Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Hero of the Hour – Robert Harris


Matthew Steeples suggests Robert Harris is right to point out how Britain has changed and changed for the worse


The novelist Robert Harris was attacked this morning by the Daily Mail’s Stephen Glover as an “immoderate Remoaner” for tweeting about how he felt Britain had changed since the Brexit referendum.


On Tuesday, Harris had remarked:


“Everything I liked about my country — tolerance, moderation, courtesy, sensibleness, pragmatism, irony — seems to have disappeared”.


In a second tweet, Harris had added:


“Brexit everywhere. Nothing but bloody Brexit. It’s a nightmare. It’s like living inside Bill Cash’s brain”.


Mr Harris is right and Mr Glover is wrong. Whilst Theresa May’s “red, white and blue Brexit” might be something that him and the 52% that voted to leave may continue to celebrate, those of us who supported the opposite still have the right to a voice. We also have the right not to be attacked in bars, restaurants and in the street by the angry men and women (as I myself have personally experienced) and we also should not be called “intemperate”, “crazy” and “home-grown extremists”.


Robert Harris

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  1. The word “Remoaner” is used only by bitter, twisted men like Huw Shakeshaft, Rupert James and Shaun Redmayne. They always were men of limited vocabulary and like Donald Trump they generally say it twice and use as many exclamation marks and “…” as they can.

    • Charles, clearly we move in different circles .
      I know none of the people you refer to.
      I was a founder member, 40 yaers ago, of the Anti Common Market League. We knew then that the final plan was a federalised Europe. It is now an experiment nearing completion and it is going to fail.

  2. I voted to leave but I agree with you. The nastiness expressed towards your friend Gina Miller, Matthew, is beyond the pale and Stephen Glover’s article is very badly written. He is not a man I respect and though I have subscribed to the Daily Mail all my life, even I am becoming upset with it. I used to read the Daily Express but I gave up on that many years ago.

  3. You are an idiot Mr Steeple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Robert Harris is a t***pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shut your big trap and stop crying like a baby over Brexit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theresa May will MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rod – Are you for real? You come across as the stupidest person ever with all your “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Whoever employs you to do marketing for them must be either thick or crazy. “That’s all”!

      • Robert Harris, the great buddy of the liar Blair: a man whose dishonesty and lies entangled us in the Iraq War. Harris has the impertinence to suggest that Brexit has changed Britain. The Britain we knew and loved was killed by Blair and his cohorts.
        I am delighted we have decided to leave the corrupt EU. It has strangled growth in the Med countries and is merely a tool for German economic aggression.
        There is a tendency for poseurs to sneer at people like me. They feel that they are mondaine and internationalist.
        70% of my friends are from outside the UK. I own property in France; I speak French and love France. Many of my French friends are sick to death of their corrupt leaders and those who lead the EU. That is the reason why Le Pen has built a following.
        So, Mr Harris, examine your conscience. You and your political friends are, in a major way, the reason why Great Britain is in a mess.

  4. And Matthew, this directed at you.
    You claim Harris as your ‘hero of the hour’.
    As a man who has a deep hatred of paedophiles how do your reconcile that admiration with Harris’ adulation of that arch paedophile and fugitive from US justice, Roman Polankski, a man who raped an under age child?

    • I reference Harris’ remarks about Brexit and what he says about what has happened to Britain. I entirely agree with him on that.

      I have no knowledge of whether Mr Harris supports Roman Polanski but I can say that your friend Glenmore Trenear Harvey is another that should be listed amongst the unpleasant, angry men I have been targeted by myself.

      • Matthew….read this please.
        You are the first person to castigate any apologist for a paedophile and yet that is precisely what Harris has done just because he could not resist the allure of working with him. Harris has basically said’ leave Polanski alone’. Polanski sodomised a 15 year old!!
        Harris thinks Polanski has done no wrong.
        As for Glenmore…what has he do with this matter?

        • Harris’ views on Polanski have nothing to do with this particular issue.

          Trenear Harvey’s posts in the context of the Brexit referendum, however do. I am sick and tired of the angry men threatening me and others simply because we dare not to conform to what they believe in.

          This article was about Brexit and not about child abuse. Harris’ support for Polanski is, however, not something I would personally laud.

          • Matthew, a man is judged upon the company he keeps. On that basis Harris and his opinions are flawed for his judgement is unsound-at leat that is my opionion.
            Sorry, but I am struggling to understand why Trenear Harvey has been introduced into the topic.
            Harris who has never once condemned Polananski for drugging and sodomising a child. Maybe Harris thinks it’s ok!

          • You are entitled to your views. I am not going to bother having a row with you over them. Glenbore is a fine example of the worst kind of rabid racist I’ve come across. You can think to the contrary but we will not agree. Polanski has no relevance to this topic.

  5. I have no knowledge of Glenmore’s racial views. Equally, they too, have no relevance as to whether Harris has a penthouse up Polanski’s backside!
    ST is looking good!


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