and others of the ‘leech class’ want to control the press: it suits their book

      • Are Pete Wayde and Chaim Paddaman one and the same person? Always posting together and at around the same time. Not impressed by this nonsense one bit.

        • Perhaps Matthew Steeples could give clarification on that query. Don’t be so paranoid, rather seek professional help. Who are you? The Internet Regulator.

        • I wish I had the originality of Chaim….sadly I don’t. The last resort of the very foolish is to imply two posters are one and the same. I think Matthew has clarified that point. But do tell us who, or what is ‘Team Nigella’? Is it the sad figment of your rather odd mind? Or do you have some unhealthy, stalking type obsession with the lady?

    9. You are completely wrong about Saatchi. He hasn’t been wrongly vilified. He hasn’t been vilified enough. He went to court yesterday (11/29) and said he had no proof that Nigella ever used drugs, only the word of two thieves who stole almost $1 million from him. He said he still adored her. He’s just a slightly demented, very jealous man who considers himself scorned after he abused his wife and she left him


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