Madeleine McCann review: When will it end?

As it is revealed that the review of the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has cost in excess of £10 million, Matthew Steeples asks: “When will it end?”


When Scotland Yard announced that they’d review the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in 2011, they reckoned it would cost in the order of £5 million on top of the millions that had been unsuccessfully spent in the years prior. Now, as it has been revealed that it has actually cost £10 million thus far and given that neither the child nor a body have been found, one has to question what this review has actually achieved.


The review of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has cost an astounding £10 million since 2011
The review of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has cost an astounding £10 million since 2011

Kerry Grist-Needham's search for her missing son has received little financial support by contrast
Kerry Grist-Needham’s search for her missing son Ben Needham has received little financial support by contrast


Despite thirty murder squad detectives being attached to the case during this period, they have frankly achieved nothing and Home Secretary Theresa May ought to be asked to explain why she allowed so much money to be allocated to it.


Given Britain cannot afford to pay midwives a paltry 1% pay rise and given that others with missing children – such as the tireless working class campaigner Kerry Grist-Needham – are largely ignored, one has to ask: “Is it right that so much money is pumped into what appears to be a hunt akin to searching for a needle in a haystack?” It is time for some answers.



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  1. You are wrong to attack this search. Gerry and Kate McCann have lost their beautiful daughter. The search shouldn’t end until the abductors are caught and Madeleine is returned to her lovely parents.

    • You clearly haven’t researched the evidence against these ‘lovely parents’; everything points to Maddie having died in the apartment that night. I would be 100% behind the search if they started with the parents and the a Tapas 9 and made them take lie detectors but this whole ‘investigation’ is nothing more than a stage managed pantomime!

  2. Surely they should start by questioning the parents and the Tapas 9 regarding their inconsistent accounts that have more holes than a moth hotel?! WTF have they spent £10m on? How come they’ve followed every supposed sighting of Madeleine (who, on the balance of evidence, died in the apartment that night) but not started with the basics??? Screams cover-up to me! Furthermore, why is the public funding this farce of an investigation when the ‘Find Madeleine Fund’ is [ALLEGEDLY] being used to pay off the McCanns’ mortgage and sue anyone who questions their … frankly ridiculous account of events? That money should be seized and used to look for her (or what happened to her) which is what the public donated the money for, after all!!! Watch this & make your own minds up (this is the first of 4 parts, all currently available to view on YouTube)


  3. I have to agree with you , money wasted .
    Sadly you have Gillian trott who can’t see the wood for the trees.
    Keep up the honesty .

  4. The Find Madeleine Fund is a private limited company set up by the parents. It’s NOT a charity, as a lot of people seem to assume, but the parents have done very little to dissuade the public of this notion. At the last count, about £4 million has passed through its accounts and there’s very little evidence that this has been spent on the search for their daughter. It’s paid for crooked private detectives, setting up of a website with goods etc that people can purchase, a couple of months mortgage payments, legal fees (and Carter Ruck) and, no doubt, the cost of travel and stays in top flight hotels as the couple tour the world’s tv studio couches (oh and the Vatican) in their perpetual ‘search’. The website is still live and still asking for donations despite the Met/SY being funded with £millions to do the job – and ongoing. The whole thing has an unpleasant stench about it and it’s wondered in general whether the Met review is just an attempt to clear the parents rather than find the child.

  5. Wish Maddie’s parent all the luck in the world with their search for their daughter.. But I don’t recall anywere near the amount of time money or man power fo poor little Ben Needem.

  6. When is this going to end?? How about using the tax payers money i.e my money and all the rest of the working british publics money on finding the real culprits…! Everyone is starting to wake up now!! Its only a matter of time! Kate, Gerry, how you both sleep at night is beyond me….. karma always catches up in the end. Justice for madeleine.


  7. David Cameron’s mistake was to follow Ms Brooks’ insinuation instead of not reading first the AG report. Had he read it, he would have found a crucial point : the crime hadn’t been determined. Therefore looking for an abductor before attempting to determine the crime was absurd.
    SY was thus launched into an impossible mission.

    Had David Cameron read the AG report, he would have learnt that the Portuguese Public Ministry requested a reconstitution (according to the Inquisitorial System’s rules, and not a reconstruction as in Common Law countries) in the first months of 2008. This reconstitution was rejected by the protagonists because, inter alia, it wasn’t a reconstruction, though the AG had clearly said that the investigation would have to stop in case of rejection.

    Had David Cameron read the AG report, he would have understood the importance of the reconstitution. He therefore would have recommended to start the SY review doing one, thinking that the mistrust of the protagonists concerning the PJ and the Portuguese wouldn’t apply if SY was controlling the operation.

    SY might have reached no conclusion all the same, but millions of pounds would have been spared.
    Just because the PM didn’t read the AG report…

    • The McCanns are not “coining it in”. They are trying to find their child. Wash your filthy mouth out with soap and water.

  8. This case is the British version of the JFK assisination, two sides entrenched and unwilling to change their stances. If the case ever comes to a conclusion neither side would accept the outcome if it did not suit there opinions.

    • You are right about the hate filled trolls. They cannot accept that this awful incident was an abduction and that Gerry and Kate are doing all they can to find their lovely, innocent daughter.

  9. The entire ordeal reminds me, of Agatha Christie’s plot in her novel “Murder on the Orient Express. The truth will surface in time to come, but in the meantime it will be interesting to look and find similar case studies that happened in the past.

  10. I hope to god that the author of this story never has to go through having a child taken. And then the pain of trying to find them. How much money do we value a life ? But more importantly how much money do we value on justice and truth.
    The amount spent is less than it costs to fire ten missiles at IS terrorists. I know where I would spend the money, in fact I would like to see double the amount spent on finding missing children such as Ben Needham.

  11. Tom Brookes – if the parents hadn’t left their children sedated and alone in a hotel room while they went off socialising with their friends there wouldn’t have been a missing child in the first place. They are totally responsible and I am sick of them playing the victims when at the very least they should be charged with neglect.

  12. When will you wake up people!.. she [ALLEGEDLY] died in the apartment, and from there she was no more. So, the last people to have anything to do with this dead child (police files) are the parents. Why oh why will they not tell us all they know. Was it an accident? was it something else?This child needs to be put to rest. You can’t just ask for all the publicity and then attack the people who care enough to still be wanting answers after 7 years!…and please stop begging for money…


  13. From day one of this case the parents told a lie to their respective families e.g. the shutters to the bedroom window had been jemmied/broken/smashed. I believe that if you tell a lie there has to be a reason for it and so far the McCanns have never explained why they told that lie. The only thing that points to a kidnapping (I refuse to use the word abduction since it is one that most British people would not use) is the fact that the child is missing. The accumulated evidence including the Portuguese Police files that are publicly on display, where there are so many discrepancies in statements it is hard to believe the McCanns are not still under scrutiny, the evidence of the dogs that had not been wrong in 200 cases and a myriad of other circumstantial stuff leads many people to the conclusion that there was not abduction.

    After learning about the sad demise of Brenda Leyland I started a poll with the question “Do you believe that Madeleine McCann was abducted?”. It has been running for just 6 days and it has accumulated 2598 votes with just 5% saying YES, 89% saying NO and 6% saying they DON’T KNOW. Hence Brenda was far from alone in questioning the abduction story and having read through all her tweets they were not offensive unless you consider questioning the McCanns incredible story is offensive. The poll can be found here

  14. If the McCanns were from a council estate they would have been hung out to dry for leaving their children, because they are middle class doctors they got away with it… I think they know where she is. Look back at the videos not once does that ‘mother’ shed a tear. They have had enough money spent; they are false, false, false. Get them to do a lie detector.



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