Thursday, October 6, 2022

Don’t pass Wandsworth


Is it not wrong that paedophile Rolf Harris received special treatment as he began his prison sentence?


Rolf Harris is a convicted paedophile with a difference. Unlike others sentenced for 12 counts of indecent assault, this millionaire prisoner avoided the usual humiliation of being sent to one of Britain’s toughest prisons, Her Majesty’s Prison Wandsworth. This special treatment is, in our view, disgraceful.


Rolf Harris' last performance was dubbed "The perfect treat for all the family" but in escaping being sent to HMP Wandsworth, he certainly has been treated extraordinarily well.
Rolf Harris’ last performance was dubbed “The perfect treat for all the family” but in escaping being sent to HMP Wandsworth, he certainly has been given the perfect treat himself.



Of this decision, a source told The Mirror:


“The way Harris has been treated is highly unusual”.


“If you’re convicted of a serious crime at Southwark Crown Court, you’d always get sent to Wandsworth, no questions asked”.


“There should be no special treatment on grounds of age and there is a hospital at Wandsworth so even prisoners in poor health can be treated there”.


Instead, Harris was sent straight to the much more “cushy” HMP Bullingdon near Bicester. Known for having a smaller population than Wandsworth, this prison is said to be “recognised for its works with older inmates and offers just over 1,000 category B and C prisoners a range of work, training and education”.


Whilst this move might be viewed as a compassionate gesture towards an old man, the NSPCC was quick to criticise such leniency stating that this “sent out the wrong message”.


The NSPCC are quite right. Rolf Harris may have painted and entertained Her Majesty the Queen in recent years but The Ministry of Justice would do well to now remember that he is now detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. He should not be allowed to have it easy and in fact, ought to be sent out to do hard labour.



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    1. He always knew the right people. The London Pie Company. The devil is in the detail….. He still knows the right people. Liberal justice….

      • We publish (rather than “print” – we are an online title) the majority of comments we receive. We do not publish comments that are racist, bigoted or libellous however. What are you complaining about anyway? We haven’t received any comments from you previously so before you attack, perhaps you might care to explain.

    2. How rude FionaPipe down! , I hope you are never persecuted in life , it makes you sad not mad! I apologize for writing print and not publish . I wrote a lengthy comment regarding the special treatment given to Mr Harris . It was never print sorry published on gory site which inferred to me that it was censored.
      I was agreeing with your report. It is unheard of for defendants to leave Southwark court and not be taken to the holding establishment of Wandsworth for induction and assessment. There are medical facilities there and all ages. Who was responsible for the special treatment?
      He will be out earlier than the fraudsters that Southwark court is known for sentencing!

      • You are plainly as twisted as the author of this article. Rolf Harris is INNOCENT. He’s my friend and I know him better than you. He did not get “special treatment” as he shouldn’t be there in the first place. Maybe the prison authorities realise there is a miscarriage of justice here and are preparing to put right the wrong done to Rolf and his lovely family.

    3. Pipe down Fiona Think your self lucky Being persecuted makes you sad not mad. Apologies for using print and not publish ! A faux pas that does not eradicate the issue. Mr Harris was bypassed the jail that defendants are sent to as the norm from Southwark Court whether you are sentenced to 1 year or 20. It is a holding prison with an induction wing where assessments are given as to where the long time move is made Some prisoners are there for months before being transferred to the appropriate establishment for their needs. Wandsworth had medical facilities and is able to cater for the elderly. I was agreeing with your comment. Who gave him the first class pass!

    4. We will treat him fairly and with respect, he is a human being. What about his rights? It is uncivilised and inhumane to even consider hanging Rolf by his droopy balls. A sophisticated and compassionate society is judged on how they treat their serious criminals. We are proud of our human rights record. Fuck the victims, they can see to themselves.


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