Friday, December 30, 2022

A Travis-ty of justice


Matthew Steeples suggests that Dave Lee Travis should have been jailed


In sentencing Dave Lee Travis to a suspended sentence of just three months suspended for two years, the wrong message has been sent to those thinking of committing sexual offences.


Some argue that Lee Travis will suffer through the indignity the guilty verdict has brought and that in being forced to sell his own home to meet his estimated £350,000 legal costs, he has been punished further. Others complain that it is the taxpayer who is the true victim in what they term a “witch hunt” of a trial given that the bill for the police, prosecution and court costs will easily top £1 million.


Dave Lee Travis arrogantly made out that he had been vindicated after his sentencing. In fact, he showed himself to be nothing other than delusional and arrogant.
Dave Lee Travis arrogantly made out that he had been vindicated after his sentencing. In fact, he showed himself to be nothing other than delusional and arrogant.


They, in my view, are wrong. Dave Lee Travis – real name David Griffin – has shown no remorse and given that further allegations against him are now the subject of a potential civil claim, this story is far from over. This associate of Jimmy Savile is not just a dirty old man, he’s a revolting groper and an abuser and after the verdict, his statement spoke volumes about the true arrogance of this man. Lee Travis commented:


“Two years ago I was accused out of the blue of being a sexual predator… With millions of pounds of taxpayers money, thousands of hours of police resources, the judge accepted today that the Crown had failed to prove their case against me, namely that I was a sexual predator… I have always been worried that if the prosecution threw enough mud at me, some of it might stick. I am relieved that I have been able to prove that I am not a sexual predator. I am disappointed that I was convicted of one count and it is of little comfort to me that I was acquitted of so many others. Those closest to me, including my wife Mary-Anne, who’ve been by my side all the time, we all know the truth and I am grateful for that”.


Aside from this, Lee Travis could not even behave himself as he was sentenced. In court, he shouted at a journalist named Camilla Long and demanded she be removed from the public gallery.


Through the toughened glass of the dock he is reported to have shouted: “You’re making me uncomfortable. Get where you should be – in the press gallery”.


After Miss Long, who has alleged there wasn’t “a part of my body that he didn’t grope” during an interview with Lee Travis, pointed out that the gallery was full but this did not stop the disgraced entertainer. He then mockingly remarked: “Anyone want to give her a seat?”


Lee Travis and supporters may well believe the case against him was not in the public interest. It was and like Max Clifford, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris, this monster should have been sent to jail. Given that he’s got off with a suspended sentence, may we instead never hear Dave Lee Travis on our radios ever again.



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    1. My disabled son was held in prison on remand for five months for sending emails complaining about abusive behaviour of Cheshire East social workers to council, his MP (George Osborne) and the police. Prison Dep Governor said he couldn’t understand why son was there, prison police said arrest had been unlawful. When finally released, DWP withheld benefits for 15 weeks. Should’ve been a celebrity groper!

      • Blowing the whistle on bad practice, when government or council officials are involved, can have dire consequences, the policy is meant for junior shop floor staff only.

        • Chaim Paddaman is right on in respect of whistle blowing. Despite not being a civil and /or sturctural engineer, I was one of only three at then British Chrome and Chemicals whom didn’t have their contract renewed. The supervisor prevented from giving me a works reference too. This despite the fact the Health and Safety Executive concured about dangerous structual defects.

          Ditto too, at Warden Builders whom reported for being in breach of HSE and Envirnmental Agency having yet again concured that what was going on on their construction site was wrong if not criminal!

          And despite the DfEE adjudication officers having found in my favour when I resigned from the police and ministry of defence too, I received no equitable redress.

          Finally, despite their belatedly settling out of court for what the lawyers described as a gross dereliction of duty of care and responsibility for which ultimately, I have to thank the dumb dumpers for causing my injuries, notably torn medial ligaments amongst others things, for which the police, courts and prisons service, denied medical treatment for, I was despite twenty two voluntary work weeks over eight years as and when I could afford to attend, notably between jobs, I was prevented from ever again partaking with Trees For Life.

          I could go on, but wont bore you as I am yet again, going off at tangents.

          “There is no justice in this world, in or out of court.” Clarence DARROW, attorney at law.

          Lamentably, it’s a dog eat dog sorry world.

    2. How ironic the {alleged} sex offender didn’t go to jail. Notably when despite, albeit, un-beknown to Judge FABOUR sitting in BirmingHELL, I had been to Israel to volunteer, but in disgust at the way animals inclusive of Palestinians were treat, I rescinded my labour. My only regret being I should never have insulted those whom I have not time for. The nazis whom appreciated the futility of that crime against human’kind’ that is vivisection which maims and kills people too, like those at Londons, NorthwickParkHospital, 2006. Something I learned of inside the ‘Great’ British Gulag Archipelagoes HM Concentration Camps WinsonGreenRoad, BirmingHELL B24 and Londonistans, PentonVILE. I lost my home, College and University Courses were abruptly terminated. The good possibility of work following two interviews, the first in sixteen years. Social Housing offers too. Since then, 2005, denied medical treatment for injuries arising from earlier voluntary work, I have not done a days un/paid work and never ever again will in this horrid little nation.”Those of us involved in penal reform for many decades won’t be surprised. The last home secretary to expose the futility of locking up more and more people in prison was Douglas Hurd, who in 1991 said, #“Prison is a place that makes bad people worse,” If we had fewer people in prison, we could make prison work…locking up more people does not good, not least of which, their chances of employment plummet” Martin NEARHY, former, Director General of the Prison Service, C4 News, 30 06 10. Furthermore, having belatedly placed my CV on an international jobs bulletin board, I was invited to apply for enumerable positions, but as soon as they learned some criminals had given me a record, they soon lost interest. Returning to DLT, two wrongs don’t make a right!

    3. Elaine Napier…I can only empathise with your son.

      ‘Don’t ever tell me an innocent person has nothing to fear because history proves us all wrong.’ The Source of which I found in an Amnesty International Newsletter, the source of which, I lamentably cannot recollect.

      Furthermore, I too overheard a governor talking to AN OTHER in the cage next door say something akin to that said to your son, such that he and others Prison Officers some of whom were worse than those they were ostensibly caring for, such that I too should never have been inside, {for having addressed any envelope to… The Sons and Daughters of Dr Joseph MENGELE, at Huntingdon ‘Life Sciences’ an animal Auschwitz Laboratory, Wooley Lane, HUNTINGDON, Cambs, PE 28}. Not only that, I have since 2008 been prohibited by law, from communicating with anyone associated with vivisection for life. Other than that is, politicians and journalists. This despite the fact that Judge TAYLOR had said at Teesside Crown Court, Sept 28 2000, when then citing the infamous REDMOND BATES, “People are entitled to express and opinion in this country.” Some liberal democracy, where purportedly, freedom of expression is sacrosanct!

      “There is no justice in this world, in or out of court.” Clarence DARROW, attorney at law.

    4. Further to my earlier comments…I should like to point out that my out of court Trees For Life setttlement was however, donated to two other charities…The Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group and The Vegan {Political} Prisoners Supporters Group. That aside…

      Any #paedophile victim should concur, the state police & politicians alike can leave one feeling like those whom have been #raped by strangers!

      the law is worse than criminal and a law unto itself as are politicians whom being shirt lifters themselves should know only to well, should be familiar with the term, a pain in the arse….No doubt those in Rockdale, Rotherham should concur?


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