Sunday, November 28, 2021

Forget The Emails


As the opinion website exposes why Hillary Clinton’s email scandal doesn’t actually matter that much; we suggest it’s time American voters moved on and it’s time they dumped The Trump


Hillary Clinton undoubtedly messed up over the way she used email and servers but on Friday, an “opinion website” named provided the best analysis we’ve seen yet as to why the “Clinton email scandal” that has dominated the 2016 election campaign is actually nothing but a load of” bullshit”.


The crux of Clinton’s problems, Vox suggests, is that she did not show remorse early enough when the “Clinton email scandal” first broke and as a result public perceptions of her became “overwhelmingly negative”. We would add that Donald Trump cleverly seized upon this and thus “Crooked Hillary” was born. It is a phrase that has stuck in voters minds and each time it’s been uttered, the image of both Hillary Clinton and her husband as “dodgy” and “devious” has been reinforced.


With an FBI “in favour of its apparently preferred candidate [Donald Trump] in a dangerous way” and the likes of fugitive from justice Julian Assange and the rabidly angry journalist John Pilger also, elsewhere in RT, claiming Clinton is a “cog for Goldman Sachs and the Saudis”, Clinton’s emails have become something far more important than they truly are. This storm-in-a-teacup is exactly that and the result is that the real issues facing America have been utterly forgotten in the 2016 presidential race.


Vox’s Matthew Yglesias’ concluding remarks are key to understanding why the “Clinton email scandal” isn’t really a scandal. We share them in full and urge readers to read the entire article by clicking here:


Network newscasts have, remarkably, dedicated more airtime to coverage of Clinton’s emails than to all policy issues combined.


Cable news has been, if anything, worse, and many prestige outlets have joined the pileup. One malign result of obsessive email coverage is that the public is left totally unaware of the policy stakes in the election. Another is that the constant vague recitations of the phrase ‘‘Clinton email scandal’’ have firmly implanted the notion that there is something scandalous about anything involving Hillary Clinton and email, including her campaign manager getting hacked or the revelation that one of her aides sometimes checked mail on her husband’s computer.


But none of this is true. Clinton broke no laws according to the FBI itself. Her setup gave her no power to evade federal transparency laws beyond what anyone who has a personal email account of any kind has. Her stated explanation for her conduct is entirely believable, fits the facts perfectly, and is entirely plausible to anyone who doesn’t simply start with the assumption that she’s guilty of something.


Given Powell’s conduct, Clinton wasn’t even breaking with an informal precedent. The very worst you can say is that, faced with an annoying government IT policy, she used her stature to find a personal workaround rather than a systemic fix that would work for everyone. To spend so much time on such a trivial matter would be absurd in a city council race, much less a presidential election. To do so in circumstances when it advances the electoral prospects of a rival who has shattered all precedents in terms of lacking transparency or basic honesty is infinitely more scandalous than anything related to the server itself.


Trump supporters will criticise Vox’s analysis as being designed to appeal to the young and liberal and thus ignorant of the mass of America, but this website, it must be noted, has gained a following of over 54.1 million unique visitors per month since it was co-founded by a much respected blogger and “modern day David Frost” named Ezra Klein in 2014. The article’s author and fellow co-founder of Vox, Harvard educated Matthew Yglesias, himself, has over 205,000 followers on Twitter and is anything but a natural ally of Clinton: He previously voted for Mitt Romney and has been a “strong supporter of invading Iraq, Iran and North Korea”.


We never thought we’d find ourselves saying this but The Steeple Times must now join those endorsing Hillary Clinton. If America is to retain its place as a respected world-leading nation, Donald Trump cannot be its front man. He is a disgrace, an embarrassment and a lunatic and whilst Hillary Clinton is far from perfect, she offers something that her opponent will never grasp or possess: Sense, experience and stability.


We join with Vox and make the following suggestion to all Americans with an opportunity to vote this week: “If you agree with [Clinton] on policy, vote with a clear conscience about the server”.




The Steeple Times
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  1. If only every American were to see this. It is time that some sense returned to politics both there and in Britain. We are in mad times and it is time for sense to take back control.

    Thank you.

    • Ethel, you are a silly, naive old thing.
      Just get on with the jam making and stop pontificating on things you know nothing of. Hillary is a warmonger

  2. Hillary is CROOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t believe this crock of s**t Vox nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!! They, like you, have been taken in by the lies about Donald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. She is a woman without morality; a hypocrite. With Clinton and her amoral husband what you see is not what you get.

    If the US elects Hillary Clinton they will have a running sore of a presidency as one scandal after another unfolds.

  4. The photograph doesn’t flatter her, but then she has no redeeming physical features….ugly physically as she is spiritually.
    In fact, she looks like the mother of a Mafia don in this pic. Ghastly woman

  5. In a weird way, I must admit, I like Hillary too, I am very interested in sorcery and voodoo and have spend hours researching the occult. Hillary Clinton as president will be a satirist dream, she makes South African President Jacob Zuma look like a novice, she has perfected the methodology of corruption and turned it into an actual art. Hope she will use her witchcraft to heal the failing Obamacare and help Putin to grow hair. On a serious note, I recommend that Americans read the Bible for guidance, research has proved that witchcraft is not always effective. The Liberal Philosophy and message is very twisted, and those who disagree with the Liberal agenda are smeared as racists and bigots without evidence to back it up. The Liberals talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Do as they say, but don’t do as they do, as you will be breaking the law. They are above the law. Hillary is a bastion of deception and double standards and beyond help.

  6. With all due respect, perhaps you might be better served by cleaning up your own back yard, as they say, before criticizing someone else’s. Britains track record of leadership over the past few years hasn’t exactly been a beacon of inspiration. Cheers.


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