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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Dickens’ day

The people of Rochester have spoken; Cameron needs to respond and readjust


Rochester was Dickens’ favourite place. It is now UKIP’s too and having achieved the election of their second MP, a clear message has been sent to Westminster: People want change and they want either full-scale reform or, better still, out of the EU.


mark reckless
Mark Reckless MP

I personally find UKIP and its leadership grating, obnoxious and frankly nuts but clearly I am in a minority. This is a movement that has gathered strength and it is time that David Cameron took note. If he is to avoid defeat in next year’s General Election, he must now seize the day and beat off the Kippers.


David Cameron: Your country needs you.



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19 comments on “Dickens’ day”

  1. In my view there is not one main party leader who has the slightest understanding of every day life in Britain for the vast majority of people. It is time that we stopped putting the needs of minor ethnic minorities before those of the majority. However, with 40% of the country sold out in Islamic Bonds underwritten in Sharia Law it is highly unlikely that the Conservatives, Liberals or Labour will be putting the majority first any time soon.

    Hence it is not surprising that people have had enough. How can it possibly be fair that a muslim man can claim benefits for up to 4 wives (as many are doing in the UK) and muslims do not pay interest on their mortgages or loans. The rest of us of course do pay interest. I’d say that was discrimination.

    There is also the issue of multiculturalism which is now completely out of hand. There have been several occurrences in recent months in Pakistan where people have been murdered for one misdemeanour or another usually related to Sharia Law or insulting Islam. They have been murdered in the most horrifying ways stoning, lashing, hanging, burning etc. And no one can fail to notice the activities of ISIS. What we have to ask ourselves is how is it ever going to be possible to integrate completely with people who believe that this barbaric activity is normal behaviour. The last survey about Sharia Law was conducted in 2008 and 40% of British muslims stated that they would like Sharia in Britain. So does this mean that these people are moderate or extreme?

    Cultures take many thousands of years to develop but the EU seeks to turn us all into the “Stepford Wives”. I love the diversity of culture but I do believe cultures should remain in the countries where they originated and developed unless ethnic minorities choose to adapt to our culture.

    1. An eminently sensible comment. You can blame the rise of UKIP entirely at the door of effete Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour politicians who have ridden roughshod over the concerns of ordinary middle and working class people.
      Through UKIP are now biting those politicians in the bum.

      UKIP have now got the hang of effective localised campaigning and they also have more committed party workers. Plus, they have Paul Sykes, who, though not a member of UKIP, is pouring money into the machine.

      Every time some old political ‘has been’ like Ken Clarke or the hapless Major rail against UKIP the party sees a further surge of joiners.

      Cameron is lost: if he wants to win a majority in May he will be forced to do a Confidence and Supply deal with Farage.

      1. Ed Miliband’s Labour Party hates the English working classes with their auto trader Vans and Caravans, although Anthony Quinn made Caravans famous, he was not Romanian or Arab, the fucker was Mexican. Bring back Godrey Bloom, or Farage will be doomed forever………….

          1. Anthony Quinn was born Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca in Chihuahva Mexico. Lazy buggers according to Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. Quinn proved himself a real hombre in movies such as Guns of Navarone, Zorba the Greek, The Greek Tycoon. He made a lousy Greek, not in the same league as Stavros Flatley. He was not fortunate enough to showcase his talents to Simon Cowell and ITV. Too late he is dead, he never broke a leg.

  2. Another shameful article. I need not say more. UKIP supporters are good people and the kind who will support Find Madeleine.

    1. The Trott does not understand the word shameful. Rabbi Cohen from our synagogue was walking down the street when he saw a little boy, playing with his dog. Rabbi Cohen said, ” What a cute dog, you have, little boy” The little boy replied, ” fuck you” The Rabbi was shocked, and replied, I am a man of God, and a Rabbi in a synagogue, I serve a large congregation, the Rabbi continued, “What do you mean by fuck me, no it is fuck you…………

  3. You are a horrible person, Matthew Steeples. What a disgusting comment about UKIP leadership. You should not refer to an esteemed gentleman like Mr Farage as “grating, obnoxious and frankly nuts”. Shameful. He should not be attacked. I expect he will support dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their campaign to find dearly beloved Madeleine. Just like Lady Meyer, a wonderful charitable lady and her equally wonderful and generous husband Sir Christopher. Stop writing such poison.

    1. You are right on this front. Steeples is a vile person and he does not support Find Madeleine. What is wrong with him? Sir Christopher Meyer is a wonderful man and he is entirely right in his belief in poor beloved Madeleine’s parents dear Gerry and Kate McCann.

  4. Gillian Trott – yet again you wade in with comments about the odious McCanns when the topic has no bearing on the McCann issue. I can’t wait for next year when between Goncalo Amaral winning his case, as I am sure he will, and the new Portuguese Prosecutor those people who are really responsible for Madeleine McCanns disappearance will be brought to justice. I am positive you, together with many people who share your views, will be absolutely stunned.

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